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00:00:00 - Male fruit flies hit the bottle harder after rejection from females. There's brain chemistry involved which might actually help humans suffering from depression and PTSD. A study of drunk flies that could help humans? Potentially the perfect win-win science study.

00:16:26 - In the wake of St. Patrick's Day, what are the Paleopals enjoying? Jacob has a faux-Irish beer with a Killians. Charlie has a possible bourbon with Maker's Mark (including an excellent sounding recipe for bread pudding). And Ryan experiments in the world of Irish whiskey with a Charlie-approved Tullamore Dew.

00:24:14 - Ryan doesn't quite seem to get the title of this week's subject of Trailer Trash Talk: The Hunger Games. Thankfully, Jacob and Charlie are there to explain, along with helpful hints for how to utilize your town's digital library.

00:34:40 - Jacob is excited about the new hot thing in rocket launch technology, Ryan just wants to reminisce about the good old days. Can they find an accord? Yes, yes they can.

00:54:53 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like The Hunger Games, Ryan hasn't read a lot of them. Jacob starts off with a new recurring donation from Allison B. Thanks, Allison! And thanks again every month! Ryan has a long overdue e-mail from Brooks E. concerning podcast convergences from times past. And finally Charlie provides a Facebook roundup from Thom G., who's enjoying his Science... sort of swag, and Andy B., who laments our failure to defenestrate in last week's episode.


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Reject - Stroke 9

Blood of Cu Chulainn - Jeff Danna and Mychael Danna

Put You On The Game - The Game

Airplanes (feat. Hayley Williams) - B.o.B.

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00:00:00 - Illustrator David Peters thinks a tiny pterosaur was a vampiric leach of larger sauropods. Does paleontologist Chris Bennett agree? Should we ignore evidence so we can live in a world with blood sucking pterosaurs? These are the important questions of our time, people.

00:23:28 - Some drinks that aren't blood include: a Kona koko brown as enjoyed by Charlie, water from a mug via Ben, Newman's own wine as imbibed by Kelly, and the classic beer and a shot combo Canadian style consumed by Ryan.

00:28:13 - Este semana en Trailer Trash Talk, actor Will Ferrell es en una pelicula nueva, llama Casa de Mi Padre, sobre drugas en Mexico. Todas las personas le gusta?

00:43:01 - Everybody knows lizards love to leap. Now biomechanical scientists from Robert Full's lab have tested just how their tails help them leap so well, by building robots. And of course, they had to test their findings against Jurassic Park. Did the movie get it right? Listen and find out!

00:55:58 - PalePOWs are a lot like pterosaurs, difficult to reconstruct. Ryan begins with a bit of cash from Kyle H., who apparently felt bad after hurting our feelings in episode 123. Thanks, Kyle! Ben comes through with yet another new Canadian iTunes review! Charlie gets corrected on his French wine translation, Ben attempts to comfort him with the intricacies of accent marks. And Kelly hears from Alesa M. about her luck of the Jurassic and subsequent attempts to find a VHS player (a.k.a. a VCR).


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00:00:00 - Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson joins the Paleopals for the first time in 101 episodes to talk about NASA budgets, exploration, and his new book Space Chronicles! Be sure to check out Dr. Tyson's own podcasting efforts on the show Star Talk Radio.

00:36:17 - Drinks, they're a part of the show, so they get a segment. This is that segment. Ben has a typical (for him) weird coconut drink (with jelly). Charlie has a midday can of Cocoa-Cola Classic. And Ryan has a hasty gimlet.

00:39:31 - Trailer Trash Talk gets dark, and potentially boring, with the trailer for the quasi-historical Poe thriller The Raven.

00:49:22 - Even though Ben just did an entire show on warp drives, there's always something new to talk about, and he does just that.

01:03:45 - PaleoPOWs are lot like space, both are worth investing in. Charlie has our "bread and butter" of feedback, an iTunes review from Brittany Vegas. Ryan has a Facebook comment from Matthew P. concerning our Science... sort of Theater, as well as more cinematic corrections from Ryan R. And finally, Ben has an all-new all-Canadian iTunes review from faelystia!


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