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00:00:00 - Turns out Australia and Antarctica have more in common than just being giant deserts. A new study in Nature Geoscience reports that Antarctica is stealing Australia's moisture and it's all humanity's fault! C'mon Southern Hemisphere, can't you guys just all get along?

00:13:35 - This week Patrick is supping a grape fruit from New Zealand, Ryan kicks back a Fosters to then transition into a relatively palatable Harpoon Celtic Ale and Charlie requests sponsorship from his old standby, the Lagunitas IPA.

00:18:41 - Jacob jumps in mid-transition to help Ryan announce the upcoming Florida Science... sort of meetup. Details at the Paleocave blog!

00:21:27 - Trailer Trash Talks finds itself in a weird yet familiar place as the Paleopals discuss the 4th installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, On Stranger Tides.

00:30:28 - The pesky paleontologists have discovered a couple of new marsupials down in Aus. The crazy part is the convergent angle evolution between these basal mammals and some modern lizards. When you want to eat snails, you'll evolve just about anything.

00:39:20 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like Australia, most people never both to go there, and most who do get burned. Charlie has an e-mail from Jesse at NYU who informs the Paleopals about other mammals with only one set of chompers. Ryan has a donation from Chad G. who suggests a brewery Ryan has preemptively partaken of. Also, Ryan is very awkward with issues of money, let's not ask him to do this ever again, agreed? Finally, Patrick has an apologetic and follicular Brachiolope from Denis that can be seen at the appropriately named Brachiolope Gallery.

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You Shit Me to Tears - The Tenants

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00:00:00 – Dr. Phil Currie, Professor of Paleontology at the University of Alberta and President of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, comes on to alert the Paleopals and more importantly the PaleoPosse about the dangers of bad legislation in Tennessee and elsewhere.

00:10:33 – As an addendum to that discussion the Paleopals talk about the fact that even though Creationism loses in the courtroom it still has a strong foothold in the classroom.

00:21:17 - Ryan has a Monster in his branded mug, Patrick whines from a usual place and Charlie seeks redemption. All to answer the simple question, "What are we drinking?"

00:25:23 – Once Patrick figures out what to watch this segment gets marvelously alliterative when Trailer Trash Talk tackles Thor! Ryan will be writing some pieces on Thor Science for Marvel in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for those links as they happen.

00:39:14 – According to a new study when you think of death you’re more likely to accept Intelligent Design (as opposed to dour Dawkins). The cure for this is finding existential meaning in science or enjoying some of the writing of Carl Sagan. None of the Paleopals are really all that shocked.

00:52:36 – PalePOWs are a lot like vampires. They can be utterly hypnotic and usually live for too long.  This week Patrick helps Susan save her marriage via a trip down Seasame Street when she asks the taxonomy of Big Bird. Charlie thanks Dennis M. of BVI for a most generous donation. Next week we’ll be recording from the Carribean with Dennis to show our gratitude. Finally, Ryan has a voicemail from Cameron of MN who just wants to say that he digs the show and found us when Ryan ran his mouth on The Nerd List.

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00:00:00 - Your logo may say more about you than you'd like, so spring for the nicer shirt, because sometimes you just can't fight evolution as a new study shows that name brand can make the difference.


00:12:18 - What are we drinking? Charlie talks labels and a different kind of taste. Ben goes back to a brand he trusts. And Ryan tries to stick with the theme with a very convoluted connection.


00:17:41 - Trailer Trash Talk gets both high and deep as the Paleopals break down the trailer for Werner Herzog's new 3D documentary The Cave of Forgotten Dreams


00:33:08 - Science... sort of gets topical with a story about how language affects culture, politics and so much more when a video from RSA about linguistics gets the Paleopals thinking about current events in the Arab world.


00:49:52 - Paleopows are like uprisings, they show up when you least expect it and make you feel much less powerful. But this week we have a few doozies. First off, Ricky sends us a cryptic donation which helps explain last week's sign off. Then Ryan has some followup from the NCAA tournament via Sam A. And finally, Charlie has e-mail from a young whipper-snapper Doug who has been thinking long and hard about dark matter.



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00:00:00 - Dr. Christie Rowe had a problem with an article Simon Winchester published about recent earthquakes and bogus predictions. She let him know about her problems and he wasn't exactly a gentlemen or a good journalist about her critiques. We talk to Christie about her experiences trying to bully the bully pulpit into present honest science to the public instead of fear mongering for higher hit counts.


00:34:22 - What are we drinking? Christie also sticks around to counter misconceptions about boxed wine. Patrick concurs and is feeling mighty red and cheap himself. On the other hand, Charlie and Ryan compete to see who can be more bitter. Surprisingly (or maybe not), Ryan pulls out a win.


00:39:21 - Trailer Trash Talk, doubling up as Patrick's PaleoPOW via Jeff Sykes, ventures into potential ramble territory this week as the Paleopals discuss the upcoming documentary The People vs. George Lucas.


00:53:22 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like debates, frustrating, unconvincing and ultimately futile, but boy are they fun! Charlie has a well-thought out question from Jesus S. of Oregon about terraforming Mars in a very dramatic way. Ryan has a much shorter piece of feedback by far in the form of a tweet from @Edib0y regarding an essay inspired by the show. Here's hoping he doesn't get an F!



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Duel of the Fates - John Williams

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