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Ep 20: Science... sort of - Skepticism... sort of Ep. 20 - Skepticism... sort of 00:00:00 - Just in case you don't remember who the Paleopals are they introduce themselves and introduce their drinks too! Patrick claims to have found a hard to find beer, Ryan has over-thought things again, Ben represents the non-alcoholics and Charlie's drink is a surprise! 00:05:28 - Dr. Steve Novella of the Skeptic's Guide to the Universe stops by for a chat. A long chat. But it's all golden as Steve walks the Paleopals down the short road between SCIENCE and skepticism. 00:54:13 - Terribly Happy is a movie not many will likely be able to see or even want to see but it ties in to a later segment of the show and it's all done in foreign talk. Has anyone even been to Dane-land? What's so Great about Danes anyway? Why would you name both a dog and a pastry after them? 01:03:00 - To be prepared for the future you'll need to know how to battle in space, the Paleopals break down the basics and help you decide what to watch to best give you the specifics. Physics ensues. 01:25:48 - The Odd-Man Out segment makes it's glorious return wherein Ben hasn't done his homework, nor was he supposed to. Charlie and Ryan talk lovingly about the trade paperback of Fell, and Ben does his part playing catch-up. Charlie uses the PaleoWOW: Occidental, it may not be scientific, but it's a good one to know. 01:39:41 - The Paleoposse represents in this installment of the PaleoPOW! Reviews are read, questions are answered, goodbyes are said. Music this week provided by: Mr. Jones (live) - Counting Crows Science is Real - They Might Be Giants Whiskey and Lemonade - Sourgrass Battlestar Scralatchtica - Incubus The Fallen Interlude - blink-182
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Ep 19: Science... sort of - Nuclear Giants and Ethical Infants

00:00:00 - Intro: Alcohol is a double-edged sword, but is that a redundant statement? Probably, unless you're in Japan. And our guest, Ryan Lipscomb, keeps up with beer talk, so you know he can be trusted.

00:08:54 What happens if you get shot in the gonads with a high dose of radiation? Should you listen to "Science... sort of" with you laptop on your lap? More serious questions, like the health of children, are also addressed.

00:23:10 More derailment as we find out what happens when you go through the scanners at the airport. Is it better to wear leather chaps or nothing at all? And the age-old question: Are spies more susceptible to radiation? 00:32:30 Darwin creates romance in the upcoming film "Creation." Provocative title, but will it be worth the hype? Look us up on and find out. Or just listen, that works too.

41:20 Planning a trip? Try Chernobyl: Now with 100% more radiotrophic fungus! In all the world this is the closest living thing to the Incredible Hulk.

51:30 A new way of doing listener feedback starts here! Also Ryan explains his hairbrained contest ideas. The prizes are real. Believe in the prizes. Music for the show provided by: The Maldives -- Tequila Sunday Blakroc -- Ain't Nothing Like You Eels -- Your Lucky Day In Hell

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Ep 18: Science... sort of - Comfortable Mammals It's a bit late and it's a bit long but it's all Science... sort of! 00:00:00 Imbibing is part of the show. Charlie has a thing for numbers, Patrick needs a pick-me-up and Ryan over explains things. 00:07:00 Charlie wonders why sea lions follow him up and down the coast. The other Paleopals learn some shocking secrets about his past as a lawbreaker. And a wild theory turns out to have some merit. 00:25:54 Would Cujo have been as scary if you were suspended above the mean dog? The guys try to suss out survival by trailer trash-talking the movie Frozen! 00:40:40 Patrick talks to Dr. Blaine Schubert, he's literally titularly excellent! 01:05:55 Cows have feelings too (for now), but humans eat cows: that's a fact according to Charlie. Patrick may throw him a curve ball. And Ryan tries not to confuse the issue, but it'll probably happen anyway. 01:21:15 Listeners also feed… back! But we think listeners are sacred and therefore should never be eaten. Music this week provided by: I've got your number – Passion Pit The Runaway - Something Corporate In The Cold, Cold Night - White Stripes Tennessee - The Wreckers Pain - Jimmy Eat World
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Ep 17: Sceince... sort of - Lengthening Our Listeners Welcome to the post-Solstice Science… sort of Special: All New for a New Decade… sort of. 00:00:00 – An unusual lineup leads to unusual drinks. Who are these people and just what are they drinking? Here’s a hint but tune in to find out! 00:03:35 – An interview with Dr. Bruce Haupt who lengthens bones for a living. Get your mind out of the gutter and pay attention to the science. 00:25:07 – Tools are fun. Octopi are fun. Why not put them together? A new video shows just that, but only the Paleopals can tell you what this means for humanity and our potentially threatened future. 00:39:38 – Sam Neil keeps screwing things up as the Paleopals discuss this week’s trailer: Daybreakers. Fortunately silly sounding scientists (our favorite!) and Willem Defoe (another favorite!) are there to save us (us being all of humanity). 00:47:00 – Feedback Frenzy! The Paleopals have fallen behind on their email and the iTunes reviews keep rolling. Hold on as they race you through the updates. Bonus feature: LAZORS!! 01:05:48 – The end, in which puppies are discussed. Awwwww. Music provided by: The New Year – Death Cab for Cutie My Bones Are Gonna Rise Again (Rev C) – Old Crow Medicine Show Beyond the Sea – UC Berkley Men’s Octet (8, like an Octopus) Sunny Day – Abandoned Pools As A Fan (Bonus) – Greydon Square (<- Seriously, you know you don’t have this, and you want it, go buy it.)
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