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We had so much fun with Jurassic Park that we've decided to come back with our second installment of Science.. sort of Theater 3000! Or something like that. This round we're tackling J. J. Abrams 2009 reboot of Star Trek! If you don't have the movie, don't worry, it's available for instant play from Amazon at this link here. Jacob and Ryan start things off with some instruction for how to sync up the audio then they're joined by Kelly, Ben, and Charlie to watch the movie. We hope you enjoy listening be cause we sure enjoyed talking!


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00:00:00 - Science keeps chugging along, and the media keeps reporting it wrong. This week Patrick and Ryan go toe-to-toe in the friendliest of ways with recurring guest Brian Switek and newly minted guest Derek Mead in a discussion of how the science gets reported based on an article by Derek and a how-to guide by Double X Science.

00:32:27 - Having been told that reporters drinks, the Paleopals decide to do the same. Derek downs a Modelo Especial sin Lima, because apparently cirtrus in "chincy." Don't worry, Ryan asks what it means while he also drinks a Restraining Order cocktail. Patrick isn't sure if he's drinking a Magic Hat #9, and he also isn't sure if he likes it.

00:36:40 - Time travel may not yet be possible, but if it was don't expect a warranty especially if you're responding to the classfied ad which inspired this week's Trailer Trash Talk: Safety Not Guaranteed.

00:42:41 - The Paleopals et al. discuss the recent failures of mainstream science journalism that prompted the discussion part 1 of this very episode! Brian has been hard at work debunking the recently promoted nonsense concerning space dinosaursaquatic dinosaurs, and of course, flatulent dinosaurs.

01:15:36 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like bogus science reporting, they happen more often than your might expect. Patrick regales us all with tales from Betsy and her adventures taming a supposedly aquatic brachiolope, which you can judge for yourself in the Brachiolope Gallery. And Ryan has an e-mail from an Aussie in exile, Graeme N., concerning some of our fruit and marsupial based distinctions discussed in episode 131. Thanks for the clarifications, mate!


And finally, we didn't have time to talk about them but helps the theme make sense: FOSSIL FLEAS FEEDING ON DINOSAURS


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This short special edition is a recording of the speech I gave to a group at a rally on April 14, 2012 opposing HB0386 and supporting good science education in TN. My open letter to the governor is available here, and the following is a transcript of my speech:

My name is Ryan Haupt, I'm a graduate student at Vanderbilt University. I came to Nashville specifically to study how species evolve in response to climate change, so this bill hits very close to home. I was raised in a state where evolution and other "controversial topics" were not taught in schools, but in my home I was taught to question everything, so by actively taking courses that challenged me in college, I was able to learn about evolution and its role in the natural world. This knowledge inflamed a passion that has driven me to dedicate my life to the study of science, and the exploration of the natural world through the scientific method.

However, my story is likely the exception, not the rule. I should not have had to wait until college to be taught about the basic fundamental principles of biology. My story is a story of luck, and students in Tennessee should not have to rely on luck to get a good education.

Furthermore, allowing special interests to push forward legislation that singles out particular politically-charged theories does nothing but damage the educational reputation of our state. Just the other week Governor Haslam announced funding for new schools designed specifically to promote science and technology education, but with him allowing this bill to become law he might as well give back the money because what good are schools designed to promote science when teachers are going to be encouraged to teach inaccurate science?

The bill claims to be one of academic freedom.  However, academic freedom should not include the freedom to teach falsehoods to students, and enough freedom already exists to allow the teaching of the most up to date and accurate science.

The thing that most angers people of my generation is that laws like this are enacted by people much older than me and my peers. Climate change is a real problem; a problem created unknowingly by our ancestors, but now willfully ignored by our elders, only for my peers and my descendants to suffer. Legislation that undermines those younger than me from having a complete understanding of climate change creates a legacy of ignorance that threatens efforts to actually confront and deal with forthcoming problems. This is the exact opposite of what legislation should be doing. It is the exact opposite of what the majority of my generation thinks they should be doing. I am reminded of a Greek proverb, "A society flourishes when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in."

All this bill does is grant license to those who would salt the Earth rather than plant a tree. It presents a Trojan horse of academic freedom but actually carries troops of disinformation and political propaganda, neither of which belongs in a science classroom. I have been opposing this bill for over a year because I believe it is at best unnecessary and at worst a detriment to the education of young people inTennessee. I think the best thing we can do now is let our teachers know that we support them teaching sound science and that they don't need to "teach the controversy."  Instead, we want the next generation to be a best prepared as possible and that means sound science education. Thank you.

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00:00:00 - Jason Head joins us to talk about Titanoboa, the largest snake ever found and subject a new documentary starring Dr. Head himself. Part 1 tackles the initial discovery and piecing together of the biology of the snake. We actually recommend watching the documentary (or play the game) first, but you're a smart person, you'll figure it out regardless.

00:27:29 - Some snakes function better in the water, some scientists podcast better with a drink. Charlie tries his hand at cider, Patrick calls back to an old-faithful Pinot Noir, and Ryan compliments his recently acquired Biere De Mars from Jolly Pumpkin.

00:31:28 - Trailer Trash Talk tangents into board game territory, i.e. anything to avoid talking about how bad Battleship looks.

00:43:50 - Part 2 of our interview with Dr. Jason Head finishes the story of The Infamous Biting of John Bloch, as well as discussing the paleoecological significance of this awesome find. We also ask about the process of having a documentary made about your work. All in all, a good time is had.

01:02:10 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like fossil snakes, easily lost to the rigors of time. Charlie has an iTunes review from an underaged fluffyraptor decrying his lack of ability to donate. We come up with an alternate, more collegiate use for the money. Speaking of money, Eric C. decides to set up a recurring donation, and Patrick is quick with the praise. And finally, Ryan has a question from Kyle H. concerning which scientific topic the guys would most like to see animated.


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00:00:00 - This week the Paloepals are joined by Ryan Brown of the Glacial Till blog! He joins us to break down some space rock basics for diving into our second segment. SYNERGY!

00:16:55 - In the future drinks might come from asteroids. For now they just come from bottles. Ryan B. has a Down Under Stout by Red Hook. Charlie believes in Ninkasi's Believer. Patrick wades into Heavy Seas with a Loose Canon. And Ryan H. tries to balance confusing weather with a Dogfishhead 75 Minute IPA.

00:23:34 - This week on Trailer Trash Talk the guys all start by giving their opinion of Wes Anderson, then their opinion of fonts, then finally their opinions on his new movie Moonrise Kingdom.

00:36:33 - Charlie pulls his PaleoPOW trigger early by using an e-mail from Michael S. as the introduction to our second segment discussion the new startup Planetary Resources, which hopes to mine asteroids for all their astro-goodness. Can they do it? What does Jacob think? Will they hire Charlie? We tackle the big questions!

00:54:11 - PaleoPOWs are lot like startups, everyone starts off really excited but most just fall apart. Ryan Brown is his own PaleoPOW, promoting his various internet wares mostly concerning his blog and twitter feed. Check them out! Ryan H. has a Facebook post from Charles Insandiego who's working his way through the old shows. Good luck! And Patrick praises Bob M. for tossing a bit of cash our way via a donation. Thanks, Bob!


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