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00:00:00 - The Russians are repopulating their tundra with 30,000 year old squirrel leftovers i.e. they germinated a plant from a 30,000 year old seed (sort of)  and now they have a pretty flower. Awesome.

00:13:18 - Drinks are needed to make plants and Paleopals grow. Jacob has BAWLS, don't ask. Kelly has a favorite win. And Ryan has a Dark Depths Baltic IPA that he's happy to explain.

00:17:38 - Ryan subjects Kelly and Jacob to the insanity of Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie on this week's trailer trash talk. Will they be charmed or disgusted? Listen and learn!

00:29:03 - Finally! A fungus has been found that eats plastic and likes it. Stop worrying about conservation, apparently it's all taken care of.

00:41:07 - PaleoPOWs are like plastic eating fungi, they probably won't amount to much. Kelly has an e-mail to Ryan from Cameron about our Special Edition Jurassic Park commentary! Ryan has an iTunes review from the DepressionMachine that is anything but. And Jacob has a blog comment from an old blog post questioning the validity of the work-energy theory. Crackpot test anyone?


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Ancient Walls of Flower - Marcy Playground

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Plastic Jungle - Miike Snow

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00:00:00 - Lake Vostok is perhaps the most difficult to get to lake in the world. Yet the Russians have spent over a decade attempting to tap it. What's the deal? Why so interesting? And is it even a good idea? There's a lot to say about Vostok and the Paleopals waste no time diving right in. (Also: Secret Nazi Hilter clones from the South Pole, you can't make this stuff up.)

00:22:00 - Many people enjoy drinking near lakes. The Paleopals are no exception. Patrick is sitting on and sipping on a Red Chair from Deschuttes. Charlie has his the mark with an affordable Cotes du Rhone. And Ryan is slamming down a Hopslam.

00:26:00 - This week Trailer Trash Talk feels like its rehashing familiar territory as the Paleopals discuss Thin Ice.

00:35:00 - If lakes weren't already taking up enough space on land, now they're hiding out at the bottom of the ocean! While Patrick gets pedantic, Charlie and Ryan discuss the trippiness of these wicked "subaqueous lenses."

00:46:15 - PaleoPOWs are lot like lakes, Patrick is unsure of the definition of both. Patrick begins things with a donation and question from Andy G. Thanks, Andy! Charlie has a referential iTunes review from ryanaridder. And Ryan has some awesome Antarctic followup from Blair H.!


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00:00:00 - Brynn Metheney joins us to talk about coffee, aparently, but also her new world-building project 'The Red Valley' and her new print for sale featuring a very familiar mascot.

00:18:31 - This week we're dealing with feedback asking about biology. Leslie L. wants to know about ring species and Summer F. asks about genetic bottlenecks. Charlie explains. (Just kidding, Ryan and Patrick explain, but Charlie asks good questions.)

00:40:35 - Everyone is drinking something new. Charlie has a Wee heavy that Ryan suspects may be a trap. Patrick learns the value of a porter done just right. And Ryan is quaffing Spanish brandy, from a snifter and everything.

00:48:15 - Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is a movie that apparently got made. Does its trailer do anything to sway opinions in its favor? Tune to find out!

00:57:04 - And finally, two folks, Manuel G. and Kyle H., asked about multicellularity with a link to the same article. Coincidence or cooperation? You decide!

01:11:41 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like valleys, easy to get into than to get out of. Charlie has an extra special donation from Mark W. Mark doesn't always agree with us but had the chops to support us regardless, thanks Mark! Ryan has a pleasant e-mail from Conor B. He tries to read it in a Kiwi accent and should probably apologize to everyone involved. And finally Patrick has a series of tweets from @mwelting and @BenVH concerning the realities of the HSX.


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And now for something completely different! We Paleopals figured it might be fun to watch a movie together. We also figured it might be fun for you to join us. Thus this experiment was born. So the entire crew sat down and watched the 1993 cinematic classic Jurassic Park, while simultaneously on Skype and these are the results. This show is intended as a fun and scientificially informed running commentary to be listened to while watching the movie. Jacob provides instructions in the first few minutes on how to sync up your viewing with ours then it's off to the races! Hold onto your butts and enjoy the show!

Thanks for listening! We really want some feedback on this so let us know how you liked it. We want to do more but only if there's sufficient demand. And if you come up with a more efficient way to title these episodes, send that our way too. As always, we are are proud member of the Brachiolope Media Network, so check out our other shows for more fun science podcasts.

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00:00:00 - Bora Zivkovic chats with Ryan about Science Online 2012, the unconference that we're happy to have clutter our twitter feeds! Then Jacquelyn Gill returns to tell us about her experiences as a participant as the very same conferences. Two perspectives?! It's like real journalism in here.

00:34:34 - Taking a cue from #Scio12, the paleopals also kick back with a beverage. Guest Jacquelyn is chilling out with some hot ginger lemon tea. Patrick is searching for nirvana in a Japanese barley ale. And Ryan is getting wet with Old Burly. Ryan also uses the label as an excuse to drop some New River facts on the crew in preparation for an upcoming segment. SYNERGY!

00:40:40 - A surprising origin, director, cast, and writer leave the paleopals conflicted on the trailer for the upcoming oddly-titled movie John Carter.

00:53:53 - Plants and rivers have been shaping the earth dramatically since they both showed up on land. Nature did a special feature concerning some new discoveries on the matter and the paleopals waste no time floating on down the line of new and exciting alluvial science! Also, there's a Pleistocene park in Russia. It's all related somehow.

01:21:21 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like mammoths, never found in Siberia. Patrick has a generous donation from Bruce H. Thanks, Bruce! And Ryan has a photo from Steve D. of a captured Brachiolope! Next up, Steve will find us a bigfoot and take a non-blurry photo.


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