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00:00:00 - Scifund is expanding into more than just funding, now they're teaching scientists how to do outreach to the public! Patrick and Ryan sit down with two of the instructors (Jai and Kelly) and two of the students (Jane and Meg) to hash out how it all went down. Part 1 of the conversation focuses on the instructors and just how they put this class together.

00:23:55 - Drinks can lead to outreach, but also fights, so be careful out there in outreach-land. Patrick sets the tone with Batch 19, which he and Ryan agree was a dirty trick by MillerCoors, but could have been worse. Meg made the beer that she, Jane, and Ryan are all enjoying. Ryan is having a doppelbock, while Jane and Meg sup a maibock. Which Jai confuses with a Maybach. But that confusion may be because he's having methanol, which is not OK. And now that DOMA is unconstitutional, Kelly is reconsidering her relationship with Guinness. Fun fact: Guinness is also the home of the Student's t-test in addition to tasty beers, chronicled in a book Meg enjoyed called The Lady Tasting Tea.

00:33:28 - Trailer Trash Talk has roughly 100% less Idris Elba than last week, a fact repeatedly noticed by Jai as he and everyone else try to make sense of the preview for Europa Report. Jai, in between Elba-love, also mentions the implausibility of the entire premise based on a book he read called Mankind Beyond Earth.

00:51:59 - Part 2 of our discussion is all about the participants. So post-docs Jane Zelikova and Meg Mobley talk about just what they got out of taking this class, and how that will affect their own outreach down the line.

01:29:32 - PaleoPOWs comprise 1 of the 4 best segments of the podcast. Kelly starts us off with a donation from Robert M., who wants to know how distributed his donation will be in support of the rest of the Brachiolope Media Network. Patrick presents an idea from Matthew P. concerning extra frog legs and parasites. Much discussion ensues, indicating that it was very likely a good point. Ryan finishes out the segment with a Facebook post from Andrew S. all about his podcast fidelity. We'd love to believe you Andrew, but we've been hurt before.


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00:00:00 - Boeing has just broken the record for hypersonic flight with the X-51A Wavereider. It's a cool concept and totally not going to be used for weapons until it's used for weapons in which case it will in fact be weaponized. To tell us all about this breakthrough we brought in Joe Batwinis, who along with Jacob have a new podcast in our network called Technically SpeakingYou will enjoy it, we promise.

00:23:26 - Drinks sometimes get technical, depending how long the guys let Ryan talk before cutting him off. Patrick is not shocked to learn that Ryan has already had a Phin & Matt's Extraordinary Ale from Southern Tier Brewing Company. Ryan tries something different with some HopHead Vodka from Anchor Distilling Company. Joe makes up for his Pepsi Max with some foley artistry. And Jacob is nursing some Jameson on the rocks from his newly built bar.

00:35:22 - This week's Trailer Trash Talk has a truly heated discussion about the upcoming robots-punching kaiju summer blockbuster, Pacific Rim.

00:48:49 - Patrick was fascinated to learn that there are an infinite number of paired primes. But the real question is, why are primes so fascinating in the first place?

01:03:39 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like prime numbers, hard to predict and seemingly without a pattern. Joe initiates himself with a Facebook post from William J. who is working his way through the back catalog in an attempt to catch up. Ryan has a new recurring donation from Scott D. Thanks, Scott! Jacob has a long e-mail from upset Swede Joakim W., but who was generous enough to provide all the music for this week's show via his recording project Alpha Mound. Thanks, Joakim! And Patrick ends on a sour note with a 1-Star iTunes review from JoeSixpack. Oh well.


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00:00:00 - Scientists are now using old government drones to monitor volcano activity in Costa Rica. Thus we bring together our resident engineer, Jacob, and fan-favorite Latin American volcanologist, Abe, to discuss this new cool use of technology.

00:17:53 - Drinks can keep you cool and refreshed when near a volcano. Abe has a Meantime Coffee Porter, Ben slurps some Korean plum juice, and Jacob overstates his Dos Equis Amber. Ryan concocts a mint julep, complete with muddler.

00:26:38 - Ben writes papers about him, Abe is an immigrant like him, Jacob helps people fly like him, and Ryan just loves him; all of which is discussed in this week's Trailer Trash Talk of Man of Steel.

00:52:01 - The 3-body problem does not describe a love triangle, it's actually a physics thing. The timer duck comes out for Ben to tell us all about some new solutions to this old problem.

01:08:03 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like physics problems, hard to understand and with ambiguous solutions. Abe rereads an e-mail from Blair H. down in Antarctica, but Blair also sent us a donation which is awesome. Thanks, Blair! Ryan has a donation as well from Wade W. who also wants us to know that he's heading back to school thanks in part to Episode 110 - Back to School. Congrats on the renewed education and thanks for the cash! Jacob takes Ben to task with a voicemail from Tim in Gillette, WY. And finally, Randall H. wants answer to just how long a straw needs to be for it to foil even Superman. Ben answers... sort of.


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00:00:00 - The elusive yeti, Justin Yeakel, joins Ryan and Patrick to talk about networks! What is a network? How are they useful in science and in life? And other stuch questions may very well be answered. Read more about Justin's work on his blog.

00:17:00 - Drinks are one way people try to network. Justin laments the expense of Canadian beer, but still manages to enjoy his End of Reason by Gigantic Brewing. Patrick thanks his sister for the gift of a Kujo Imperial Coffee Stout from Flying Dog Brewery. And Ryan puts himself through the heat of a bottle of Ghost Face Killah from the Twisted Pine Brewing Company.

00:25:49 - Justin conflates a couple of the recently released sci-fi movies of the year, but we eventually get Trailer Trash Talk on track enough to talk about the new Smith^2 movie After Earth.

00:34:07 - Hearkening back to the very first episode of Science... sort of, we decide to discussion the acquisition of Star Wars by Disney. And while we may be sparse on the details, we do want to congratulate George Lucas on his decision to give a lot of the money made from the purchase to education charities. Finally, Justin and Ryan impress upon Patrick (i.e. the only one on the show with kids) the importance of the Machete Order.

00:54:25 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like machetes, used improperly they can really hurt an unsuspecting gringo. Ryan has a voicemail and donation from Will T. who wants to thank us for introducing him to Daniel H. Wilson, among other things. Patrick has a recurring donation from Luke J. across the pond. Thanks so much to both Will and Luke!


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