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00:00:00 - For the first half of the show we’re featuring an interview recorded at the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology’s annual meeting in Albuquerque, NM! The interview features a longtime friend of the show Brandon Bourassa (@CrocGypsy) and is hosted(?!) by former guest Khai Button. It’s a free-wheeling conversation, but archosaurs are the main focus, from actual fossils to the so-called “living fossils” that are modern crocs.

You can check out Khai's recent paper on Therizinosaurs (personal favorite taxa of mine) here: Incremental growth of therizinosaurian dental tissues: implications for dietary transitions in Theropoda 

And you can learn more about CrocFest, which helps raise money for crocodylian conservation around the world, here: 

00:41:30 - New Mexico is pretty dry so fight off being parched with a drink. Both Matt and Ryan are enjoyed whiskey today, Matt’s from the Emerald Isle and Ryan’s in the form of a 5-spice cocktail leftover from Thanksgiving.

00:48:43 - For our second segment, In Defense of Plant's host Matt Candeias (@indfnsofplnts) weighs in on the issue of invasive Eucalyptus trees in northern California. They've basically been there since the gold rush, so we're all used to seeing (and smelling) them, but should we reconsider our acceptance of non-native taxa in these situations? Spoiler: probably yes.

01:04:08 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like California Eucalyptus, working out for some but a real risk for others. First up, Ryan didn’t rig the system but it turns out guest from the first segment Brandon Bourassa is due for a Patron thesis. With Matt’s help they devise: Gastrolith wear and tear in the gizzard based on fragmentary Eucalyptus leaf material of the paleofloras of Isla Nublar: Did these animals all die as recently as 1994? Thanks, Brandon! Matt then reads a flattering message from John B. about fossil hunting, mountain biking, and beer; some of our favorite topics for sure!

Matt also has a book out if you're interested in learning about plants in convenient text form! You can get it here: Flora: Inside the Secret World of Plants 

And Ryan will be recording interviews for the show at the American Geophysical Union’s annual meeting in D.C., and hosting a podcasting workshop as well as performing a story at the Story Collider show on December 13th!

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Albuquerque, Nm - Great American Taxi
Gan Ainm / The Humours Of Whiskey / Leslie's March - Solas
Down Under [New Recording] - Colin Hay

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00:00:00 - Patrick and Charlie return to discuss Martian colonization, but not just whether or not we could, but whether or not we should. Technical concerns aside, what do we risk ethically if we decide to make Mars a haven for wayward humans? And are we already too late to even worry about it? (Also, be sure to check out some of the work done by Charlie’s old acquaintance Margarita Marinova)

00:22:24 - Mars may not have much water but we do. Charlie, in the earliest time zone, goes first with his Kombucha Town Cascadian Hop Ceylon Tea. Ryan follows up with a slightly misidentified Hop Overboard from Supreme Core Cider. Patrick ledes with a big life announcement, then explains the beer scene of his new home, and his choice of the Fursty Ferret from Badger Beers for this week’s show.

00:35:42 - For our second second, we tackle an old favorite: the inequities of scientific published. It may sound dry, but the stakes are high. Namely, how did a group of highly educated and motivated people find themselves over a barrel for getting their work out in there in the age of the internet? In a word: capitalism. Any ideas how to fix it? Let us know!

00:59:36 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like publishing; it goes smoother with an editor. Ryan begins with a BSso for superfan and patron Caryne H. For her degree, she wrote When Planets Fight Back: The Unintended Consequences of Hominid Parasitism on the Aresian Atmosphere and the Homicides It Led To. Thanks, Caryne! Charlie reads an excellent 5-star iTunes review from Matt449, and Patrick has some overdue ‘Summer of Love’ feedback from Zach G. Lastly, if you’re in the DC area, check out the DMV AWG, an org Ryan’s been helping out with, and other than that, just keep being your scientifical best!

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00:00:00 - Asher Elbein (@asher_elbein) is here to chat with Ryan about his journey to becoming a science journalist. Topics include: being a Bitter Southerner, snake handling, a new Odyssey translation, how great the show Justified was, and more!

00:27:26 - Speaking of milking snakes, let’s have a drink. Asher works through some water purchased when the Texas taps couldn’t be trusted. Ryan explains and enjoys a crowler of the Main Drag Double from Molly Pitcher Brewing Company in PA.

00:35:28 - In part two we shift to more bird-focused topics… sort of. We were going to talk about some fossil bird lungs, but it’s fall and the siren song of the now Midwestern mothman (also known as: an owl) calls out to Ryan, so they mostly talk about that and all the weird folkloric goodness therein. If you’re into spooky Appalachian tales and have already read The Mothman Prophecies, consider supporting Asher’s Kickstarter Anna O’Brien: Ghost days Anthology.

01:17:27 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like owls: scary when encountered in an unexpected place. We give our long overdue thanks to Denise C. for being a recurring donor in the old Paypal days. Thanks, Denise!

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