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00:00:00 - We begin with some very old beer (or slightly alcoholic porridge, if you prefer) before moving on to one of the latest advances in brewing technology (e.g., making yeast mimic hops), so covering the entirety of all beer in one segment. No big deal.

00:31:53 - We were talking about beer so let’s have some! Tim has a Tropic Plunder IPA from TW Pitchers Brewing Company. Abe then takes his time telling us about an exotic Pale Ale procured from Gæðingur Öl Brugghús in Iceland. And Ryan literally rolls the dice to decide upon some Gray Wolf Timber Sassafras finished gin, a plant relevant to some recent adventures.

00:43:24 - When the earth quakes, sometimes the real damage isn’t done by the seismic waves themselves but by the liquefaction they induce. Abe explains and also gives some non-legally-binding advice for how to escape quicksand. Some more resources:

01:18:16 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like seismic events, very difficult to predict. First up, former guest of the show and patron Robert “Doc Sloth” McAfee has earned a BSso in addition to his Ph.D. Robert’s less legitimate thesis title is: Liquefaction-based agitated fermentation of H. lupulus derived beverages: fermenting beyond the barrel with shaken, not stirred, yeast strains. Thanks, Robert! Next, audiophile Tim presents a voicemail from Karen in Austin, TX who uses science to solve crimes and wanted to tell us how she got started on that path. Finally, Ryan has an e-mail from Lucas H. who thanks us for some continuing education inspiration for which he is very welcome. Our pleasure *hat tip*. Be sure to check out Tim’s podcast Encyclopedia Brunch or if you’re in the Bay Area meetup with him to make a robot. Ryan recently appeared on These Are Not The Nerds You’re Looking For to talk about Star Wars: Clone Wars and is giving a talk at the Geological Society of Washington if you’re in D.C. and are into that sort of thing.

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When Bitter Met Sweet - Honeycutters
Sassafras Roots - Green Day
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00:00:00 - We are thrilled to be joined by Kelly’s collaborator Scott Egan, whose lab at Rice University recently found an example of parasitism on a parasite. No matter how much we’ve talked about it before, we still have a lot of questions of the complexities of these interactions and some harsh judgments for the leeching lifestyle.

00:35:59 - Nothing like a drink after you’ve been drained. Kelly claims to enjoy a Potter’s cider with added hops and guava. Ryan continues to lament the sorry state of East Coast IPAs but still likes his Juiced In Time. And Abe gets weird with Wicked Weed’s Freak of Nature.

00:42:47 - You may have heard that the Katla volcano in Iceland is about to erupt, but those reports have the author of the paper that got it all started shaking her head. Abe explains why some CO2 emissions aren’t the same thing as an impending eruption. And if you think that it seems like volcanoes are going off more than usual, turns out that psychology more so than geology. Fortunately the Smithsonian’s Global Volcanism Program is happy to keep you up to speed on all the magma that’s about to spew.

01:11:39 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like volcanoes; they’re both closely monitored, but why? After a brief announcement we get back to the fun stuff, and first up is a BSso thesis for Patron Julie S. Julie studied Heat-seeking Haemosporidians: Parasitic Drivers of Human Inhabitation of Thermally-regulated Volcanic Ice Caves. Thanks, Julie! Kelly has an e-mail from Travis about how great former guest Abby Howard and her book Dinosaur Empire are. We agree, obviously. Finally, Abe has an iTunes review from a pretty august author questioning our topic priorities.

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