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Ep 117: Science... sort of - Wrapped Up In Science

00:00:00 - Kepler (the satellite, not the dude, who would be a zombie at this point) done found us a planet within the habitable zone of a star a mere 600 light years away. THANKS KEPLER!

00:13:08 - Drinks are like planets, wait long enough and one of them goes away. Ryan has some holiday cheer with Mikkeller Santa's Little Helper 2010. Patrick is double-fisting an unimpressive Guinness black lager and a more palatable Lagunitas, even if they messed up their holiday schedule. And finally Charlie savors a cab sav from Napa Valley, perfect for a winter's night.

00:17:53 - Are you ready for some adventure Belgian-style? If so then you might enjoy The Adventures of Tintin, even if it crosses the uncanny valley.

00:33:24 - Humans and snakes. A feud as old as time itself. But have snakes always been the aggressors or do humans give as good as they get? A tribe in the Philippines may hold the answer. 

00:48:23 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like snakes, they get longer and more aggressive as time goes on. Patrick thanks the recurring donors , Bendan M. Buddy W., and Christopher V., for being awesome on a consistent basis. Ryan helps out Mike G. and Tommy G. (no relation, probably) who were having problems with episode 44. Ryan provides tech support. And Charlie ends the year with a short sweet iTunes review from lamotteskiddalyboomboom.

Thanks for listening! See y'all next year for loads more SCIENCE... sort of

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Up In the Sky - Oasis

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00:00:00 - Naked mole rats are even more awesome than previous thought: their sperm is terrible. Doesn't sound like a good thing? Well how come their awful sperm still works just fine? Because mole rates cannot be stopped, that's why.

00:11:53 - Like it or not, drinks are a part of the show and thus require a moment of discussion. Charlie has an old standby in the form of a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Patrick has a nondescript merlot, he can assert that it is in fact red. Ryan has a hot buttered whiskey based on a recipe he is happy to share from the book And A Bottle of Rum. And Jacob has spicy cinnamon vanilla eggnog, if that's what you're in to.

00:18:20 - This week trailer trash talk heads north to Scandinavia whilst the Paleopals try to breakdown the many incarnations of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

00:32:32 - Last year several circular holes opened up in Guatemala city, and while it may be tempting to call them sinkholes, according to an article Patrick found they should actually be called piping features. But there is still heated disagreement over karst.

00:43:43 - A man was arrested at CERN for messing with vending machines as an attempt to disrupt Higgs-Boson detection. He claimed to be from the future. A very "sort of" story as relayed by several exited Paleopals. Can they uncover the truth within the course of the segment?

00:52:41 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like time travelers, their existence is hotly debated and likely nothing more than a prank. Patrick has an extremely generous donation from John P. THANKS, JOHN! Ryan has a short sweet tweet from Sharon about painting frogs. Ryan is concerned for amphibian well-being, but hopes he's misreading things. Charlie has an iTunes review that seems have written by an SEO expert in Philippe. And Jacob explores the Facebook page for a messsage from Kendal about using our Amazon affiliate link to help the show out while doing one's holiday shopping.

Thanks for listening! It's not to late to order winter solstice gifts based on the guides written by Ryan and Patrick both available at!

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00:00:00 - Who knew crustaceans could be so crafty? An amphipod has evovled the ability to spin silk like a spider, except under water! Fraught with awesome imagery and potential medical applications to be sure.

11:11:11 - Every week we consume something on air and this week those consumables varied more than usual. Kelly has crafty Norwegian chocolate with an unexpected surprise. Ben has homo milk from a bag? We don't know either, Canada is even weirder than previously imagined. Ryan descends into a bottle of Hades from Great Divide Brewing in anticipation of this week's trailer. Charlie has bubbly water and explains it's morbid origins.

00:19:23 - This week for we have the divisive trailer for The Divide. Will the Paleopals be divided on their opinions? Or will the threat of impending apocalypse unite them all?

00:29:48 - Willpower, does it even exist? If so, how much have you got? These are the pressing questions vexing the Paleopals this week. Everyone brings something different to the table, including the concept of whether or not willpower is a worth 'scientific' inquiry. Hal Jordan, eat your heart out.

00:50:35 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like silk spinning crustaceans, unexpected but ultimately they make sense. Kelly has cash from Summer in Seattle. THANKS, SUMMER! Ben has a question from Roberta about the demarcation line for calling one's self a scientist. There's no fine line, but there are some good stories. Ryan updates all on the #SciFund poll from Episode 113. Charlie has an iTunes review from Sumo in Seattle who might be drinking on the job.


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It's time for the annual Thanksgiving Science... sort of special! Each year the Paleopals pick an extra-long PaleoPOW and cover it in a little more detail than usual. Just like the pilgrims did.

00:00:00 - Charlie starts things off with an e-mail from Michal about our dismissal of Evolutionary Psychology. Maybe the PaleoPOWsevolved to think that it's just not up to snuff?

00:24:56 - Ben has a question from Liz about anti-gravity. He answers it with his usual aplomb, while artfully plugging his own new podcast: The Titanium Physicists!

00:34:09 - Since it wouldn't sound very good for the Paleopals to eat on air, they settle for some drinks instead. Ryandouble-fists cider post a Thanksgiving-meal pregame. Ben drinks water like a fish. Charlie goes on rant about the realities of tryptophan and post-holiday meal torpor. Patrick is having a very old (possibly fishy) pale ale. And Charlie jumps the holiday gun with some eggnog.

00:43:32 - Trailer Trash Talk follows it's Thanksgiving tradition by reviewing a weird fantasy movie. This year we're going with Snow White and the Huntsman. Will be it be the fairest film of them all? Probably not. And where the heck are thedwarves?

00:56:57 - Patrick has some hairy snail mail from Micah admonishing our dismissal of creationism. Rather than rant and rave, the guys try to legitimately address Micah's point. See? It's possible for disagreements to be civil!

01:15:27 -And finally Ryan has a voicemail from Caroline about the difference between regular and anti-bacterial soap. Ryan actually did some research for this one so hopefully his answer sounds good.

Thanks for listening, this week more so than usual! Check out our blog for our other annual tradition: Winter Solstice Gift Guides! Available at soon.

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Change Your Mind - The All-American Rejects

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00:00:00 - Jai Ranganthan joins Paleopals Charlie, Jacob, and Ryan to update everyone on the #SciFund Challenge. First and foremost, congrats to our own Kelly Weinersmith on being the very first project to get fully funded! Yay! But the Paleopals go one further and actually highlight a few projects that caught their eye.

Jacob was intrigued by the dolphin with the backwards fin, mostly because he lives near a beach and this was the closest to an engineer project he could find.

Charlie really liked the idea of domesticating bacteria to create petroleum products and other goodies suit our needs. If yeast can make beer, why can't bacteria make oil?

Ryan wants to use social networks and cell phones to help children in Tanzania get the vaccinations they need. It's ambitious, it's complicated, and it just might be crazy enough to work!

And finally, we have to give a shout out to the project that wants to investigate methods for artificially aging red wine. A very Science... sort of, kind of project.

After a bit of discussion the Paleopals decide on donating to a particular project LIVE ON AIR! We won't spoil the results, be we will provide a poll on the website for you to vote for your favorite. And be sure to head over to RocketHub to donate to a project your own self!

00:34:34 - Charlie tries his best to introduce the drinks segment. Jacob offends us all with his Smirinoff Ice (Raspberry and Lime flavor). Charlie's curiosity overrides the date leading him to try Sierra Nevada's holiday IPA. And Ryan needs an extra kick so he has a Hitachino Espresso Stout.

00:38:42 - Trailer Trash Talk is out to solve a mystery. Namely, the mystery of whether or not the movie Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows will be any good. And their only clue is the trailer.

00:48:01 - Mind Myths abound in our culture and the BBC has posted a few of their favorites ripe for debunking. The Paleopals break down the myths and discuss just why these ideas about our brains have been so pervasive.

01:05:34 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like #SciFund projects. You never know if it's going to work until the last minute. Jacob congratulates TheFrenzyofTongs on finishing a 5k. Even better that he did so while listening to the show and posted about it our Facebook wall

Thanks for listening! Not that you don't have enough links already, but we don't a have a blog at


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Brian Switek is fast becoming the arbiter of the special edition. This time Ryan and Brian sit down in person at the Paris Casino in Las Vegas to opine on the goings on of the 71st Annual Meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology. They discuss some of the cool talks and posters they saw, the benefits of socializing science, and even the very reasons meetings like this exist. Enjoy!

And as always, be sure to follow Brian on Twitter (@Laelaps), subscribe to his blog, and buy his book, Written in Stone!

00:00:00 - The Paleopals are joined by Massimo Pigliucci, of Rationally Speaking, to talk about philosophy, science, and philosophy of science. This here is the bulk of the episode, so enjoy as Dr. Pigliucci waxes poetic about the deep inner workings of the scientific system we all hold so dear.

01:06:07 - After we say goodbye to Massimo (and his glass of chianti), we say hello to our own Birra Artiganale, peppermint tea, and Abita, respectively.

01:09:55 - It's time to get inspired and literate with this week's trailer, the German (i.e. not funny) film Young Goethe in Love.

01:19:25 - Ryan starts with a mole rat from James C. (available for viewing on the Art... sort of page!), Kelly has an e-mail about philosophy of science (how appropriate!) from David H., and Charlie follows up on the difference between his voice and Patrick's(with a startling revelation!)


Thanks for listening. Our blog may not be as rational as our guest's, but we do try:


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Thinking Loudly - El Ten Eleven

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Young, Dumb, and In Love - Mat Kearney

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00:00:00 - Ben begins the show this week talking about Jacob. Eventually Ryan and Patrick force him into talking about the agreed up topic: The 100 Year Starship symposium which took place recently in Orlando, FL. Which happens to be near Jacob. Big ideas about how to get off this tiny planet abound, and the Paleopals break down a few but encourage you to read up on the details yourself!

00:26:11 - What the Paleopals lack in rocketry they more than make for in 'jet fuel', if you know what I mean. Patrick celebrates with a Jubelale, Ben has a whole island of new juice opportunities, and Ryan pans a Las Vegas 2-for-1 bruised dry gin martini.

00:31:51 - Trailer Trash Talk this week feels better than ever as the guys break down the newest in the long-lived Greek war-epic genre: Immortals.

00:41:23 - New research suggests that saurpods (the dinos with the big long necks) may have migrated. Patrick and Ryan discuss isotopic particulars while Ben pesters about dinosaurian generalities.

00:59:43 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like Sauropods. At one point hard to miss, but now increasingly rare. Ben has an iTunes review from Ed Lolington. Ryan thanks Brian Switek for mentioning us at the SVP science communication meeting (more from Brian in a future show). And Patrick has both e-mail and loot from Elizabeth S. Thanks, Elizabeth!


Thanks for listening! Ben remixed his post from last week, and Juliana has another great exhibit write-up, both of which are available at!


Music this week provided by:

Ship of Fools - The Doors

Rock Island Line - Johnny Cash

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00:00:00 - Jorge Cham, of PhD Comics, joins the Paleopals to discuss his comic, his time in academia, and the path he took to transition to full time artist.

00:27:27 - Scholastic achievement makes people thirsty. Thus the Paleopals imbibe. Patrick pulls out a rye beer he'd been saving. Ryan thinks his Sour Apple Saison is thematic. Kelly eschews alcohol for Italian sodas and rockets. While Charlie is back on the IPA wagon with Widmer Falconer.

00:33:48 - In a first for Trailer Trash Talk, we cover a film not just with our guest, but by our guest. Jorge Cham sticks around to talk about his new indie movie based on his very own comics: The PhD Movie. Potentially screening at a university near YOU!

00:52:22 - We 'end' the show with an extended PaleoPOW featuring questions regarding school from the Paleoposse! Kelly reads an e-mail Catherine asking how we each entered our respective fields. Ryan talks for too long. No one is surprised. Chad read an article in the NY Times about how we teach math in the US and wants to know what the Paleopals think. Ben's answer is available on the blog. And finally, Steve wants to know if the Paleopals are worried about over-specialization in science.

Thanks for listening, our blog has content which you can get at!

Music for this week's show:

Lessons Learned - Matt & Kim

The Season - Matt Costa

Dropping Out of School - Brad Sucks

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00:00:00 - This week the Paleopals are joined by Giacomo Bernardi from UCSC. He filmed fish using tools for the very first time, and is happy to tell us all about just why that's so awesome. Make sure to watch the video on our site and experience the glory for yourself!

00:34:04 - Tool use is not just required for cracking clams, but also for cracking open cold ones, even if Patrick is the only one with a beer. Charlie and Ryan bourbon each other while Kelly tries to make due without her usual bartender.

00:40:33 - It's all for one and every Paleopal for themselves with this week's trailer, The Three Musketeers in 3D! Will it live up to the 1993 classic?

00:53:49 - Patrick reports on his trip to the annual meeting of the GSA (not Gamers Sitting Around), the Geological Society of America (though some would argue it should be Geologic Society of America). He gave a talk, but you listen to him talk just about every week, so we thought we'd give some other people a chance. He mixed it up in the poster sessions and interviewed a bunch of undergrads and grad students about their research in a range of topics, from the timing of glacial retreat in the Himalaya to the best way to paint rodent teeth. Small warning: audio quality is maybe not all that it could be given that Patrick is waking around a giant concrete floored hall with geologists drinking and talking in the background.

01:36:43 - PaleoPOWs are lot like poster sessions. Crowded, loud, and full of lingering doubts. Patrick has a website comment from Hannah concerning last week's Kraken discussion. Kelly has an e-mail from John about catching up on the show and collective nouns for mascots. Ryan has a tweet from @DocBuckets about the Podcast Awards (still some time left to vote!) concerning conflicting podcast interests. And Charlie has a voicemail from the Pangster who still can't tell the difference between Charlie and Patrick.

Charlie is going to be on The Weekly Weinersmith! Ryan did an iFanboy special edition show! We're everyone! But our home is the Brachiolope Media Network, so stop by anytime.


Music for this week's show:

Come Together - Blur

Big Eyed Fish - Dave Mathews Band

The Night and the Liquor - Elvis Perkins

No I in Threesome - Interpol

Posters - Jack Johnson

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00:00:00 - The scientific world was 'rocked' when news came out of GSA reporting a giant hyper-intelligent cephalopod discovered in the Triassic. But does the story hold water? (hint: NO) The Paleopals are joined by former cast-member Justin to break down this prehistoric cryptid!

00:18:28 - Their first story took place deep in the drink, so the Paleopals decide to dive in too. Justin has scotch, Kelly celebrates Ben's PhD with mangosteen juice (and a backup for her tastebuds), while Charlie has yet to make his Campari (it's made of bugs!) and soda, and Ryan presumes he's keeping it thematic with New England rum.

00:24:28 - Ryan is convinced he'll get a thumbs up from Kelly in Trailer Trash Talk this week where the team discusses Being Elmo. Does he succeed? You  must listen to know for sure.

00:33:54 - People often complain about the age we live in, how it was better before, etc. But what age are we living in exactly? Apparently it's not obvious, even to the committee tasked with figuring it out. Is the Holocene over? Has the Anthropocene begun? We need to know now! Or soon, probably, guess we'll wait and see...

01:02:37 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like Krakens, potentially very scary but seldom seen. This week Kelly cannibalizes an iTunes review from her new show written by Sam A. Charlie plugs The Podcast Awards being tirelessly promoted by Pang. It'd be cool to win, I guess. And finally Ryan has some instant feedback from@JustinDMcDonald about the Anthropocene.

That's it for this week, thanks for listening! If you need more sci-goodness check out The Weekly Weinersmith, a proud member of the Brachiolope Media Network and recently written up on our blog the Paleocave!


Music for this week's show:

Giant Squid - RJD2

Scotch & Soda - Joe Ferrara

Street Fame - 2pac

The Modern Age - The Strokes

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00:00:00 – The Ig Nobel awards were a surprise to Sean Williams, and he blames Ryan. Thus Ryan concoted a game to tell the truly ignoble from the simply ficticious, and he forces Charlie and Jacob to play a round of Ig Nobel or Ig Know Not?! 

Topics covered include but are not limited to:

Congrats to all the 2011 Ig Nobel winners for making science just that much zanier!

00:20:57 – Drinks. When done correctly they go down smooth. This week Jacob succumbs to the marketing powers of AB InBev with a Leffe, is the flavor worth the sacrifice? Ryan undergoes a gluten-free beer experiment with mixed results. And Charlie has a red wine too difficult to spell here, but he liked it.

00:30:45 – This week Trailer Trash Talk attempts to unpack everything happening in the trailer for the remake of the 1984 classic Footloose. Can is possible live up to the original? Probably not, but Ryan tries his best. Plus Jacob and Charlie share their thoughts on Terra Nova in the wake of Special Edition 4!

00:49:20 – Ryan's gluten-free beer experiment continues while government computers controlling killer-drones get infected with keylogging virusesVectors of infection, trailers in Nevada, and the future of warfare are discussed.

01:08:54 – PaleoPOWs are at lot like viruses, they arrive in unexpected ways with devastating results. Charlie has some follow up from Sam O. about Episode 95's singularity discussion about robot vs. robot crime. Ryan recites the 3 Laws of Robotics from memory then talks pyschohistory. Asimov for the win! Ryan giggles his way through the absurdity of our Facebook page reaching 1,000 fans then immediately dropping to 999. We have a bit of a buffer now, but no reason not go join the fun, right? And Jacob deals, via an e-mail from Kendal T., with the 'controversy' surrounding bad headlines pitting gamers and scientists against each other in the struggle to cure aids. The Paleopals set things straight!


Thanks for listening! Make sure to check out Kelly's new venture The Weekly Weinersmith, a proud member of the Brachiolope Media Network!


Music for this week’s show:

What You Know – Two Door Cinema Club

Fields of Gold – Celtic Dreams

Let’s Hear it For the Boy – Deniece Williams

Virus Human – The Ponys

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00:00:00 - This week we are joined by the wonderful Jacquelyn Gill to talk about mammoths and the spores found in their poop! Jacquelyn does a ton of outreach with her blog and twitter, so support the effort by checking them out, ok?!

00:23:53 - Drinks. They're what happens when it's too late in the day for coffee. Ben is having his final Sussex Golden Ginger Ale, since it's only available in one part of Canada. No one has the heart to explain FedEx to him. Jackie is treating herself to a New Glarus Raspberry Tart float, which is just insane but probably delicious. Ryan goes to Hog Heaven. And Patrick has the spiciest of all wines, and likes it!

00:30:26 - Trailer Trash Talk is celebrating Jackie Chan's 100th movie which happened in 1911. Not as much to say about this particular Asian War Epic, other than the fact that everyone but Ryan seems to love them and Jackie Chan can sing.

00:39:56 - Mammoth hemoglobin might help your limbs keep oxygenated in the cold. Finally, paleontology put to good use! 

00:57:53 - PaleoPOWs are like mammoths, hunted to extinction. Ryan gets and e-mail and donation from Eric W. But the money demands physics answers from Ben concerning faster-than-light neutrinos. Ben travels to the UK for an iTunes review. And Patrick has yet another donation from Kendal (male pronouns) that comes with a few caveats.

Thanks for listening! Check out Ryan on the latest episode of Inside the Atheists Studio if you're not sick of hearing him talk yet.

Music for this week's show:

Mammoth - Interpol

Fruit Machine - The Tink Tinks

Random Jackie Chan Song - Not available on Amazon, but here's a video of him singing live

Fresh Blood - Eels

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Brian Switek joins Ryan, Patrick and Ben to play Odd Man Out with the premiere of Terra Nova. Physics, dinosaurs, Spielberg; oh my! Will the Paleopals pass on the new show? Or did the antics of a family in the Cretaceous win them over? Tune in to find out!

Hear more with Brian in our full length interview fromEpisode 59 - Psi-Fi and Switek!

Also be sure to check out Brian's text review of the episode on the Smithsonian Magazine Blog (where he even embedded the trailer, our kind of guy!).

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00:00:00 - Will having a few drinks prevent you from getting malaria, or make it more likely in the first place? The Paleopals discuss the pros and cons of boozing it up near infected mosquitoes.

00:20:26 - Fortunately the Paleopals live outside the range of malaria, thus their drinks are relatively risk free. Patrick expects condemnation from Ryan for his Kona but Ryan is too busy spilling La Roja from Jolly Pumpkin all over himself. Kelly shows up with another custom cocktail from Zach, this time called The Honey Rumple (milk, honey, rum; mix to taste).

00:26:34 - Johnny Depp has also developed a taste for rum as he returns to the world of Hunter S. Thompson in the trailer for The Rum Diary, as discussed in this week's installment of Trailer Trash Talk!

00:39:27 - Even though the females are bringing the parasites the males are bringing the sperm to the next generation of the little buggers. But a new study has successfully eliminated the sperm without eliminating the male's sex appeal. Cool? Yes. Labor intensive? Also yes. That's why Kelly prefers the laser system that blasts female mosquitoes out of the sky! PEW PEW!

00:52:02 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like mosquitoes, they can really get under your skin if you let them. Ryan tries to clear up some Costa Rican iguana confusion from Randall H. Ryan knew them only as ctenosaurs ("comb-lizard"), which is probably a cooler name anyways. Patrick has an iTunes review from Hanna S. who thinks we're "great for an average science nerd." Hey! Who is she calling average?! And finally, Kelly deals with a pronunciation pet peeve brought to her by Avi M. Dear Avi, we promise to do better, try harder, speak more correcter, etc. starting tomorrow... probably.


Thanks for listening! is our blog, it's probably what you should read until we put out another show next week.


Music from this week's show:

Mosquito Song - Queens of the Stone Age

Honey - The Hush Sound

In this Diary - The Ataris

I Just Had Sex - The Lonely Island

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00:00:00 - This week we talk to Abraham Padilla about his work studying the volcanoes of Iceland. We barely scratch the surface of this topic, but that's probably a good thing because any deeper and we'd hit lava.

00:25:17 - Libations are an integral part of our podcast, thus we sup. Abe brings Ryan two types of tequila, one especially dark reposado and another a sensual triple distilled reposado. The bottle is supposed to be sensual (see for yourself), but your results may vary.

00:36:42 - Butch Cassidy rides down ole South America way for his final adventure as previewed in the trailer for Blackthorn.

00:48:48 - There was no electricity in the US Southwest for a bit last week. Some guy was working on it and it just plumb went out. Well this brings up quite a few issues about security, reliability, and energy production, which Charlie is on top of.

  • Ryan also referencesSGU #317 when they talked about Sicilian time offsets due to grid fluctuations.
  • And see our very ownEpisode 4when we talked about the US needing an EMP-hardened smart grid.

01:08:46 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like volcanoes, hard to predict. Abe talks about how hard it is to find time to listen to podcasts. Charlie rejoices in two donations from Rebecca B. and Chuck Z. Thank you so much! Ryan has a new addition to the Brachiolope gallery from his old pal Jesse G. Thanks, Jesse! And finally, Kelly has an inspiring iTunes review left by the Frenzy of Tongs.


Thanks for listening! Check out our blog at You might just find a manifesto... sort of.


Music for this week's show:

Between An Erupting Earth And An Exploding Sky - Los Campesinos!

The Milky Way Home - Sonny Landreth

That Much Further West - Lucero

The Grid - Daft Punk

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00:00:00 - The Paleopals are joined with an old friend (similar yet distinct from a Paleopal) Jered Karr! Jered is a paleoentomologist at UCSC but he's also one of the top contributors to The Paleobiology Database, which he's here to tell us all about! What is it? How can it be used? How does he use it? And how long until I can put myself in there as a fossil?

00:21:21 - Even if they couldn't wait to start Patrick and Jered are still expected to explain their drinks. Charlie sticks with a classic. And Ryan attempts an audio hi-jink that may or may not have worked to get him a Manhattan. You decide!

00:31:14 - But it's up to the Paleopals to decide how they feel about this week's trailer, which is Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. It's another case of a bait-and-switch trailer, even though Ryan thinks this one should have been a bit more obvious. Will the guys go for satirical redneck antics? Or will they side with the douchey city-slickers?

00: 44:50 - The earth has a bit of junk in her orbit. Charlie explains the ins and outs of what goes in and out of our atmosphere. Basically everyone is making a mess and no one is willing to clean it up.

00:59:53 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like messes, no one wants to be at fault but there's always someone to blame. This week Patrick fields a funding comment left on the website by Rusty. Ryan reads a lengthy e-mail about elephant seal behavior (as mocked in a recent show) sent in my John H. of Santa Cruz, CA! And Charlie ponders zebra mathematics in the absence of Ben for the benefit of Randall.

That's all for this week, thanks for listening! Our intermittent musing can be found on the metaphorical cave wall that is our blog, the Paleocave.

Music this week provided by:

Dig (Future Evolution Remix) - Mudvayne

Manhattan - Kings of Leon

Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood - Santa Esmeralda

Float On - Modest Mouse

Direct download: Ep_103_Science..._sort_of_-_A_Million_Little_Pieces.mp3
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00:00:00 - Mars just keeps better, this time because it's a bit wetter. Charlie explains the science behind the discovery, especially how we were able to taste something on another planet.

00:16:43 - Patrick keeps his beverage dark and Cascadian, Charlie searches for a glass (why didn't he just check our store?) and Ryan is feeling dark and stormy.

00:23:02 - Trailer Trash Talk is looking to take a nice country drive. But that's not what Drive is about at all. Does the trailer live up to the poster? Does it even live up to the font? And what are driving gloves even for? Find out!

00:38:59 - Science is under threat! The threat of the 'decline effect.' Jonah Lehrer wrote about it and the Paleopals discuss his findings. Ironically, they find less significance in the decline effect, which kind of makes sense if you think about it...

01:05:48 - PaleoPOWs are fortunately not subject to the decline effect. They just keep getting better! This week is no exception. Ryan has donations from Sarah B., a possibly forgotten Gaylen, and both (that's right, both!) his parents. Thanks everyone! You're keeping the lights on and the mics hot! Charlie gets more ethanol feedback (the story that just won't die) from Midwesterner Jeff! And finally, Patrick has a lengthy e-mail from Jesse C. about radio and forensics. Just how the heck are those two related?! Tune in to find out!


Thanks for listening! Our blog has saltwater in it too, check it out at!


Music from this week's show:

Will There Be Enough Water? - The Dead Wate

Raise Your Glass - Autopilot Off

Drive - Matt Costa

It's Coming Down - Cake

Direct download: Ep_102_Science..._sort_of_-_With_a_Grain_of_Salt.mp3
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00:00:00 - The theme this week is 2.0. Meaning the Paleopals want y'all to create some content, and y'all did! Each story this week comes as a submission from the Paleoposse. Thanks, everyone! The Paleopals Patrick, Jacob and Ryan have formed a pack to hunt some science, as suggested by Jesse W., first by debating the potential of pack hunting dinosaurs as opposed to just good wholesome group shredding post-mortem Komodo dragon style. Fun for everyone!

00:18:26 - Unfortunately, the one thing the Paleopals can't easily crowd source are drinks, but they thought to bring there own. Jacob gets down with Irene by having a Magic Hat #9, fingers-crossed for continued availability post-storm. Ryan, with no intended commentary on the Paleoposse, sups a Certified Evil and makes Patrick commit the evil sin of envy. But Patrick is also packing tasty liquid in the form of a fresh hop ale from Sierra Nevada.

00:25:27 - Even Trailer Trash Talk got out-sourced this week! Brent suggested the trailer Margin Call on the Facebook page, and the Paleopals oblige. Will a stock market thriller get a triple A rating from the guys? Listen to find out!

00:36:32 - Elliot M. thought the guys might like to talk about a trilobite orgy. Elliot M. was right. Safe for work if you're not an arthropod or overly-sensitive. And as promised, here's a PDF (head to with WAY more info on crustacean mating, if that's what you're into.

00:47:22 - Jacob has an e-mail from Alysia K. about the ethics of cloning Neanderthals. The guys barely scratch the surface and want to know what the crowd thinks. Good thing we gave this one a whole segment, no way it would fit as a mere PaleoPOW. Speaking of which...

01:08:15 - PaleoPOWs are lot like the rest of the show: user submitted. Short and sweet this week. Patrick has two tweets from Dustin K. and Ben V. H. Jacob has a niceFacebook comment from Georgia C. and Ryan has an e-mail from Lazlo complaining about accents (not ours) and asking for more politics.


Thanks for listening AND submitted such great stories for the week! While you scour the internet for more stuff to send us, why not drop by the Paleocave Blog? 


Music this week provided by:

Bleed It Out - Linkin Park

Hurricane - Something Corporate

Bankrupt On Selling - Modest Mouse

Hard to Find - Lit

Caveman - Jimmy Eat World

Direct download: Ep_101_Science..._sort_of_-_2.0.mp3
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We did it!

00:00:00 - What are we drinking gets pushed to the front one more time as the entire former cast of the show (sans Justin) returns for the centennial episode! And everyone brought a beverage so hear what Ryan, Patrick, Charlie, Ben, Heather, Jacob and Kelly came to the anniversary show with.

00:09:35 - Game 1: Bleeping Science

Show notes are a bit different this week because we did a game show style episode instead of the normal format, and our first game was Bleeping Science. Hear the Paleopals try to guess what was said in old clips from the show with a word removed!

00:31:20 - Patrick gets back to Moe regarding that whole Stitcher thing. Bottom line? We're now on Stitcher. Enjoy!

00:33:04 - Game 2: What did Charlie think?

The second game is brought to the Paleopals by Ben when he makes them try to think like Charlie regarding old segments of Trailer Trash Talk. Were they able to get inside his mind enough to win?

00:45:53 - What would an anniversary be without sharing some memories? The Paleopals reflect on 100 episodes. There favorite topics, their favorite guests, and whatever else comes to mind. Have a memory of your own? Let us know with any of the myriad methods available to get in touch with us!

01:05:09 - In other news: Science... sort of is expanding! Ben and Kelly are itching to do their own shows, but rather than let them go they'll be staying under the group umbrella as we form a network. This is pretty huge.  We're all very excited. And we think you should be too!

01:10:36 - Game 3: Stars, man.

Patrick has combed over the iTunes reviews and reads a single sentence to the other Paleopals. Their job? Guess what star-rating the reviewer left!

01:26:26 - And finally, we end the show with a single PaleoPOW from Babbletrish wherein she sends us the awesome artwork you see above and at the Brachiolope Gallery. Then we decide to give away some prizes on the Facebook and Twitter pages as won by Sarah B., Edward A. and Dayna D. respectively. And finally a super secret tie-breaking game brought to us by Patrick. Thanks for listening all this time. You guys are the best, especially the ones who read to the bottom of the show notes. You know who you are!


We have a blog. It may soon even have an answer key for this episode. So check early and check often at!


Music for this week's show:

Happy Birthday - Wynton Marsalis Septet

Just 2 Guyz - Incredibad

What'd I Say - Ray Charles

On the Radio - Regina Spektor

Charlie Brown Theme Song - Charles Mingus

Mic Like a Memory - Cunninlynguists

Let's Push Forward - The Streets

7 Stars - Apples in Stereo

Direct download: Ep_100_Science..._sortf_of_-_Game_Show.mp3
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00:00:00 - Dr. Jai Ranganathan, of the podcast Curiouser and Curiouser, joins the Paleopals to talk about his new initiative, the #SciFund Challenge, which is a radical new idea on how to fun science. The Paleopals have concerns, but Jai makes this sound just crazy enough to work. Definitely a story we'll be sticking with as it moves forward.

00:37:05 - One thing the Paleopals make sure to fund each week are some tasty drinks. Patrick gets his hands on a can of Old Chub. Charlie is unimpressed by a local IPA. Kelly steals an OK porter from the lab fridge. And Ryan man's up with a Sea Smoke Barleywine.

00:44:38 - This week Trailer Trash Talk focuses on what is best in life. Well, maybe not so much as there are mixed feelings about ConanRyan does his best to do right by friends while defending this pulp icon, but will the other Paleopals be convinced?

01:00:22 - Neoteny is a funny thing, and one of Ryan and Patrick's favorite subjects in biology. The critter in question is the above pictured axolotl, which serves as a prime example of the concept but will grow up with nothing more than a bit of iodine. Something science has known for nearly 100 years.

01:18:03 - PaleoPOWs are in many ways neotenous. They could grow up, by why bother? Ryan gets some botanical taxonomic corrections from Chris H. as well as abit of Special Edition love from Lisa V. S.  Patrick gets positive with a bit of cash from Doug S. Thanks, Doug! Kelly gets a complimentary call from Colleen out of Michigan. And finally Charlie has some support from Julien on the Facebook page as the Paleopals push for 1,000 fans before next week.


Thanks for listening! Experience even more from the Paleopals at the Paleocave Blog!


Music for this week's show:

A Dollar And A Dream - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

It's Getting Boring By The Sea - Blood Read Shoes

Blood, Sex and Booze - Green Day

When You Were Young - The Killers

Direct download: Ep_99_Science..._sort_of_-_Growing_up_Science.mp3
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00:00:00 - Newly minted Dr. Brandon Murphy PhD joins the Paleopals to tell them all about the PETM and life on a boat. Turns out it's not like the popular music video would have you believe. It's much more like running to the sea floor and back while barely rocking at all.

00:24:14 - Per usual, drinks are consumed. Patrick steels himself for a Chardonnay, Charlie stands by with a Widmer Hefeweizen, Brandon kicks it with an agreed upon favorite, and Ryan records with a awkwardly named Vas Deferens Ale in hand.

00:32:16 - Patrick gets his stats nerd on with this week's Trailer Trash Talk subject Moneyball. He really cares more about the math than the sport and writes a blog post demonstrating just that.

00:43:51 - The US narrowly avoiding slamming into it's own self-imposed debt ceiling, and the Paleopals plus Brandon talk about what that means for science funding (which is what makes being a scientist a job rather than a hobby).

01:03:57- PaleoPOWs are always sort of a compromise between honesty and ego, and this week is no different. Charlie has an e-mail from Kim with a pressing and chaotic question. Patrick takes the crew to task with a 2-star iTunes review from poikkeus but Ryan has the antidote with some love from LP who is starting her ownScience... sort of inspired History podcast. Woot!

Thanks for listening! Our blog, now with new content from Patrick, can be found at

Music this week provided by:

Long Hot Summer Night - Jimi Hendrix

Bottle of Blues - Beck

Take Me Out to the Ballgame - Billy Murray & Haydn Quartet

Money (That's What I Want) - Barrett Strong

Direct download: Ep_98_Science..._sort_of_-Climate_and_Compromise.mp3
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00:00:00 - The Paleopals are pleased to be joined by Dr. Nicholas Pyenson to talk about his research into Gray Whales, possibly the dirtiest of the baleen whales. He thinks the Grey Whale might have been more adaptable than previously thought, which has implications for the future, which is the most epic type of paleontology one can do.

  • Be sure to visit the Smithsonian Institution, where Dr. Pyenson is a curator for fossil mammals, and see this stuff in the bone-y flesh!

00:42:28 - While some whales gulp dirt the paleopals sup liquids. And what liquids they are! Charlie indulges in the summertime treat of a Seattle Margarita! Patrick keeps things nautical and keeps everyone happy with a Scrimshaw from North Coast. And Ryan tries to beat the heat with a Red Brick 16th Anniversary Ale aged in "bourbon" barrels.

00:46:09 - Fortunately a bit of ethanol can keep the germs at bay because this one Trailer Trash Talk the Paleopals are at risk of a serious Contagion.

00:56: 18 - Some statisticians have gone and pulled the rug out from under the alien hunters at SETI. Can the Drake equation pass muster? Should we keep looking for aliens? How long until Ryan and Charlie get philosophical? All important questions that will be answered... sort of.

01:08:06 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like whales. They've been hunted nearly to the point of extinction, and may never fully recover. Patrick has an e-mail from Moe about his adventures being a science cabby and a call to arms for the show to join Stitcher (which we're still working on, but stay tuned). Charlie has some commentary from this very website concerning experiences with corn based ethanol, the health and the fuel. And Ryan has an e-mail from  Josh in Montana who's studying geology, presumably to reconnect with his mountain home of West Virginia. Ryan empathizes.


Thanks for listening! Go see the random etching on our cave-wall based blog: The Paleocave!


Music for this week's show:

Shades of Gray - Robert Earl Keen

Little White Lies  - Deer Tick

Virus Human - The Ponys

Radio, Radio - Elvis Costello

Direct download: Ep_97_Science..._sort_of_-_Finding_Flukes.mp3
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It's a special edition show! These rare treats come about every now and again when an unusual opportunity to record arrives. This incident occurred during the PaleoPosse meetup at The Midnight in Gainesville, Florida on Friday May 13th, 2011. It includes a few familiar voices as well as a few new ones.

Extra special guest is Jason Burchfield, PaleoPosse member and fellow podcaster on the Oklahoma Atheists Godcast.

No real time-stamps for this mess. I know we at least mention superconductors in alcohol (as explained by ben while sober in Episode 48) and some study strategies to help you ace that upcoming test!

Thanks for listening and come back Monday for a more regular episode!

Direct download: Special_Edition_3_Science..._sort_of_-_Midnight_in_Florida.mp3
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00:00:00 - The Paleopals have returned to America and they've brought a show with them! The first topic on the chopping block is the US Senate putting corn-based ethanol on the chopping block. Some of you might know it as maize, others as a solution to oil, but the Paleopals try to set the record straight.

00:18:53 - Speaking of ethanol, the Paleopals are each consuming some. Charlie, having returned from France, is having some vermouth on the rocks as an apertif, whatever that is. Patrick has no treats from Alaska, but he's slogging through a Sommersault from New Belgium. And Ryan both has and explains his Mezcal Reposado con Gusano straight out of Mexico!

00:27:09 - It wasn't out when we recorded so Captain America, the latest in the string of summer comic book movies, takes center stage for Trailer Trash Talk. Will the Paleopals support their homeboy hero? Or will taste overcome patriotism?

00:41:44 - Charlie has gotten all excited about bacteria that claim to have things in common with Batman. Ryan tries to explain the science behind it. And then things get a bit philosophical before moving on to...

00:56:30 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like ethanol, humans smell them better than dogs. Patrick is excited for some Australia hair from Beck and plugs his project one last time. Charlie has a comment from Steve left at the Brachiolope gallery asking about mammal coloration. And Ryan was e-mailed an explanation for Jeff Sykes' behavior when he was a guest on the Conspiracy Skeptic!


Thanks for listening! The blog has more than just the Paleopals, it has guests too! Find it at the


Music for this week's show:

The Engine Driver - The Decemberists

Señorita - Los Lonely Boys

America - Fozzie Bear (Available on Vinyl!)

Hangingaround - Counting Crows

Direct download: Ep_96_Science..._sort_of_-_Hanging_on_by_a_Thread.mp3
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00:00:00 - Daniel H. Wilson joins the Paleopals to talk about the science of robots and the sort of novels. Namely his new one, the highly enjoyable Robopocalypse!

  • Be sure to check out the rest of Wilson's literary catalog (including some very practical survival books) at his Amazon page.
  • Keep an eye on thePaleocave Blogf or Ryan's review!

00:52:51 - How can you prove you're not a robot? Ingest some alcohol and hope Futurama has been wrong all these years. Ben eschews that test (very suspicious) in favor of some foreign Philippine nectar that we're waiting on authenticity confirmation from Pang. Ryan, after talking horrors of the future, sips on a Monster Ale from the past (2007) in the form of a Barleywine from the Brooklyn Brewery. And Jacob heads north with a Latitude 48 IPA from Samuel Adams, which is an IPA for everyone to enjoy!

00:58:34 - While you may have been underwhelmed in the theaters the second trailer for Real Steel with Hugh Jackman et al. looks far more promising, at least that's what the Paleopals say in this week's Trailer Trash Talk!

01:08:14- PaloePOWs are a lot like robots, they have no regards for our feelings. This week Ben brings us a kanji iTunes review from Japan, Ryan has an e-mail from Seth E. about the joys of the Cincinnati-based culinary treat: Skyline Chili, and Jacob has a voicemail from Cameron of Minnesota asking our thoughts on the technological Singularity.


Thanks for listening! Our blog promises to spare you in the event of the Singularity, so thank it by visiting the Paleocave!


Music for this week's show:

Robots - Flight of the Conchords

(I know I used this song before in Episode 67 but that was the live version so this still counts.)

We Could Be The Same - MaNga

Brooklyn Blurs - The Paper Raincoat

Mr. Roboto - Styx

Direct download: Ep_95_Science..._sort_of_-_Robots_could_be_people_too.mp3
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00:00:00 – Julia Saltz rejoins Paleopals Ryan, Kelly and Jacob after her enthralling debut in Ep 87 to talk more about her own research and less about messy Hox genes. Her paper on social effects of aggression drive in male fruit flies pushes it way to the front of the discussion.

00:25:40 - Social situations are often distorted by alcohol, and while the Paleopals are of age and choose to imbibe, they hope it doesn't distort the discussions. Our guest Julia is cooling down with some white wine, while Jacob cools down with an In Heat Wheat. Kelly is prepping her tongue for SDCC with a Green Flash Double Stout Black Ale and Ryan is enjoying some rum that was made long before he could even consider drinking it.

00:34:01 –Jacob hijacks Trailer Trash Talk this week to talk about a video game! This week its Uncharted 3 but this all still ties into the theme because the Supreme Court just ruled that videos games are protected speech. The question then becomes: did they use sound science to draw their conclusion?

01:07:34 – Our second topic of the week is still Julia and how interesting her work is. This time, we're discussing a paper on genetic variation in social environmental choice using... that's right! Fruit flies.

01:28:16 – PalePOWs are like Kelly, they get some people very excited. Speaking of, Kelly has an e-mail from Jordan, a Mormon who is upset about alternative medicine (which somehow got us talking about Miss USA and evolution). Ryan then fumbles his was through an Aussie iTunes review from Wednesday D. and lastly Jacob has an e-mail from Brad providing some followup on human echolocation in the form of Ben, an amazing young man who was able to "see" the world just by clicking his mouth.


Thanks for listening! Check out our blog: The Paleocave!


(Punk) Music this week provided by:

The Story of My Life – Social Distortion

Cool Under Heat – The Clash

Violence – blink-182

Reach for the Sky – Social Distortion

Direct download: Ep_94_Science..._sort_of_-_Social_Distortion.mp3
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00:00:00 - This week Paleopals Ryan, Kelly and Ben are joined by a special guest Beverly Walker! She's come to us straight from Antarctica. Bev was down there last "summer" to do research but before we dive into the water and the science the Paleopals want to know just what life near the South Pole is really like, and Bev is happy to fill them (and YOU) in on the details!

00:19:21 - Thoughts of the cold and dry lead one to the warming and the wet. Kelly stays on the lighter side of dark with a beer not recommended by previous guest of the show Charles Bamforth. Ben has a weird chunky aloe-vera and honey concoction, and the less said about that the better. Whereas Bev has been given a summer beer which Ryan had previously and Ryan keeps things frosty with a winter Rye IPA from Saranac.

00:24:33 - Kelly introduces this weeks Trailer Trash Talk: 50/50 but doesn't have much positive to say. And the movie could very well be a downer, but it's too soon to tell. What say you noble, Paleoposse?

00:38:14 - Finally we find out what exactly Bev was doing in the deep deep south. And it was exploring the taphonomy ofophiuroids! (Don't worry, she explains what all that means.) So while her divers were making holes in the ice, and fighting off sea lions, Bev was solving the mysteries of the cold dark deep.

01:02:29 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like Antarctica, they've both had Bev on them once. And obviously Bev has no PaleoPOW other than her own opinion having just been on the show, which she enjoyed. Ben has an e-mail from Eirik about proper octopus plurals from way back in episode 17. 8 times the pendantry! Kelly has a truly awful iTunes review. And Ryan has an update from Steve on the Shackleton whisky expedition first reported on in the early days of episode 13. Since we still haven't gotten any we'll just have to send Bev off to get it for us!


Thanks for listening! Kelly has been (literally) parasitizing the blog all week so be sure to check it out at the Paleocave!


Music provided by:

Terra Nullius - DJ Spooky aka Paul D. Miller

who has also created the Terra Nova: Sinfonia Antarctica based on field recordings from his time on the Antarctic continent which compliments his new book, The Book of Ice (get it on Amazon), with a mixture of essays, musics, photographs, interviews, architectural plans and even propaganda. I've had a chance to check out the book and it's really cool, I'll be posting a full review on the Paleocave soon!

00:00:00 - The show begins with possibly the best cold open ever and then descends into discussion of quantum computing as D-Wave Systems released the first commercially available quantum computer EVER! Its a big deal if you know what quantum computing is, so the Paleopals do their best to distinguish a qubit from a double slit.

00:26:06 - Charlie feels imperial from the lager side of things, and betrays and old favorite.  Patrick is reminded of his early days as a craft beer drinker. Ben has a juice with enough calories to make him second guess his selection. And Ryan has a beer from California that everyone agrees upon, which if you listen to the show you know is a rare thing!

00:32:44 - Trailer Trash Talk tackles Rom-Com for the first time and is left feeling Green with Envy. This one gets a bit silly, ben even does voices.

00:44:25 - Bigfoot "researchers" go into the woods and come out with "evidence." The remaining question is: Bigfoot or bear? The Paleopals have way too much fun (including the poking variety) with an old cryptozoological favorite. Just remember folks, we all want bigfoot to exist, and that's why we don't accept crappy evidence.

00:57:35 - PaleoPOWs are like bigfoot, there are lots of sightings but most are seen while the witnesses are drunk. Patrick checks in our coffers which have expanded thanks to the efforts of Schlomo D., Robert M., and especially Chris V. Thanks, guys! You're literally making it all possible. Charlie takes us over to the Brachiolope Gallery (seriously, folks, go check it out) to showcase three new contribution from Manuel,  Brendan M. and Kyle "The Centaur" H. Ben relates the harrowing, yet subconscious, tale of Joe Ameen, who told us his story in the comments of Episode 90. And finally, Ryan reads an e-mail from Randy H. concerning the beers promoting on the show, and Ryan has a solution in the form of a blog post concerning Untappd.

Thanks for listening! Our blog is accreting like a glacier, go feel the chill at!

Music for this week's show:

Threshold (8 Bit) - Brian LeBarton

Summersong - The Decemberists

The Muppet Show Opening Theme - Kermit, Henson, et al.

Hey, wanna throw up? - Minus the Bear

Direct download: Ep_92_Science..._sort_of_-_A_Quantum_of_Science.mp3
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00:00:00 - Ben starts off the show with the horrifying news that spiders literally cannot be killed. Not even by drowning. Be afraid, but very afraid. Or be a biologist, like Ryan, who has no fear, only awe.

00:13:00 - Without time to prepare Ben is left looking for spiders in a glass of water, Kelly kicks back a Shakespeare stout and and Ryan keeps it beneath the drink with an emphasis on the cryptozoologic.

00:19:39 - After the immortality of spiders the Paleopals consider the implausibility of magic (which may or may not have mass) in the trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

00:29:02 - Ryan survived the summer of the 13-year cicada invasion and decides that it's high time the Paleopals discuss the little loud critters and how they evolved their long-form lifestyles. Enjoy the singing!

00:54:23 - PalePOWs are like cicadas, they're always prime.  Kelly has an e-mail from Jesse (not Ryan's friend)  who is happy to have found her via SMBC. Ben has an e-mail from Doug which asks a question about black hole vs. white holes and Ben has the answer! Finally, Ryan has a Czech e-mail from Michal that he has a hard time pronouncing, much to his dismay and everyone else's chagrin.

Thanks for listening! You can find Michal's Czech review and pronunciation guide on the Paleocave Blog!

Music from this week's show:

Bubbles - Ian Brown

Great Lakes Avengers - Kirby Krackle

Magic [feat. Rivers Cuomo] - B.o.B.

The Cicada's Song - Autopilot Off

Direct download: Ep_91_Science..._sort_of_A_Bugs_Life.mp3
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00:00:00 - Kevin "The Numero" Uno joins the Paleopals to discuss his new paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences all about "Nutcracker Man" not doing what his name would imply.

00:19:42 - What are we drinking? Kevin paradoxically says that i's the water (not the grains), Charlie ponders new bottle shapes for and older brewery, Patrick experiments with pale ales and Ryan has a  Hibiki Birthday drink on the rocks thanks to a few fine ladies.

00:26:17 - Trailer Trash Talk gets historical this week as the Paleopals plus Kevin discuss the trailer for the upcoming documentary Project Nim, which tells the story of ape raising experimentation in the 70's. Yes, it's as messed up as it sounds.

00:38:58 - More science coming from hominid tooth isotopes as a new study from Nature suggests that Cavemen stayed put while Cavewomen searched for greener pastures. Kevin sticks around to help explain.

00:50:56 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like cavemen, rare and poorly understood. This week Charlie has some 5-star iTunes criticism from retroflatus. Patrick explains thenew way you can donate suggested by Brendan and endorsed (via participation) by Buddy. Thanks boys! And finally, Ryan has a Fayetteville-based venue suggestion from former native Sean P.

Thanks for listening. Our blog =

Find more of Ryan on the iFanboy Special Edition Podcast - Green Lantern: Emerald Knights as well as the iFanboy Pick of the Week Podcast #288!

Music for this week's show:

Sweet Tooth - Dave Rawlings Machine

Drink the Water - Jack Johnson

Very Ape - Nirvana

To Live & Die in L.A. - 2pac

Direct download: Ep_90_Science..._sort_of_-_Our_Oldest_Paleopals.mp3
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00:00:00 - Whats the best way to look inside a mouse? Finely-tuned laser-excitable nanotubes of course! Ben has more in the way of explanations, but Ryan brings the analogies.

00:16:15 - Ben also has something weird to drink but he recommended it to all. Ben also brings his PaleoPOW to bear early with a voicemail from Anthony in AUS concerning som Vostok Space Beer. Charlie is calling back to an oldie but a goodie. And Ryan has a beer themed to go with our transition into...

00:25:19 -Trailer Trash Talk which is renewing it's lease in the show by reexplaining it's origins and purpose. Then we talk about Transformers: Dark of the Moon and why this trailer gets the science wrong within the first frames.

00:36:00 - Humans evolved eyes and the neurons to go with them, but sometimes people have eyes that don't work. A new study shows that clicking your way around the world actually involves processing in the visual cortex, therefor Batman just became that much more plausible.

00:52:37 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like transformers, they're hard to coordinate and you remember them as being better than they actually are. First off we say thanks to all those in the armed forces. And a special thanks to James H. who left some kind words on the Facebook Page. NOTE: We recorded this close to Memorial Day even if came out a week late. Next, it turns out we've been reviewed by Podcast Squared, who said mostly good things but also had some criticisms worth discussing. Self reflection is always riveting stuff!

Thanks for listening! Our blog exists and can be found at

Music for this week's show:

Pictures to Prove It - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Clever Creatures - The Cave Singers

Barksdale Corners - Shabazz Palaces

I Heard You - Good Charlotte

Direct download: Ep_89_Science..._sort_of_-_Laser_Mice_and_Bat_Men.mp3
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00:00:00 - The show begins with the Paleopals discussing a story that sounds too good to be true. Namely that the interaction of river and sea can be used as a safe, nonpolluting form of power, but can the work be understood? Therein lies the rub.

00:23:06 - Jacob is teetotaling while in training, Ryan takes it back to the Olde Country, which is apparently quite wordy, but Charlie keeps is simple and South of the border.

00:30:26 - It's like starting all over again (at least back to High School) as the Paleopals discuss the trailer for the new film Beginners(staring sexy Ewan McGregor).

00:39:20 - After Fukushima, which we discussed in detail in Episode 84 with Brian Dunning, as well as the release of the new Marvel studiosmovie Thor, which Ryan wrote a piece about for, people are looking again at the element Thorium as a new source for nuclear power. The real mystery is why we haven't been using this stuff for years.

00:56:49 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like energy, you never have as much as you think. Ryan starts it off with a beer reccomendation paired with adulation from Tobin S. Always appreciated. Charlie has some bitter commentary fromDustin K. via Episode 86. And finally Jacob has an e-mail from Jenny sent to him by Ryan so he could get us talking about Thorium (see above) and inadvertent philosophy of science by way of microbiology.

Thanks for listening! Our blog can be found at

Music for this week's show:

James River Blues - Old Crow Medicine Show

Training - Shadowgrounds Surivor OST (From the Humble Bundle)

Where Do I Begin - The Chemical Brothers

Power Supply - Anamanaguchi

Direct download: Ep_88_Science..._sort_of_-_More_Energy_More_Problems.mp3
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00:00:00 - Julia Saltz joins the Paleopals Ryan, Patrick, Charlie and Kelly to finally figure out this genetics nonsense. The first part of the conversation focuses, as much as the show ever focuses, on Hox genes. Listen to find out why they're considered the dinosaurs of genetics.

00:24:17 - Rotten fruit isn't all bad. Sometimes Patrick drinks it, even if he admits that it sucks at first. Charlie has an Imperial IPA he wouldn't hesitate to hand to Patrick, which is saying something. Kelly keeps it practical and working class. And Ryan, per usual, keeps it weird, but with the help of Jesse Grove (who just finished his first year of law school, congrats!).

00:29:41 - Being chosen is a wonderful thing. Just ask Hal Jordan. Or ask the Paleopals what they thought of his trailer since they've chosen Green Lantern for this week's Trailer Trash Talk!

00:42:00 - Julia reappears to talk with us about how Fruit Flies fly, which is apparently like swimming. It's a confusing hodgepodge of genetics, mechanics, physics and evolution. You'd think the Paleopals would have had something intelligent to say. Maybe they did. I can't remember. It's late.

00:55:55 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like Hox genes, no one is quite sure where they came from and they're constantly mutating into different things. Kelly brings us a comment from the website about her potential travels to Norway. Charlie reads an iTunes review from SicSemperTryannosaurus (who may or may not be a dinosaur) whose review involves unicorns for some reason. Ryan reads an e-mail sent by Kate from CO about animal welfare in a lab setting based upon our talk of threats to researcher in Episode 77. She suggests the website for the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International for those who want to learn more. And Patrick goes international with a Facebook comment from Manuel in Mexico.

Thanks for listening! We maintain a blog. You can see if that's true at

Music for this week's show:

Gene by Gene - Blur

The Fruit That Ate Itself - Modest Mouse

Sink or Swim - Deer Tick

A Certain Shade of Green - Incubus

Direct download: Ep_87_Science..._sort_of_-_Hox_Stock_and_Two_Smoking_Barrels.mp3
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00:00:00 - Crocodiles confuse even the best of biologists. Morphology, genetics and taxonomy collide as the Paleopals start the Gainesville show off with the wrong kind of reptile when discussing a new story of crocodile distribution and evolution.

00:14:42 - Patrick got something special for this. Cork special. Charlie continues his IPA tour as a trend continues to develop. And Ryan goes from humid to humidor with a cedar-aged IPA from Cigar City Brewing in FL.

00:21:24 - Trailer Trash Talk is going back to basics with a franchise maybe past its prime as the Paleopals discuss X-Men: First Class.

00:32:57 - Charlie makes the Paleopals read a whole chapter from a book about the evolution of being wasteful with energy. The merits of the specific arguments, evolutionary psychology as a field in general, and some specifics on personal energy consumption and mitigation are pontificated passionately. Step back folks, this one gets hot.

00:57:27 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like alligators, they strike when least expected. This week Patrick reads a lengthy but glowing iTunes review from Genetic Tom. Charlie has an erudite voicemail from Sam on the state of even the best schools failings with regards to creationism. And Ryan has an e-mail from Lisa involving many points plus a bonus instant update on t-shirt shipment status.

Thanks for listening. There is a blog. You can find it at

Music for this week's show:

Green River - Creedence Clearwater Revival

Cigarettes and Alcohol - Oasis

Chan Chan -  Buena Vista Social Club

Going Down South - R. L. Burnside

Direct download: Ep_86_Science..._sort_of_-_No_Pain_No_Gainesville.mp3
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00:00:00 - This week the Paleopals are feeling Cuckoo for SCIENCE! Literally. Part of their parasitic ponderings are due to the newest Paleopal Kelly Weinersmith! Everyone say hi! Once she's properly introduced the discussion covers cuckoo basics, cuckoo benefits,cuckoo mafias, and sneaky host evolution.

00:30:24 - Kelly is exposing her mafia ties with some Payback, Ryan is feeling foolish, Patrick has a "really unique" wine and Charlie is hiding in plain site.

00:39:59 - Trailer Trash Talk goes on the prowl for myths and definitions as the Paleopals break down Troll Hunter.

00: 53:28 - The noob volunteers to go first with an iTunes review from LW whom Ryan assumes is a Munchkin. Ryan has donation and beer rec from Bec B. in Aus. Thanks, Bec! Charlie has website comments left by Stephen from NC regarding post-rock and creationism, seemingly unconnected, but life's funny like that. Be sure to check out Stephen's band The Farewell Monument. And finally Patrick has an e-mail from Ryan T. about how Idaho listeners may have been hiding from our stats.

Thanks for listening! We have a blog that's been showing signs of life called the Paleocave. Check that out if you need more.

Music for this week's show:

Cuckoo - Cass McCombs

Won't Get Fooled Again - The Who

The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill - The Beatles

Direct download: Ep_85_Science..._sort_of_-_Cuckoo_for_SCIENCE.mp3
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00:00:00 - Friend of the show and fellow podcaster Brian Dunning returns after a long absence to talk about the details of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant problems in Japan. Plus why exactly radiation is bad for us, and what the crisis in Japan means for the future of nuclear energy.

00:33:49 - Podcasting has been known to lead to dry mouth. So to keep our oral cavities moist we enjoy a beverage. And this week was a weird one as Brian enjoyed some milk, Charlie had some water, and Ben had a weird cream soda thing. Patrick had an old favorite beer, and Ryan had a wheat whiskey he was sure could stand up to Dunning's scotch snobbery.

  • Be sure to listen to Skeptoid and watch inFact or else Brian will be sad.

00:50:58 - This week Trailer Trash Talk is kind of a big hot mess as Ben derails the discussion of the trailer for the upcoming film The Big Bang.

01:04:02 - Is there anything meta-materials can't do? First they promise us invisibility, and now they're simulating the big bang just to see if time travel into the past is possible (SPOILER: It isn't, sorry.) Ben explains, Charlie translates.

01:20:48 - PaleoPOWs are alot like skepticism. Most people don't bother. Those that do bother are thanked by small groups of nerds. First up, Patrick defends Ryan from a Facebook affront by Bob, while also teaching a valuable lesson on how to leave reviews. Ryan has an e-mail and a donation from John P. in Utah that lauds the Paleopals for their take on creationism in Episode 82. Ben has a Canadian iTunes review and website comment that threatens the States should we continue to mock those under the Maple Leaf Flag.  And finally, Charlie corrals a herd of wild Brachiolopes into the gallery for the viewing pleasure of all, including one from our very own Jacob! Thanks to everyone who contributing with their sightings of that most majestic of mascots.

That's it for this week! If you want more literate, less audible, content check out the Paleocave Blog.

Music for this week's show:

Radiation - Apples in Stereo

Malted Milk - Eric Clapton

Bang Bang - Dispatch

History of Everything (Big Bang Theory Theme) -  Barenaked Ladies

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00:00:00 - Turns out Australia and Antarctica have more in common than just being giant deserts. A new study in Nature Geoscience reports that Antarctica is stealing Australia's moisture and it's all humanity's fault! C'mon Southern Hemisphere, can't you guys just all get along?

00:13:35 - This week Patrick is supping a grape fruit from New Zealand, Ryan kicks back a Fosters to then transition into a relatively palatable Harpoon Celtic Ale and Charlie requests sponsorship from his old standby, the Lagunitas IPA.

00:18:41 - Jacob jumps in mid-transition to help Ryan announce the upcoming Florida Science... sort of meetup. Details at the Paleocave blog!

00:21:27 - Trailer Trash Talks finds itself in a weird yet familiar place as the Paleopals discuss the 4th installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, On Stranger Tides.

00:30:28 - The pesky paleontologists have discovered a couple of new marsupials down in Aus. The crazy part is the convergent angle evolution between these basal mammals and some modern lizards. When you want to eat snails, you'll evolve just about anything.

00:39:20 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like Australia, most people never both to go there, and most who do get burned. Charlie has an e-mail from Jesse at NYU who informs the Paleopals about other mammals with only one set of chompers. Ryan has a donation from Chad G. who suggests a brewery Ryan has preemptively partaken of. Also, Ryan is very awkward with issues of money, let's not ask him to do this ever again, agreed? Finally, Patrick has an apologetic and follicular Brachiolope from Denis that can be seen at the appropriately named Brachiolope Gallery.

Thanks for listening. A blog exists! It's named the Paleocave Blog. Y'know, just in case.

Music for this week's show:

You Shit Me to Tears - The Tenants

You Sound Like Louis Burdett - The Whitlams

The Mariner's Revenge Song - The Decemberists

Land Down Under - Men at Work

Direct download: Ep_83_Science..._sort_of_-_Down_Under.mp3
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00:00:00 – Dr. Phil Currie, Professor of Paleontology at the University of Alberta and President of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, comes on to alert the Paleopals and more importantly the PaleoPosse about the dangers of bad legislation in Tennessee and elsewhere.

00:10:33 – As an addendum to that discussion the Paleopals talk about the fact that even though Creationism loses in the courtroom it still has a strong foothold in the classroom.

00:21:17 - Ryan has a Monster in his branded mug, Patrick whines from a usual place and Charlie seeks redemption. All to answer the simple question, "What are we drinking?"

00:25:23 – Once Patrick figures out what to watch this segment gets marvelously alliterative when Trailer Trash Talk tackles Thor! Ryan will be writing some pieces on Thor Science for Marvel in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for those links as they happen.

00:39:14 – According to a new study when you think of death you’re more likely to accept Intelligent Design (as opposed to dour Dawkins). The cure for this is finding existential meaning in science or enjoying some of the writing of Carl Sagan. None of the Paleopals are really all that shocked.

00:52:36 – PalePOWs are a lot like vampires. They can be utterly hypnotic and usually live for too long.  This week Patrick helps Susan save her marriage via a trip down Seasame Street when she asks the taxonomy of Big Bird. Charlie thanks Dennis M. of BVI for a most generous donation. Next week we’ll be recording from the Carribean with Dennis to show our gratitude. Finally, Ryan has a voicemail from Cameron of MN who just wants to say that he digs the show and found us when Ryan ran his mouth on The Nerd List.

Thanks for Listening! Sometimes we blog, and that happens at

Music for this week's show:

Tennessee Pusher – Old Crow Medicine Show

Redemption Song – Bob Marley

How You Like Me Now – The Heavy

The Thoughts That Give Me The Creeps - Hellogoodbye

Direct download: Ep_82_Science..._sort_of_-_Creating_Controversy.mp3
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00:00:00 - Your logo may say more about you than you'd like, so spring for the nicer shirt, because sometimes you just can't fight evolution as a new study shows that name brand can make the difference.


00:12:18 - What are we drinking? Charlie talks labels and a different kind of taste. Ben goes back to a brand he trusts. And Ryan tries to stick with the theme with a very convoluted connection.


00:17:41 - Trailer Trash Talk gets both high and deep as the Paleopals break down the trailer for Werner Herzog's new 3D documentary The Cave of Forgotten Dreams


00:33:08 - Science... sort of gets topical with a story about how language affects culture, politics and so much more when a video from RSA about linguistics gets the Paleopals thinking about current events in the Arab world.


00:49:52 - Paleopows are like uprisings, they show up when you least expect it and make you feel much less powerful. But this week we have a few doozies. First off, Ricky sends us a cryptic donation which helps explain last week's sign off. Then Ryan has some followup from the NCAA tournament via Sam A. And finally, Charlie has e-mail from a young whipper-snapper Doug who has been thinking long and hard about dark matter.



Thanks for listening, we have a blog, sometimes we even us it. It's called The Paleocave.



Music for this week's show:

Change Clothes - Jay-Z

A Beautiful Mine - Aceyalone & RJD2

The Cave - Mumford and Sons

That was a crazy game of poker - OAR

Direct download: Ep_81_Science..._sort_of_-_Mad_Men.mp3
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00:00:00 - Dr. Christie Rowe had a problem with an article Simon Winchester published about recent earthquakes and bogus predictions. She let him know about her problems and he wasn't exactly a gentlemen or a good journalist about her critiques. We talk to Christie about her experiences trying to bully the bully pulpit into present honest science to the public instead of fear mongering for higher hit counts.


00:34:22 - What are we drinking? Christie also sticks around to counter misconceptions about boxed wine. Patrick concurs and is feeling mighty red and cheap himself. On the other hand, Charlie and Ryan compete to see who can be more bitter. Surprisingly (or maybe not), Ryan pulls out a win.


00:39:21 - Trailer Trash Talk, doubling up as Patrick's PaleoPOW via Jeff Sykes, ventures into potential ramble territory this week as the Paleopals discuss the upcoming documentary The People vs. George Lucas.


00:53:22 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like debates, frustrating, unconvincing and ultimately futile, but boy are they fun! Charlie has a well-thought out question from Jesus S. of Oregon about terraforming Mars in a very dramatic way. Ryan has a much shorter piece of feedback by far in the form of a tweet from @Edib0y regarding an essay inspired by the show. Here's hoping he doesn't get an F!



Thanks for listening! Be sure to check out the Paleocave Blog for occasional updates from you favorite podcasters.



Music for this week's show:

This Is Why We Fight - The Decemberists

Bitter End - Dixie Chicks

Duel of the Fates - John Williams

Duel of the Fates - John Williams

Direct download: Ep_80_Science..._sort_of_-_Strength_in_Numbers.mp3
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00:00:00 - The show starts this week with a hardy helping of pterosaur ptime when the Paleopals sit down to discuss past errors with David Hone and Ross Eglin. Be sure to scope out all the other projects they're involved in at: pterosaur.netArchosaur Musings and Ask A Biologist.

00:37:29 – In which potent potables are consumed.


00:42:50 – It's a trip down found footage lane when the Paleopals set their sights skyward with a mission for fear in the new trailer for Apollo 18.

00:59:46 – Ben Goldacre, author of the book Bad Science, had some things to say on hissecondary blog about the idea that science journalists should have science degrees. The Paleopals discuss with a bit of added insight from friend of the show Marissa!


01:14:28 – PaleoPOWs are like trivia, plural and interesting. This week Patrick delights that he has some actual snail mail, Charlie laments the state of our iTunes rating while praising Laura W. for saying something nice and Ryan has a rocking e-mail from Cori L.



Thanks for listening, if you need even more of the Paleopals in your life head over to the Paleocave Blog!



Music from this week's show:

Wrong Thing Right Then – Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Do Wrong Right – The Devil Makes Three

Moons and Horror Shoes – The Zutons

Hard to Explain – The Strokes

Direct download: Ep_79_Science..._sort_of_-_To_Err_Is_Human.mp3
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00:00:00 – Ben takes a moment to ask the Paleoposse to consider helping the people of Japan recover from recent catastrophe. If you'd like to donate we've provided some links:


00:00:40 - Ben also tells us the scientific cautionary tale of LIGO, which has something to do with lasers and gravity waves. Straight out of sci-fi and into a mysterious envelope that holds the key to potential publication!


00:19:01 – What are we drinking? Charlie has trouble with a top. Ben has a brew from south of the border and south of the ground (i.e. made from a root). Ryan supports the Japanese brewery Kiuchi, which even though hit hard by the tsunami has stopped brewing but started bottling water for people displaced from their homes.


00:27:44 – Trailer Trash Talk is a 15-year-old boy's fever dream as the Paleopals discuss Zak Snyder's latest offering: Sucker Punch!


00:39:31 – Economics and alcohol combine in the world of bubbles and brewing. A team hired by Diageo (owners of Guinness) find that it's not the scratches in the glass but the particles in the potion that give you the froth you crave.


00:53:36 – PaleoPOWs are a lot like the Irish. Hard to understand and easily burned. The Paleopals start with their favorite kind of feedback: a donation from Wayne B. in Brooklyn. Thanks, Wayne! Next up is a voicemail from Mike (also from Brooklyn) asking ben for some follow up on zombies based on Episode 66, but only after lavishing praise on Ryan for his Marvel Science of Iron Man articles of last year. Finally, Ryan reads an e-mail from Seth about how we are literally saving his life and lungs as he braves LA traffic. You're welcome!



Need more life saving tips? Try our blog at

Also don't forget to check out Ryan's debut on the iFanboy Pick of the Week podcast which came out this very Sunday. Enjoy!


Music from this week's show:

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00:00:00 – Ryan is riding shotgun with Justin Wood from New Orleans, Louisiana this week but Patrick and Charlie are in their usual places and are more than ready to talk about the dangers of biology research, mainly in the form of violent opposition to experimentation.


00:20:29 – What are we drinking? Charlie has gone coconuts while Patrick returns to a seasonal favorite. Justin and Ryan enjoy a charitable pilsner from Abita which is trying to help fisherman recover from the BP oil spill. You can learn more or help too by clicking here.


00:24:28 – Trailer Trash Talk this week is dedicated to justice, awkwardness and increasing Kevin Bacon's degree-ed-ness as the Paleopals break down Super.


00:34:10 – Pterosaurs had wings, but since skin doesn't usually preserve in the fossil record we don't know what those wings looked like.  A new paper breaks down the options and the Paleopals break that down further still. Here's a diagram from the paper that might aid in your understanding.


00:39:09 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like Mardis Gras, they're fun but hard to remember. Sam A. wants to know about mirror molecules, hopefully he didn't want quantum. Deep S. from Brazil has an Alaskan explanation. And finally Dana (sp?) wonders why no one cares about the elephant ethics of impregnation with mammoths. Patrick wants to know why nobody is trying to clone mastodons.


Music for this week's show:

Bullet with Butterfly Wings - Smashing Pumpkins

Coconut Skins - Damien Rice

Holding Out for a Hero - Bonnie Tyler

I’ll Fly Away - Gillian Welch

Direct download: Ep_77_Science..._sort_of_-_Terrorism_and_Pterosaurs.mp3
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00:00:00 – Fungus and ants have a complex relationship, sometimes the ants are farming the fungus, other times the fungi are infecting the ants in the brain and reprogramming their behavior for their own nefarious needs. Tit for tat, right? The Paleopals bring on Kelly Weinersmith to talk cordyceps and other parasitic "pests" in our great weird world.


00:30:43 – After the horrors of infestation we all could use a good drink. Jacob tries to impress, Patrick has a present from the wife and Ryan talks about his own infected beer much to Patrick's envy.


00:38:39 - You know things are bad when LA is your only hope, but that's the situation in this week's Trailer Trash Talk where the guys are chatting Battle: Los Angeles

  • For those who are curious Brian Dunning did an episode of Skeptoid about the Battle of Los Angeles which is well worth your time once you're done with all the back episodes of Science... sort of.
  • Ryan, on the other hand, compares this movie to some comic he read called Irredeemable, where the Superman-esque character decides to take us out, and we all lose.


00:53:47 – The guys think because they're scientists they can figure out how a movie will do at the box office, their HSX league seems to show that not to be the case. However, there are a group of people who claim they can do just that given only scripts. Skepticism abounds.


01:18:53 – PaleoPOWs are a lot like the weather; hard to predict in advance. Jacob reads an iTunes review from Dr. RickLoftus (maybe one word?) which seems to be a prescription for enjoyment. Patrick brings us a missive from Guy D. who has created some really cool broken art of a Brachiolope vs. a Ninja on his Facebook page, if you want to see it you can try being friends with The Guy but there's always the Brachiolope Gallery or on his website Inside the Atheist Studio. Thanks, Guy! And finally Ryan reads a poem from Chris which you can either listen to or read yourself on the Paleocave blog!  


Music for this week's show:

Direct download: Ep_76_Science..._sort_of_-_Alien_Ant_Farm.mp3
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00:00:00 – According to a new article in The Economist, people used to think alchemy was awesome. Than chymists came along and acted all high and mighty with their beakers and their goggles! But were the alchemists really so wrong? A parable about the progress of science. (Just don't start think there's anything to homeopathy, ok? Literally sugar pills and water, people.)


00:19:32 – What are we drinking? Well even though it's the morning the Paleopals are packing heat (it's not really morning, we all have real jobs, y'know?). Patrick warms up with a pint of the black stuff. Charlie says some words in French. And Ryan reaches into the Dank Tank.


00:24:09 – Trailer Trash Talk this week deals with human enhancement, mental misinterpretations and wondering if anyone can ever achieve the level of functioning of Bradley Cooper all by discussing the trailer for Limitless


00:38:36 – In this week's installment of "Science Story-time" Patrick tells the tale of the evolvingpine cone in it's quest to hurt the throats of hungry hungry dinosaurs. This naturally leads to a discussion of other ecological ghosts in which Ryan promotes coprophagia and Charlie goes BANANAS!  Speaking of which, Charlie made some errors in his banana talk and sent in this correction:


I totally confused my words last night. The 'better' banana that is no longer mass produced due to blight is the Gros Michel not the Baba Ganoush. Baba Ganoush is eggplant hummus. WTF was I thinking. The Gros Michel's nicknames were Big Mike or Big Papa and Baba is kinda like baby talk for banana. But damn. Sorry for sounding stupid.



00:51:16 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like raindrops; they're shaped differently than most people think. Patrick tells us about the generosity of Wendy M. from Colorado, who chose to donate to the show! No joke, her contribution is literally keeping the lights on for this tiny podcast. We adore our donors. Charlie fields a voicemail from Tom in North Carolina (apparently it's the peak of good living?) about detected others places for good living using the peaks and troughs of stellar output. And lastly, Ryan reads an e-mail from Betsy about being annoyed at the media for shoddy science.


Thanks for listening! Check out the blog for more: Paleocave Blog. And make sure you don't buy the Sketpoid book. Can't stress that enough.


Ryan also did podcast with Jon & Shawn from the Nerd List (debating Spider-Man vs. Batman) and a Special Edition iFanboy show about the new DC animated feature All Star Superman. Enjoy!



Music in this week's show:

Gold To Me – Ben Harper

Push it to the Limit (Scarface) – Paul Engemann

Poison Tree – The Devil Makes Thre


Direct download: Ep_75_Science..._sort_of_-_Better_living_through_Chemistry.mp3
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00:00:00 – This week on the show: The Paleopals featuring the Yeti! Sounds like a good band, right? A band of knuckleheads!


00:01:40 – Turns out some animals are stealing the limelight, literally. An oriental wasp is found to be solar charging it's yellowed-butt and a slug is eating, incorporating and reproducing stolen photosynthetic genes!


00:22:01 – What are you drinking? Taking a back seat to science but never a backseat to flavor. The Paleopals have nothing too surprising save Patrick who rolls in a PaleoPOW from Craig L. that is definitely NOT spam but can definitely be seen in the new gallery Art... sort of!

00:27:36 – Trailer Trash Talk this week is the story of something you might actually find on a trailer or in a trash heap... a tire! A tire named Robert, who has some issues with humanity in the new horror/comedy Rubber. (which was actually suggested by listener Jeff Sykes!)


00:39:09 – Eusociality is a tricky thing, so we waited for Justin to come back on and explain it to us. This new controversial paper in Nature uses math, and that's even trickier. Can't we all just agree not to breed and get along?!


00:57:35 – One group that definitely knows a thing or two about being social is the Paleoposse and this week is no exception as the Paleopals wade through the Feedback Stack! Justin has questions from Pang about self-serving science promotion. Charlie sifts out the art from the words and updates the guys on the latests offerings to the Brachiolope Gallery from SonyaB, who brings the love, Eli, who has his eye on the sky, and Adam who knows how to put a pencil to paper. Thanks guys! Finally, Ryan has an e-mail from Catherine who's upset about a kids book promoting Creationism by co-opting the awesomeness of dinosaurs. The guys discuss the vexing conundrum of science vs. nonsense.

Want more? Need more? Just looking to click something? Try the Paleocave Blog!

Music for this week's show:

The Circle of Life - Elton John

Sunshine - Ray Charles

Wheel of Misfortune - Dropkick Murphys

Queen Bee - Freakwater


Direct download: Ep_74_Science..._sort_of_-_Return_of_the_Lion_King.mp3
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00:00:00 – This week the Paleopals skip the usual intro because they're just so excited to talk to author Dr. Sheril Kirshenbaum author of The Science of Kissing!


00:52: 29 – In keeping with the oral fixation the guys let Sheril off the line then talk about getting a "kiss from sweet lady hop." That Charlie really is such a poet. Also Ben seems to have some issues with how beer is produced.


00:58:18 – This week Trailer Trash Talk is going on a field trip for the very first time with Ed Helms and John C. Reily in the new Sundance comedy movie Cedar Rapids!


01:08:31 - PaleoPOW is a time to reflect, and this week the Paleopals might as well be surrounded by mirrors.

  • Charlie et al. are taken to task by[blank]  for panning the trailer for The Last Mountain in Episode 70. Charlie explains our position in depth and refers listeners to Episode 51 where we break down the problems facing alternative energy development.
  • Ben helps budding young scientist Cam nail down the specs for his experimental hot fusion reactor, which he only learned about through Ryan's articles for Marvel. If Santa Cruz is a crater next week you'll all know who to blame.
  • Ryan and the guys geek out over a crocheted baby Brachiolope made and photographed by superfan Sarah. Go check it out yourself in the Brachiolope Gallery! She's asking for a name so they all throw out their ideas. Winner gets the prize! 
  • And finally, Kate wants to know why we don't have more women on the show. Patrick deals with her concerns with his typical well-reasoned and thoughtful style.



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Music on this week's show:

The Denial Twist – The White Stripes

Kiss you all over – Exile

Kiss the Bottle – Lucero

Rock and Roll All Nite – K.I.S.S.


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00:00:00 – This week the Paleopals start the episode off with a bang. Whales are doing it beneath the waves, and doing so in a way that may surprise the monogamous among us. (DISCLAIMER: This story acknowledges the existence of sex and the linked story has the pictures to prove it!)


00:13:01 – The "What are we drinking?" sequence takes back seat to the sex lives of whales, but don’t worry, it’s still there and still delicious. Patrick whines... about foil; while Charlie and Ryan sync their taste buds Kentucky style.


00:16:35 – If you want to guarantee a spot on Trailer Trash Talk, make a werewolf movie. Patrick cannot resist them; it is his own distinct curse. As such, the guys are talking Red Riding Hood; an updated Twilight-esque take on the centuries old fairy tale of debated initial gruesomeness.


00:26:59 – Borneo is a wealth of weird biological stuff we’re just now figuring out. This week the Paleopals present a tale of a new mutualism wherein bats and pitcher plants finally get along after fighting over insects for generations. The cost of a cozy new vegetal apartment? Nothing more than the gift of a nitrogenous guano deposit.


00:39:57 – PaleoPOW is where we give the love back. No exceptions this week.

  • Patrick has follicle follow-up with special thanks to former guests Kelly Weinersmith (, Zach Weiner (SMBC) and Ryan North(Dinosaur Comics) for helping him gather the hair of the masses.
  • Charlie learns that Brachio-morphs come in all shapes and sizes when a conversation Danielle has prompts the discovery of a Brachiobou now on exclusive display at the Brachiolope Gallery.
  • Ryan has an iTunes review written by mycleverinternetnickname literally from on high, an Alaskan mountain-top to be precise. Beer in hand with Science… sort of in the ear is just what we like to read!



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Music for this week's show:

Music is my hot hot sex – C.S.S.

Ryan singing a song he made up (Not available on Amazon, sorry)

Rip it up! (c. 1919) – BB Wolf & the Howlers [From the official album of the book BB Wolf & the 3 LP's, read Ryan's review at the Paleocave Blog!]

Bats in the Belfry - Dispatch



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00:00:00 – Per usual, the Paleopals are introduced with a tasty beverage in hand, but this week Patrick jumps the PaleoPOW gun with a question from Formspring about what drink we'd recommend on a date with a lady. Patrick also asks for you hair. Don't worry, it's for science. He explains it in a post on the Paleocave Blog.


00:15:17 - The NY TIMES warns us of biodiversity up a creek, or more specifically up a hill. The problem is hills end at the top, and so too may life.


00:28:14 - This week's Trailer Trash Talk takes us to space (again) but this time we're alone and musical because Angels & Airwaves are releasing a sci-fi movie. We don't get it either, but the trailer for LOVE has our interest piqued.


00:39:57 - Travis Brown wants to know what's up with those cloning Mammoths experiments! The Paleopals tackle the hard ecological questions, leave the genetics to the nerds! Cloning Mammoths via Travis Brown


00:56:04 - PaleoPOW: Patrick cheated by going early, Ryan has some texts from friends that keep him going strong and Charlie lays eyes on our latest prize for theBrachiolope Gallery!



Music for this week's show:

Devil's Haircut - Beck

Uphill Mountain - Jackie Greene

Stockholm Syndrome - Blink 182

January Hymn - The Decemberists

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00:00:00 – The Paleopals are here sipping liquids from all over the place. Sustainable? No. Delicious? You bet! Ignore your carbon footprint and uncork something tasty.


00:05:26 – More Doarn! Charles Doarn returns to finish our discussion about sending people to Mars from Episode 69, including some sobering yet inspiring thoughts on the inquisitive nature of man.


00:55:16 – This week Trailer Trash Talk heads back to WV to judge the documentary The Last Mountain, about a small town fighting back against exploding hillsides.


01:11:13 – Patrick alerts the other Paleopals to the presence of a tiny dino that is maybe or maybe not sending ripples up the evolutionary dinosaurian tree. Plus the guys coin a new paleontological logical fallacy: Argument from T-Rex.


01:23:08 – PaleoPOW this week runs the gamut. Ryan tells us, with his amazing reading skills, about Thomas “Above and Beyond” Broyles-Lewiswho not only gave his mom a computer but set up with some sweet podcasts. Thanks, Thomas! Hi Thomas’ Mom! Patrick is taking cues from Pang with an iTunes review of the UK persuasion as written by SaphPhx. And lastly Charlie heads to the website wherein Chelsea has a question about zombies and George Washington based on the conversation from Episode 66 – Undead Cowboys.


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Music this week by:

Around the World – Daft Punk

Mission - Dispatch

Mr. Fire Coal Man – Stiff Little Fingers

Skull and Bones – Klaus Badelt


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00:00:00 – The gang's all here (in a quantum sense) and enjoying brews of grape, grain and grass. Yup, ben is drinking grass. We don't even know anymore.


00:06:37 – This week we present Part 1 of our interview with Charles Doarn about his recently published paper titled "Medical Care for a Mars Transit Mission and Extended Stay on the Martian Surface."


00:48: 18 – In maybe one of the most metal stories we've had the joy of covering, NASA's Fermi space telescope finds that lighting storms emit antimatter. One day when the world understands science better this will be painted on the sides of vans everywhere.


00:58:31 – Patrick finally gets to a movie he's been excited about for awhile, and the excitement is infectious as the guys Trailer Trash Talk Your Highness!


01:09:36 – PaleoPOW this week brings a Christmas iTunes review from Canada (as read by Ben) written by Rico. Patrick follows up with an American iTunes from Travis. Ryan plays a voicemail followup on our tea discussion from Dustin K. when he found himself without access to internet. And lastly Charlie sends on a tangent about 80's television and he defends his love for Quantum Leap.



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Music for this week's show:

Teeth in the Grass – Iron & Wine

Build Me Up Buttercup – The Foundations (Which Ryan misidentified on the show as The Temptations)

Lightning Strikes – Aceyalone

The Glory of Love – New Found Glory


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00:00:00 - The Paleopals are back in the hot seat for their first show of 2011 all about the Queen of Sciences: MATH! Strap in, we promise it's not boring.


00:06:14 – Patrick likes pulling science out of the weirdest places, this week it's a New York Times piece by Michael Lewis about math, markets and natural disasters. This one really may be worth reading before listening.


00:29:12 – Anthony Hopkins is up to his old tricks again as he squares off against both skepticism and demonic possession in the "inspired by true events" trailer for The Rite!


00:43:46 – Odd-Man Out makes it's first appearence in a goodly while. Ryan is sitting silent (... sort of) as Patrick and Charlie talk about the BBC podcast A Brief History of Mathematics


00:57:00 – PaleoPOW returns with a vengeance this year. Patrick proclaims profit provided by PANG! Charlie gets corrected by Eric on his use of the term "hacktivist". Eric also set up a subreddit for those who know what that means. And finally Ryan (Who got bored and started a tumblr blog) has a double addition to the Brachiolope Gallery in the form of cookies from Augustin and ornaments from Babbletrish, holiday style! Be sure to check them out right freaking now.

Thanks for listening! Stop by the Paleocave blog during the week for even more science jibba-jabba.


Music from this week's show:

Stranger - Dr. Dog

Rock you like a Hurricane - Scorpions

Where the Devil Don't Stay - Drive by Truckers

Math Sucks - Jimmy Buffet


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00:00:00 – What episode is it? Who can really say? All we know for sure is that science is afoot and the guys are prepared with beverages aplenty.


00:06:10 - Space X finally put stuff in space, again, sort of. Patrick explains it better and since it's about people in space there is no shortage of discussion.


00:18:20 – After a miserable day by the bay Charlie is feeling a bit SAD. The guys discuss this bizarre phenomenon of light based depression.


00:32:27 – Ryan is excited for The Source Code, new movie from the director of Moon. Charlie thinks the shark is being jumped. Patrick is in the middle but he only has 8 minutes to figure it out!


00:47:30 – Big PaleoPOW this week as Charlie announces the winners of the Flyer Contest. Congrats to Jon L. and Clave4e! You guys get shirts! In other news Patricks helps out Danielle with a tea and protein problem and Ryan reads an iTunes review you've already heard. The joys of having recorded a show out of order.



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Music this week:

Robots (Live) – The Flight of the Conchords

Outer Space – Ronald Jenkees

It's a Sad World – Elvis Perkins

The Gravy Train – Ian Brown


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