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00:00:00 - Are you dying to know how diamonds make it to Earth's surface? Well the answer just might kill you. Abraham Padilla joins the Paleopals once more to talk about gas-powered kimberlite super-volcanoes on steroids. BOOM!

00:22:20 - Beer is also gas powered... sort of. Charlie has a beer of a different sort with his Bundaberg ginger beer from the land down under. Ben is stocked up on weird pop and this week choses to enjoy a Blue Sky Cherry Vanilla Cream Natural Soda. The name is as long as the taste is good. And finally, Abe has brought Ryan some hard to pronounce Icelandic beer: Kaldi Dökkur Lager Bjór and Skjalfti (photo of Ryan podcasting at the link!).

00:28:15 -Movies often show you an occurrence of events in a temporal sequence, but few are as on the nose about it as the upcoming found footage superpower flick Chronicle.

00:37:11 - Thanks to science, we now have a better idea of what color Archaeopteryx might have been. This also sheds light on it's abilities as a flyer. Ben gets distracted by other fossils while Ryan tries to explain what another paleontologist named Ryan has found out.

00:51:36 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like feathers, they can keep you aloft when you need it most. Charlie has a two tweets from prodigal listeners, @YPGeek and @clarkraykent. Thanks for coming back guys! Ryan has the greatest gift of all in the form of a handsome donation from handsome Nick W. left at our handsome donation page. Thanks, Nick! And finally Ben pleas for more Canadian iTunes feedback, but follows it up with a fantastic rendition of an Aussie iTunes review from Martin B.

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00:00:00 - David Shiffman, from the Why Sharks Matter blog, joins the Paleopals to discuss the recently discovered hybrid shark in Australia. He has a lot to say about the media coverage of sharks, global warming, and this story in particular.  Be sure to check out Southern Fried Science for more marine science blogging!

00:33:04 - Fact: sharks are found in water. Fact: Water is a drink. Fact: The Paleopals have drinks. Conclusion: the Paleopals are actually sharks. Charlie breaks out a Boont amber ale. Patrick slums it with an old Blue Moon. And Ryan has a Yeti-Christ from Ben.

00:36:05 - This week on Trailer Trash Talk the Paleopals are breaking down the ice of Big Miracle. A movie in the "whale genre" according to Patrick, and based on some real world events involving far fewer white people.

 00:49:18 - The Hominid Hunting blog from Smithsonian Magazine had a post suggesting that Gigantopithecus may have been the inspiration for prehistoric Sasquatches. The article is... interesting, but it all gets silly in the comments. Get ready to name that logical fallacy! 

01:05:46 - Paleopals are like black swans, no one really believes they exist until they see one for themselves. Justin C. delivers a donation to our door. Thanks, Justin! Doug P. wants to thank the Paleopals for giving him the upper hand during a model UN session. Let's hope one day he and his team get to the real UN and make some Science... sort of inspired changes! And Charlie reads a 5-star iTunes review from Groundedcontrol.

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00:00:00 - This week Ben, Jacob, and Ryan start the week off by getting the science behind temporal cloaking with Alessandro Farsi. If you can make sense of it you win a laser to the ye, but you'll also be able to avoid it, so there's that.

00:23:00 - Drinks are only hidden by cloaking them in your mouth. Boring Ben has plain old water. Jacob has tossed some top shelf Canadian whiskey into a Pepsi. And Ryan brings up the rear with a Snow Cap from Shelly.

00:27:00 - Trailer Trash Talk gets historical this week as the guys discuss the World War II racially charged Red Tails. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day everyone! Now get out there and fly a plane for America!

00:41:00 - A group of scientists from China claim that individuals with Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) have differences in their BRAINS! We're not sure IAD is actually a thing, but we still bet you can't stop listening to this segment.

00:54:00 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like temporal cloaking, easy to miss. Jacob has an possibly Swedish iTunes review from BrkGrm, about us inspiring him to be a scientist. Awesome. Ben has a Facebook comment from Jonathan B. that causes Ben some concern which he then uses to his own benefit. And Ryan has a new recurring donation from Shlomo D.! Thanks Shlomo! (Even though Ryan was probably wrong about the Stitcher thing, whoops.)


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00:00:00 - Kelly tell us about the fascinating world of kleptoparasites, specifically silverfish that hide inside ant colonies with chemical mimicry. Patrick and Ryan interrupt.

00:14:55 - Drinks also use chemicals, and they hide inside your glass until attacking your mouth. Patrick picked Kona's Coffee Porter, he's been there before, and he'll go back again. Kelly also chooses an old favorite in Great Lake's Edmund Fitzgerald. And finally, Ryan has brought something back from the slopes of Park City with his glass of Bourye whiskey.

00:20:10 - The Paleopals bring aboard blogger and Tolkien scholar Juliana to help discuss this week's trailer: The Hobbit. It may be a long ways off, but the doesn't prevent excitement now.

00:36:08 - Botany on the high seas sounds hard enough, but try doing it as a woman dressed as a man aboard a ship full of men. And you have to share a room with the captain. What sounds like a potential comedy is actually the true history of Jeanne Baret, only recently recognized for the woman and scientist that she was. Check out the book, The Discovery of Jeanne Baret, for much more info on this interesting discovery.

00:45:11 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like cross-dressing. There's a time and a place for both. Ryan rings in the new year with an iTunes review from LA Stern. Kelly has a donation from Nena. THANKS, NENA! And Patrick promises Randy H. a hair update.

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