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00:00:00 - For the first time since Episode 122 the newly-minted Doctor Jacquelyn Gill returns to the show! We start by grilling her about one of her most popular blog posts: How to argue with a scientist: A guide.

00:30:20  - One of the best ways to argue with a scientist is to start with a drink, symposium-style. Jacob continues trying to impress Ryan by half-heartedly enjoying a Duvel. Jacquelyn sticks with a new brew from an old favorite in the Wooly from Magic Hat. And Ryan bucks his high-gravity reputation with a Daytime Fractional IPA from Lagunitas.

00:37:40 - Since it's the holiday season Trailer Trash Talk decides to get in the spirit with the latest addition to the Die Hard franchise, Another Day to Die HardOur review is about as complimentary as the title is clever.

00:50:58 - Planes live closer to the sun than  cars, or so we're told, therefore it was only a matter of time before someone built a solar-powered plane. Solar Impulse has done just that, and now intends to fly around the world. So how about that?

01:07:39 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like solar plane, everything can be going fine then a slight breeze ruins it all. Jacquelyn has an e-mail from Diana asking about avocado dispersion as explained by The Evolution Book. Jacob thanks John P. for a very generous donation. Thanks, John! And Ryan is proud to have inspired Stephanko from the Brachioboard forum to try their hand at science outreach in the Journal of Unanswered Questions.


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Argue - Matchbox Twenty

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Solar Sailer - Daft Punk

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It's time for the annual Thanksgiving Science... sort of special! Each year the Paleopals pick an extra-long PaleoPOW and cover it in a little more detail than usual. Just like the pilgrims did.

00:00:00 - Patrick has an e-mail from Mike S. to start the show. Mike is in Rochester, and the people in Rochester are doing good work concerning cancer in blind mole rats. How do they compare to our official unofficial animal the naked mole rat? Tune in to find out!

00:13:35 - Drinks are a thing definitely worth giving thanks for. Patrick reaches for a Sofie from Goose Island, Ryan's knowledge of the brewery prompts Jacob to call him a snob. Jacob heads back to the old country to try and earn Ryan's respect with a Ayinger Ur-Weisse, but questions the descriptions posted on a certain beer website. Ryan is having a beer with few IBUs and the addition of fennel in the Spring 2012 Biere de Mars from Almanac Beer Co. It may have been a mistake. And Charlie enjoys Ninkasi winter seasonal Slayer to celebrate pagan traditions.

00:26:36 - Jacob brings us an e-mail from a serviceperson offering us some coin. We suggest that those serving in our armed forces instead donate to the USO or Cup of Joe for a Joe. Regardless, Jaimie K. wants to know about DNA replication buffers, which Patrick identifies as telomeres, and the morality of life imprisonment in a world without death, which no one has a good answer for.

00:42:24 - Trailer Trash Talk leaves everyone feeling nostalgic for power gloves yet ironically jaded towards movie previews thanks to the snippet from the upcoming disappointment Noobz.

00:58:09 - Ernie wants to know if birds suffer the same sleep deprivation that they force upon him. Ryan actually looks up real science to give him the answer. It's like the show is going legit or something. Until...

01:114:02 - Charlie ventures into the terrifying wilderness of our Facebook page to bring us a story from Clayton F. concerning the Oklohma Wildlife Department's stance concerning the existence of puma farms and bigfoot. Patrick points out the potential for bigfoot DNA from a wholly unreliable source.

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00:00:00 - A new psychology study claims that in the brains of people with math anxiety, the anticipation of a hard math problem lights up the pain centers of said brain. The media reported that math problems cause physical pain. The Paleopals discuss.

00:21:15 - Drinks can also cause physical pain, but it's usually time delayed until the following morning. Patrick tries to describe his Tröeg's Dead Reckoning Porter. Ryan braces for some Popcorn Sutton's XXX Tennessee White Whiskey (aka. moonshine). And Ben, claiming science as a sport, re-hydrates with Pocari Sweat sports drink.

00:27:38 - The aptly titled Gangster Squad is the subject of this week's Trailer Trash Talk. Patrick and Ryan try to explain violence to a Canadian.

00:38:59 - Patrick and Ryan are stunned to learn that the universe may be nearly done forming new stars. Ben is unimpressed and resists attempts to have feelings pried out of his cold robot heart.

00:59:37 - PaleoPOWs are a lot like star formation, they don't often impress Ben. Ryan starts with a voicemail from Dana about ski resorts and climate change. Patrick reads an iTunes review from PangolinMoth questioning our mascot's naming convention. And Ben has a Canadian e-mail from Andrew (a Canadian) who has been arguing with his wife about Magneto's powers. Definitely our sort of debate!


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00:00:00 - Astronomer Eli Bressert joints the Paleopals to talk about his entry into science, his time working for the Chandra X-Ray Space Telescope, and whether or not life sustaining planets could for in galactic clusters. And that's just part 1!

00:25:55 - We have drinks. Because, that's why. Eli starts off with a Three Sheets Pale Ale from the Lord Nelson Brewery. Charlie assaults his palate with a Hopageddon from Napa Smith. And Kelly has a Angry Orchard cider that's a bit too sweet for her but good nonetheless. And Ryan may not be keeping it local, but at least he's keeping it regional with Odell's Footprint RegionAle.

00:31:09 - The groups is split over opinions about Director Quentin Tarintino, but his new movie, Django Unchained, just might the thing that brings them all together in this week's Trailer Trash Talk!

00:42:43- More science with Eli as we talk about whether or not stars can form in isolation and other interesting astronomical ideas.

00:56:50 - PaleoPOWs area lot like books about Python, appreciated by fewer people than they ought to be. Eli tells us about how he created one of our favorite Brachiolope images as well as his new book: SciPy and NumPy: An Overview for Developerswhich is about computers, not snakes, in case you were wondering. Charlie tackles some questions from new Canadian listener Les about asteroid composition and the possibility of us putting out a book. And Ryan gets a question from Any S. via Facebook about the potential for quadrupedal predatory dinosaurs. And Kelly tells us that Temporal Tony dropped what he was doing, as instructed, to let us know he had caught up on the show.

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