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00:00:00 – The lineup is a bit different than usual as Ryan is joined by alternative Paleopals Ben and Jacob. But wait! There's more...

00:04:42 – Joining the Paleopals is Professor Robert Smith? and author Max Brooks. Zombie experts of disparate fields! What ensues is a round table zombie discussion sure to titillate and illuminate!

00:52:42 – After that great Z-table discussion it's good to unwind with some wild west nonsense because this week's Trailer Trash Talk is Cowboys and Aliens!

01:01:54 – Last up is the PaleoPOW! Jacob has a domestic iTunes review from faym001 that forgets to mention him. Ben has a Canadian iTunes review from Ryan Closs, whom Ryan has no prior knowledge of, and Ryan has a punny e-mail from Mike.


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00:00:00 – The Paleopals are all here, having recovered from a mysterious case of arsenic poisoning, and are flushing their systems out with a little bit of alcohol. Charlie has an old favorite, Patrick is kicking back a cold one, and Ryan is classing it up, but maybe being a bit "winey" about it.


00:05:29 – Ryan, Patrick and Ben sit down for a chat with John Allen Paulos, a professor of math and statistics at Temple University. He's way smarter than all of you so listen to what he says about numbers, innumeracy and the problem with people not knowing their maths (It's how the Brits say it.)


Also, don't forget to do your homework:

1) Take any prime number bigger than 5 and explain why it's square is always 1 more than a multiple of 24.

2) Estimate how many pizza parlors there are in SF.


00:40:34 – Now that the Paleopals have been told they need to toughen up their number sense they figure they best toughen up in some other areas, in other words they need to develop some True Grit.


00:50:14 – Most people don't use "irony" properly; other people don't know how to tell a dinosaur from an ammonite. When the two combine it's a kerfuffle of misinformation and sanctimonious jabs. That's exactly the case with the recent story of a "dinosaur" in a Cathedral.  Accept no substitutes, the Paleopals won't steer ya wrong.


01:01:46 – On the PaleoPOW this week Paleogamy Porter is dropping some kind words on iTunes, Matt provides a trippy addition to the Brachiolope gallery, and Christian schools us on comments made way back in the before time on episode 46.


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The Paleopals were caught up in the NASA excitement yesterday so they sat down and did an impromptu show! Enjoy this special edition slightly shorter episode all about Arsenic and Old Lake!

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Music: That's Life - Frank Sinatra

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00:00:00 – Happy post-Thanksgiving (for the Americans)! Happy week in November (everyone else)! The Paleopals have decided to take this opportunity to clear out the inbox and do an all PaleoPOW show. E-mails, voicemails, Facebook posts, OH MY! Enjoy the feedback frenzy, y'all.

00:06:49 – Ryan's PaleoPOW: Dayna likes the show but has some pressing issues like global climate change and Roswell, which she insists we discuss. If she hoped for bit of science and some rambling on top she shan't be disappointed.

00:22:35 – Ben's PaleoPOW: Allan Pang called in to ask about time travel, which the Paleopals are always down to pontificate on. The double-ended beer bong on the universe makes a reappearance.

00:34:48 – Charlie's PaleoPOW: Eric from frozen MN e-mailed in a link to an awesome list of weird things (physics things) about the Universe. No time for all 10, the guys pick and choose their favorites.

00:51:01 – Trailer Trash Talk refuses to be forgotten as the guys discuss the upcoming Nic Cage medieval fantasy medley The Season of the Witch.

01:02:46 – Patrick's PaleoPOW: Thomas has a fire burning over on Facebook in that he wants to know just how fire works. The answer may surprise you!



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This week it's all music from the 90's (via Ryan, he's not that young):

Thanks A Lot – Third Eye Blind

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You Oughta Know – Alanis Morisette

Mad Season – Matchbox Twenty

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00:00:00 – Winter has come to the Paleocave and the guys are chilly. Their beers reflect the changing seasons, each with their own spin.


08:01 – As everyone knows cats are hilarious, but they're also very good at drinking without getting their faces wet.  A new study reveals the physics behind this evolutionary accomplishment and the Paleopals discuss.


00:19:18 – things get a bit Tangled in this week's Trailer Trash Talk. Did Disney learn nothing from Shrek?


00:30:32 – Walking is easier for tall people, as if they didn't have it easy enough already, but chewing gum will help you look taller. Two tall tales from the world of walking and posture science!


00:44:53 – It's Thanksgiving time so Turkeys will be running. Young turkeys have a few trips up their wings for getting out of a tight spot (i.e. oven).


00:54:52 – PaleoPOW, GO! Charlie did his already by telling us that Clave4e sent in a new flyer for us. Patrick is confused by the theme, but has a PaleoPOW from the land of Apples (iTunes) written by Alpope23. Steve e-mailed Ryan and is worried the Paleopals hate psychology. They don’t and therefore try to dig themselves out of that hole.


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Come in from the Cold – Marc Broussard

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00:00:00 – The Paleopals are already giggly at the onset of the show, mostly because Ben is drinking something ridiculous, but also because the theme this week is HOLES! What will they come up with next?


00:08:19 – The Large Hadron Collider has created the world's smallest big bang. It sounds contradictory, but it's particle physics, who honestly gets this stuff? Charlie and Ben do! But they're not writing the show note, are they? No, they're not.


00:22:25 – What is a cave if not a big hole? A big 3D hole! Executive producer James Cameron brings you the drama of cave research in 3D with his upcoming opus Sanctum in this week's Trailer Trash Talk.


00:33:56 – Ryan's mom wants us to talk about blue hole exploration. It's like Trailer Trash Talk come to life! Now if only she'd let him go SCUBA diving in caves his life would be complete. Complete cause he'd almost certainly die. Remember kids: Science can be dangerous as well as awesome.


00:48:03 – PaleoPOW has been on fire of late. More content than you can shake a stick at!  Ben has an iTunes review from the UK. Ryan blogged about Goodreads and Elina responded. Patrick brings iTunes home with a review from the good ole USA! And Charlie gets his from Jon Lopez, of The Nerd List, on Facebook.


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00:00:00 – Charlie may not be ready but he's gonna give it his all with the other Paleopals, Patrick and Ryan, on this week's show! Charlie continues his IPA tour in Oregon, Ryan goes off the beaten path to gin-town also from Oregon, and Patrick finds joy in something he usually detests.


00:04:43 – Bugs always get bigger when there's more oxygen, except when they don't. Patrick spearheads two stories with seemingly contradictory results.


00:20:07 – Trailer Trash Talk is high minded this week talking about Skyline, the new alien thriller. Disclaimer: This isn't about Skyline chili which Ryan loves and hopes they make a movie about.


00:33:50 – An e-mail from Wendy serves as Ryan's PaleoPOW but also sparks off a discussion about disappearing bees and biased researched. The business of bees is a biased thing indeed.


00:56:30 – With only two PaleoPOWs remaining Patrick presents an awesome addition to the Brachiolope gallery from Chris Huston, and a Charlie digs up a Zune review from Otis25668.



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Walt Whitman's Niece – Billy Bragg & Wilco

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00:00:00 – The Paleopals introduce themselves as the familiar Patrick, Charlie and Ryan but rounding out the quintet today are Zach and Kelly Weinersmith (it's ok to laugh) of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal and Drinks are varied and Zach throws a true curveball the likes of which the podcast has never seen. Tune in to find out!


00:05:39 – We chat with the comedic-science super couple Zach and Kelly Weinersmith (it's ok to laugh) about their various internet incarnations. Jokes are told, science is explained, and Patrick freaks out thinking he's got a parasite even though he probably doesn't. (Key word: Probably)


00:42:28 – Trailer Trash Talk this week skirts the edge of the appropriate as the Paleopals discuss, Four Lions, the new comedy about British terrorists. Fortunately for all involved there are barely any accents attempted.


00:57:03 – Stories and statistics have more in common than one might initially be comfortable with according to John Allen Paulos in his new piece for the New York Times online. Are scientists better at literature or are the culturally literate better at science? Can it be both? Probably not. The Paleopals discuss the why's and wherefores of stories and statistics, including a brief evolutionary snippet of just how the two might have diverged oh so long ago.


01:15:35 – PaleoPOW this week is initiated by Patrick with some extra-comedic feedback from former guest of the show Brian Malow! Charlie marvels at a pumpkin-shaped Brachiolope from paleoposse member B. Nelson. Or is it a Brachiolope-shaped pumpkin? Some questions are just begging to be answered. Ryan has some self-congratulatory feedback from a recent post of his on iFanboy commented on by a new breed of listener the iFanbasus paleopalis AMuldowney.



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Pink Elephants on Parade – The Disney Chorus

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00:00:00 – After a few weeks of questionable beverages the Paleopals are all back on the beer wagon. Patrick and Ryan are feeling stout-y and Charlie's drinking like he ain't in the city no more.



00:05:06 – Blogger and soon to be author Brian Switek of drops by the Paleocave to chat about science blogging, SVP and terrifying (and warm) Mesozoic reptiles of the deep!



00:41:31 – Charlie needs the advice of the title in this week's Trailer Trash Talk as the Paleopals try to sail through the propaganda storm from the upcoming documentary Cool It.



00:59:49 – On-Call Canadian ben joins the Paleopals to help them figure out the ramifications of new research that shows the future seems to affect the past. What does this mean for next week's show? Seriously, I have no idea. Stupid time-travelling psychics messing everything up... sort of.



01:21:19 – In this week's PaleoPOW ben is bringing sexy back with his Canadian iTunes access and a review from Medep. Patrick's faith in evolution is reaffirmed thanks to an e-mail from Chis H. (Make sure you got to the website to see the accompanying photo, and his own blog Peter L. comments on the Facebook post for last week's show which warms Charlie's cockles but sparks debate between him and Ryan about burping. And finally Ryan cheats with a quick doublePOW from Josh J. and Bacon from the website that explains a question about Pittsburgh from last week.



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Music this week provided by:

Country House – Blur

If I had a Dinosaur - Raffi

Stay Cool – The Roots

Future Reflections – MGMT

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00:00:00 - Patrick and Charlie provide a weather report that has influenced their choice of beverage. Ryan makes a pilgrimage and returns with goodies for all! (Really only for him, selfish jerk.)


00:05:53 – According to Charlie an economy magazine had an article about rats putting on weight based on light and dark cycles. Does it make sense? Patrick says yes! Is it interesting? You decide!


00:15:18 – Trailer Trash Talk runs a bit long this week, about 127 Hours too long. Just kidding! That's the name of the movie!


00:25:17 – Stephen has a question about time travel (or is it space travel?) so the guys bring in the big ben gun to help clear things up (as though things are ever any clearer after talking to a physicist).


00:44:50 – Patrick and Ryan are back from Pittsburgh where they attended the 70th annual meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology. The guys give the highlights and talk a bit about whether or not we're in a 6th great mass extinction. Tune in to find out the answer!



01:01:18 – In the PaleoPOW this week Curtis is running away with us on iTunes and Patrick (no, a different Patrick) is about to learn the joys of time-shifted media.



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Music for this week's show:

The Church – John Murphy

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Time Won't Let Me Go (Moon version) – The Bravery

Monkey Gone to Heaven – The Pixies


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