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00:00:00 – The lineup is a bit different than usual as Ryan is joined by alternative Paleopals Ben and Jacob. But wait! There's more...

00:04:42 – Joining the Paleopals is Professor Robert Smith? and author Max Brooks. Zombie experts of disparate fields! What ensues is a round table zombie discussion sure to titillate and illuminate!

00:52:42 – After that great Z-table discussion it's good to unwind with some wild west nonsense because this week's Trailer Trash Talk is Cowboys and Aliens!

01:01:54 – Last up is the PaleoPOW! Jacob has a domestic iTunes review from faym001 that forgets to mention him. Ben has a Canadian iTunes review from Ryan Closs, whom Ryan has no prior knowledge of, and Ryan has a punny e-mail from Mike.


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00:00:00 – The Paleopals are all here, having recovered from a mysterious case of arsenic poisoning, and are flushing their systems out with a little bit of alcohol. Charlie has an old favorite, Patrick is kicking back a cold one, and Ryan is classing it up, but maybe being a bit "winey" about it.


00:05:29 – Ryan, Patrick and Ben sit down for a chat with John Allen Paulos, a professor of math and statistics at Temple University. He's way smarter than all of you so listen to what he says about numbers, innumeracy and the problem with people not knowing their maths (It's how the Brits say it.)


Also, don't forget to do your homework:

1) Take any prime number bigger than 5 and explain why it's square is always 1 more than a multiple of 24.

2) Estimate how many pizza parlors there are in SF.


00:40:34 – Now that the Paleopals have been told they need to toughen up their number sense they figure they best toughen up in some other areas, in other words they need to develop some True Grit.


00:50:14 – Most people don't use "irony" properly; other people don't know how to tell a dinosaur from an ammonite. When the two combine it's a kerfuffle of misinformation and sanctimonious jabs. That's exactly the case with the recent story of a "dinosaur" in a Cathedral.  Accept no substitutes, the Paleopals won't steer ya wrong.


01:01:46 – On the PaleoPOW this week Paleogamy Porter is dropping some kind words on iTunes, Matt provides a trippy addition to the Brachiolope gallery, and Christian schools us on comments made way back in the before time on episode 46.


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Wine Red – The Hush Sound

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Grace Cathedral Hill – The Decemberists


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The Paleopals were caught up in the NASA excitement yesterday so they sat down and did an impromptu show! Enjoy this special edition slightly shorter episode all about Arsenic and Old Lake!

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Music: That's Life - Frank Sinatra

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00:00:00 – Happy post-Thanksgiving (for the Americans)! Happy week in November (everyone else)! The Paleopals have decided to take this opportunity to clear out the inbox and do an all PaleoPOW show. E-mails, voicemails, Facebook posts, OH MY! Enjoy the feedback frenzy, y'all.

00:06:49 – Ryan's PaleoPOW: Dayna likes the show but has some pressing issues like global climate change and Roswell, which she insists we discuss. If she hoped for bit of science and some rambling on top she shan't be disappointed.

00:22:35 – Ben's PaleoPOW: Allan Pang called in to ask about time travel, which the Paleopals are always down to pontificate on. The double-ended beer bong on the universe makes a reappearance.

00:34:48 – Charlie's PaleoPOW: Eric from frozen MN e-mailed in a link to an awesome list of weird things (physics things) about the Universe. No time for all 10, the guys pick and choose their favorites.

00:51:01 – Trailer Trash Talk refuses to be forgotten as the guys discuss the upcoming Nic Cage medieval fantasy medley The Season of the Witch.

01:02:46 – Patrick's PaleoPOW: Thomas has a fire burning over on Facebook in that he wants to know just how fire works. The answer may surprise you!



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This week it's all music from the 90's (via Ryan, he's not that young):

Thanks A Lot – Third Eye Blind

Crash Into Me – Dave Matthews Band

Time – Hootie and the Blowfish

You Oughta Know – Alanis Morisette

Mad Season – Matchbox Twenty

I Want It That Way – Backstreet Boys




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00:00:00 – Winter has come to the Paleocave and the guys are chilly. Their beers reflect the changing seasons, each with their own spin.


08:01 – As everyone knows cats are hilarious, but they're also very good at drinking without getting their faces wet.  A new study reveals the physics behind this evolutionary accomplishment and the Paleopals discuss.


00:19:18 – things get a bit Tangled in this week's Trailer Trash Talk. Did Disney learn nothing from Shrek?


00:30:32 – Walking is easier for tall people, as if they didn't have it easy enough already, but chewing gum will help you look taller. Two tall tales from the world of walking and posture science!


00:44:53 – It's Thanksgiving time so Turkeys will be running. Young turkeys have a few trips up their wings for getting out of a tight spot (i.e. oven).


00:54:52 – PaleoPOW, GO! Charlie did his already by telling us that Clave4e sent in a new flyer for us. Patrick is confused by the theme, but has a PaleoPOW from the land of Apples (iTunes) written by Alpope23. Steve e-mailed Ryan and is worried the Paleopals hate psychology. They don’t and therefore try to dig themselves out of that hole.


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Come in from the Cold – Marc Broussard

Tropicana – Ratatat

Accidentally in Love – Counting Crows

I Walk the Line – Los Lonely Boys

3 birds – The Dead Weather



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00:00:00 – The Paleopals are already giggly at the onset of the show, mostly because Ben is drinking something ridiculous, but also because the theme this week is HOLES! What will they come up with next?


00:08:19 – The Large Hadron Collider has created the world's smallest big bang. It sounds contradictory, but it's particle physics, who honestly gets this stuff? Charlie and Ben do! But they're not writing the show note, are they? No, they're not.


00:22:25 – What is a cave if not a big hole? A big 3D hole! Executive producer James Cameron brings you the drama of cave research in 3D with his upcoming opus Sanctum in this week's Trailer Trash Talk.


00:33:56 – Ryan's mom wants us to talk about blue hole exploration. It's like Trailer Trash Talk come to life! Now if only she'd let him go SCUBA diving in caves his life would be complete. Complete cause he'd almost certainly die. Remember kids: Science can be dangerous as well as awesome.


00:48:03 – PaleoPOW has been on fire of late. More content than you can shake a stick at!  Ben has an iTunes review from the UK. Ryan blogged about Goodreads and Elina responded. Patrick brings iTunes home with a review from the good ole USA! And Charlie gets his from Jon Lopez, of The Nerd List, on Facebook.


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Way Down in the Hole – Steve Earle

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Walk on Water – Eddie Money

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00:00:00 – Charlie may not be ready but he's gonna give it his all with the other Paleopals, Patrick and Ryan, on this week's show! Charlie continues his IPA tour in Oregon, Ryan goes off the beaten path to gin-town also from Oregon, and Patrick finds joy in something he usually detests.


00:04:43 – Bugs always get bigger when there's more oxygen, except when they don't. Patrick spearheads two stories with seemingly contradictory results.


00:20:07 – Trailer Trash Talk is high minded this week talking about Skyline, the new alien thriller. Disclaimer: This isn't about Skyline chili which Ryan loves and hopes they make a movie about.


00:33:50 – An e-mail from Wendy serves as Ryan's PaleoPOW but also sparks off a discussion about disappearing bees and biased researched. The business of bees is a biased thing indeed.


00:56:30 – With only two PaleoPOWs remaining Patrick presents an awesome addition to the Brachiolope gallery from Chris Huston, and a Charlie digs up a Zune review from Otis25668.



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Music this week:

Walt Whitman's Niece – Billy Bragg & Wilco

Take My Breath Away – Hollywood, Mon Amour

The Passenger – Iggy Pop

Honey Bee – Tom Petty


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00:00:00 – The Paleopals introduce themselves as the familiar Patrick, Charlie and Ryan but rounding out the quintet today are Zach and Kelly Weinersmith (it's ok to laugh) of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal and Drinks are varied and Zach throws a true curveball the likes of which the podcast has never seen. Tune in to find out!


00:05:39 – We chat with the comedic-science super couple Zach and Kelly Weinersmith (it's ok to laugh) about their various internet incarnations. Jokes are told, science is explained, and Patrick freaks out thinking he's got a parasite even though he probably doesn't. (Key word: Probably)


00:42:28 – Trailer Trash Talk this week skirts the edge of the appropriate as the Paleopals discuss, Four Lions, the new comedy about British terrorists. Fortunately for all involved there are barely any accents attempted.


00:57:03 – Stories and statistics have more in common than one might initially be comfortable with according to John Allen Paulos in his new piece for the New York Times online. Are scientists better at literature or are the culturally literate better at science? Can it be both? Probably not. The Paleopals discuss the why's and wherefores of stories and statistics, including a brief evolutionary snippet of just how the two might have diverged oh so long ago.


01:15:35 – PaleoPOW this week is initiated by Patrick with some extra-comedic feedback from former guest of the show Brian Malow! Charlie marvels at a pumpkin-shaped Brachiolope from paleoposse member B. Nelson. Or is it a Brachiolope-shaped pumpkin? Some questions are just begging to be answered. Ryan has some self-congratulatory feedback from a recent post of his on iFanboy commented on by a new breed of listener the iFanbasus paleopalis AMuldowney.



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Music this week:

Pink Elephants on Parade – The Disney Chorus

Life of Saturdays – Dexter Freebish

Lions Roar – The Hush Sound

My Life Story - MXPX


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00:00:00 – After a few weeks of questionable beverages the Paleopals are all back on the beer wagon. Patrick and Ryan are feeling stout-y and Charlie's drinking like he ain't in the city no more.



00:05:06 – Blogger and soon to be author Brian Switek of drops by the Paleocave to chat about science blogging, SVP and terrifying (and warm) Mesozoic reptiles of the deep!



00:41:31 – Charlie needs the advice of the title in this week's Trailer Trash Talk as the Paleopals try to sail through the propaganda storm from the upcoming documentary Cool It.



00:59:49 – On-Call Canadian ben joins the Paleopals to help them figure out the ramifications of new research that shows the future seems to affect the past. What does this mean for next week's show? Seriously, I have no idea. Stupid time-travelling psychics messing everything up... sort of.



01:21:19 – In this week's PaleoPOW ben is bringing sexy back with his Canadian iTunes access and a review from Medep. Patrick's faith in evolution is reaffirmed thanks to an e-mail from Chis H. (Make sure you got to the website to see the accompanying photo, and his own blog Peter L. comments on the Facebook post for last week's show which warms Charlie's cockles but sparks debate between him and Ryan about burping. And finally Ryan cheats with a quick doublePOW from Josh J. and Bacon from the website that explains a question about Pittsburgh from last week.



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Music this week provided by:

Country House – Blur

If I had a Dinosaur - Raffi

Stay Cool – The Roots

Future Reflections – MGMT

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00:00:00 - Patrick and Charlie provide a weather report that has influenced their choice of beverage. Ryan makes a pilgrimage and returns with goodies for all! (Really only for him, selfish jerk.)


00:05:53 – According to Charlie an economy magazine had an article about rats putting on weight based on light and dark cycles. Does it make sense? Patrick says yes! Is it interesting? You decide!


00:15:18 – Trailer Trash Talk runs a bit long this week, about 127 Hours too long. Just kidding! That's the name of the movie!


00:25:17 – Stephen has a question about time travel (or is it space travel?) so the guys bring in the big ben gun to help clear things up (as though things are ever any clearer after talking to a physicist).


00:44:50 – Patrick and Ryan are back from Pittsburgh where they attended the 70th annual meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology. The guys give the highlights and talk a bit about whether or not we're in a 6th great mass extinction. Tune in to find out the answer!



01:01:18 – In the PaleoPOW this week Curtis is running away with us on iTunes and Patrick (no, a different Patrick) is about to learn the joys of time-shifted media.



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Music for this week's show:

The Church – John Murphy

I Think I Smell A Rat – The White Stripes

Stuck in America – Sugarcult

Time Won't Let Me Go (Moon version) – The Bravery

Monkey Gone to Heaven – The Pixies


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You made it through the glory (yes, the glory) that is Part 1, and while Patrick and Ryan traipse around the globe (i.e. Pittsburgh) the Paleopals have made sure you have a boatload more content to get you through another week. Brian Malow sits in for another hour of tangential science beginning where we left off last week with the start of Trailer Trash Talk!


00:00:00 – Trailer Trash Talk has the guys seeing RED. Literally. There's a movie called RED. It's about spies who are very bad at staying secret cause they just can't blowing stuff up. Or something like that.


00:16:23 - Then it's off to tangent land again as the Paleopals and continuing guest Brain Malow start off talking about the UN's plan for alien contact. I seriously have no idea where the conversation went from there. E-mail in your reports after listening to!


01:02:29 - PaleoPOW! Diving right in. Patrick has a comment from Betsy who has a complaint about Episode 55. Not about us, but about America and its ability to read and watch at the same time. Ryan has a “short but sweet” e-mail from old friend of the show Jeff Sykes! Charlie is laying down the rules for a new contest, details below.



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The Wicked Science... sort of Autumn Quarter T-shirt Lottery.


Alright Paleoposse, this lottery is free to enter, all you have to do is post our flyer up on to your school message board.


-Get the flyer from (to your left, no... your other left) and print it off.


-Tack it up to a message board or two around your campus.


-Take a picture of your handywork and email it to along with the t-shirt size and color that you know will make you look all sorts of darwinian fit. You can check them out at the store link to the right. Sorry posse, special edition anniversary shirts and hoodies are off limits.


-We'll assign entries a number and then we will draw from the geekiest and fairest 'hat' on the intertubes,  We'll pick two lucky winners. Yeah!


Legal blurb: By entering this contest you agree to the above terms and conditions and recognize that we are poor academic scientists and that you will not sue us etc. for hosting this wicked t-shirt lotto.


Good luck and thanks for spreading the science,


The Paleopals



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00:00:00 – Introductions abound and everyone has a drink. Patrick is undoing dehydration, Charlie is refreshing and Ryan's beer is responsible for years of oppression on Brian's. It's all very complex.


00:08:59 – Catching up with Brian Malow, earth's premier science comedian, and all his distracting facets.


00:31:21 – Supposedly this section is about monkeys and mirrors, they're connected somehow but of course we get off topic. You cannot expect me to honestly list all the tangents that happen here, can you? I'm just an intern, I don't even get paid. I linked to the story (on the website) they were supposed to talk about, isn't that enough?! Maybe once I re-listen to the thing (it's in the job description) I'll update this space and the website with some more links.


01:21:23 – Announcement about Episode 57 from our very own Patrick!



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Music for this eiposde:

Meantime – The Futureheads

Humor of the Situation – Barenaked Ladies

Life Sized Mirror – No Use for a Name


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00:00:00 – In the intro Patrick is unsure about the theme, and the quality therein, Charlie is expanding his IPA repertoire and Ryan gives a mini-dissertations on the merits of small batch Kentucky bourbon.


00:08:21 – What is the one thing that separates humans from all other mammals? Spicy picante hot pepper chili sauce! Our monkey brains are so broken we like the pain capsaicin provides. Charlie elaborates and Patrick gets a bit blue.


00:28:31 – Trailer Trash Talk wants to come in from out of the cold as the Paleopals discuss the "new" child Vampire romance Let Me In.

00:39:43 – Birds can't taste the spicy, but they can still pack a punch all their own when they're gigantic and toothed, just like a new find from Chile.


00:55:18 – PaleoPOWs come in all shapes and sizes. Patrick has the Cadillac of picks with a double dip of donations from Doug in AL and Curtis from TX. Thanks guys! Jackie reminds us, via Charlie, that science needn’t always be silly. And Ryan has a voicemail from RJ in KS who needs help with AI.



That's it for this week, thanks for listening and be sure to stop by for more content and schwag!



Music for the show provided by:

One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer – John Lee Hooker

You're so damn hot – OK Go

I'll Let You In – Jackie Greene

Can you picture that – Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem

(In honor of Jim Henson, who would have had his 74th birthday last Friday, September 24)


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00:00:00 – It's a high-powered introduction this week as the Paleopals are drinking top shelf beverages endorsed by various world leaders!



00:07:12 – Charlie says video games can make you react faster, we'll see how fast he reacts when he's popping pills to stave off ghosts.



00:20:46 – Ben and Charlie get deep with this week's Trailer Trash Talk. Ryan keeps it on the level. Either way, Its Kind Of A Funny Story.



00:35:08 – Ben wants to tell you about Australians using lasers to move particles and call it a tractor beam. Oh Ben, when will the silliness end?



00:45:03 – PaleoPOW this week has Charlie and Dustin K. taking it to the Yeti. Ben is back on the Canadian iTunes reviews with a new one from NessaB87 (really sorry if I spelled this wrong, I couldn't see it, your guess is as good as mine) and Ryan has a message from Pete in Japan about some hilarious wordplay. Who are we kidding? Wordplay is ALWAYS hilarious.




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Music for this week's show:

President's Choice – Sweatshop Union

Video Challenge – Anamanaguchi

(What's the story) Morning Glory? - Oasis

Closer to you – Jackie Greene


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00:00:00 - Ryan is surprised this week to find a girl (i.e. Heather) has infiltrated his boys only podcasting clubhouse. How will Charlie respond? Stay tuned to find out!


00:05:13 – Not only is the moon getting farther away but now it’s shrinking too?! Will our kids even be able to see the darn thing?!


00:16:49 – For maybe the first time ever a PG movie is on the chopping block for Trailer Trash Talk as the Paleopals discuss Legend of the Guardian: The Owls of Ga'Hoole.


00:24:00 – Owl Monkeys are many things. Firstly they are adorable. Secondly they are nocturnal... sort of. It's weird cause they need the moonlight, but also some temperature stuff. Just listen to the segment alright?!


00:39:29 – In the PaleoPOW this week Charlie reads an iTunes review from Jason Gosse that's all about having business in the front and a party in the back. Heather has blog feedback from Dustin Kreidler. And Ryan thanks everyone for the birthday wishes and deals with a question about Wolverine posted by Vincente Bolocofsky on the Facebook page.


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Music for the show:

Like a Lady – The Sounds

Behind the Moon – Matt Costa

Night Bird Flying – Jimi Hendrix

Proudest Monkey – Dave Matthews Band


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This week on the podcast Science... sort of celebrates it's one year anniversary by doing a mostly normal show!

00:00:00 – Patrick actually tries for a decent beer this week (and succeeds), Charlie is being covertly classy and Ryan has too many options thanks to friend-of-the-show Josh Christie (!

00:08:43 – Can alcohol make you live longer? One study says it could but the Paleopals put on their science hats to get to the bottom of this too good to be true correlation.

00:25:29 – Trailer Trash Talk this week celebrates the downfall of Joaquin Phoenix in the new documentary I'm Still Here, which may, in fact, be a mockumentary but no one is really sure. 

00:35:24 – Patrick shoehorns his PaleoPOW, a voicemail from Jay in Ferndale, WA, into a new study about tetrapod diversity over time.  

01:01:07 – PaleoPOW is stunted this week because Ryan and Patrick were trying to streamline things but Charlie still have some great feedback in the form of a bumper stick the Paleopals called for in a previous show provided by BabbleTrish ( and on display in the Brachiolope Gallery.

Also this week we announced our brand new store where you can buy all kinds of Science... sort of merch, go to the website ( and click on the store link to see all the great swag! 

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Music for this week's show:
Losing a whole year – Third Eye Blind
Another Drinkin' Song – The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Truman Show – Sweatshop Union
For My Family – The Devil Makes Three


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00:00:00 – The Paleopals Ryan, Patrick and Charlie are all drinking beers (shocking!) and they're all in locations (also: shocking!) but the only way to learn what those beers are and where they're being consumed is to listen!


00:05:44 – This week the Paleopals are talking with Dr. Seth Shostak ( who hunts aliens and has a real radio show. (He also uses radios to hunt aliens.) They're talking specifically about an article positing that the search for ET may need to focus more on the AI than the squishy EBE's that made them.


00:33:03 – Because everybody loves George Clooney this week's Trailer Trash Talk features The American (not the one from The Bugle).


00:42:23 – Charlie, widely considered the most energetic of the Paleopals, brings us a story about some of the problems facing alternative energy. The guys are sure to get this problem solved, they just need some organic matter to be broken down over a few million years until it's some sort of fuel… made from fossils. That would do the trick!


01:03:01 – PaleoPOWs are as follows: Patrick cheated by using a facebook post from David Precht ( earlier when we talked with Seth Shostak. H. Elliot wants to know if you can smell in space. And Ryan gets some love for the “sort of side” from Danielle ( when it comes to stripping.


Thanks for listening, be sure to check out our blog for regularly updated content all week long at!



Music for this week's show:

12:51 – The Strokes

Aliens Exist – blink-182

American Idiot – Green Day

Royal Oil – The Mighty Mighty Bosstones


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00:00:00 – Charlie is taking point this week to welcome everyone to the Science... sort of golden anniversary. Hooray! We made it to 50! Next stop... 51! (Obviously)

00:06:11 – There are a lot of animals in the world worth talking about. The Paleopals crank through as many as they can with this omni-list segment of some of our favorite extremophiles! (Not really extremophiles but the word was thematically appropriate.) 

00:43:44 – Trailer Trash Talk is feeling monstrous this week so we take a trip to the Mexican border with the trailer for Monsters. 

00:51:18 – We're sad to report that last year we lost a Chinese snake with a foot when it was tragically beaten to death with a shoe by a woman who caught it crawling up her wall. Hard to blame her. 

00:56:29 – PaleoPOW brings us a question about the Hulk which makes Charlie angry (you won't like him when he's angry), a 'critical' review from a 'pal' of 'Pods' over at iTunes, and some good old fashioned spam debunkery!


Thanks for listening, check out more great content updated regularly on our blog at


Music for the show:

Animal (Punks Jump Up Remix) – Miike Snow

Lisztomania (Alex Metric Rmx) - Phoenix

Monster – Abandoned Pools

Footloose – Kenny Loggins

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00:00:00 – Patrick is feeling whiney again; Charlie thinks he's being typical and Ryan unwinds with some local flavor after a long journey.

00:04:46 – Patrick surprises everyone by telling us marsupials might not have come from Australia at all! Ryan argues for the Creationist perspective. Charlie tries to make sense of it all.

00:17:59 – This week Trailer Trash Talk goes behind bars as the (chain)-gang talks about the new documentary Sweethearts of the Prison Rodeo.

00:28:29 – Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the frying pan Charlie scares us more than a prison rodeo with his story about mutant canola escaping the confines of the farm.

00:43:39 – Now all Ryan wants to talk about is kissing with the dudes, which is different than kissing dudes, a distinction he may have missed.

00:53:41 – PaleoPOW is a bit somber this week as Nicole takes us to taxonomy class, Ryan gets yelled at for illegally riding a dinosaur while under the influence and finally H. Elliot's husband used us to get an 'A.' We approve but want to see the assignment for ourselves.


Thanks for listening, if you'd like more great content updated all week check out our blog at



Old Number Seven – Devil Makes Three

Australia – The Shins

Prisoner of Today – Billy Talent

Personal Space Invader – Sugar Ray

Kiss Me – Sixpence None the Richer


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00:00:00 – Charlie drinks something that helps clarify a previous misstep. Patrick avoids problems. Ben is bennnnn. Ryan regales (or bores) everyone (including you) with his tales of travelling around the USA in search of good beers. 

00:07:36 - Jack Horner and Co. have taken our Triceratops but the Paleopals are arguing to get them back!

00: 23: 43 - Dinosaurs may not be expendable but your favorite 80's action stars are in this week's Trailer Trash Talk for The Expendables!

00:31:53 - Charlie sounds like a Bond villain as he explains possible plans to geo-engineer the Earth!

00:57:20 - Ben may not drink alcohol but he has no problem recommending a quick drink to help superconductors function better.

01:04:18 - PaleoPOW: Canada steps up its game with an all new, all northern iTunes review. Patrick thanks, COED magazine for some unexpected publicity. Charlie finds out how much we confuse the older generation. And Ryan revisits an old friend, an old joke, and an even older computer program.


Find more great content all week at our blog


Music this week:

Russian Jazz Waltz – Vagabond Opera

Let There Be Horns – RJD2

Bad Company – Bad Company

The World at Large – Modest Mouse

Electric Avenue - Eddy Grant

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00:00:00 – The Paleopals are introduced as Ryan does his last show in California (for awhile) sitting in the same room as Charlie. Jacob returns too from the double east coast, which isn't as cool as a double rainbow but suffices.

00:06:00 - Jacob tells us about some sweet retro future rockets that can keep you cool on a hot summer's day. Or while reentering earth's atmosphere. Whichever. 

00:20:34 - Next Ryan attempts to explain a new method for finding planets. Charlie attempts to help. We hope you attempted to learn something from it all. Also, some of the inner workings of West Virginia culture are illuminated, because you were dying to know.

00:37:17 - Instead of relying on the Paleopals to help you out why not rely on some Other Guys, which is the title of the movie in this week's Trailer Trash Talk!

00:46:26 - Jacob yet again takes us back to school teaching us the ins and outs of wind turbines (Hint: Wind goes both in AND out). Charlie and Ryan decide that if America wanted to be Communist, we’d be the best at it. Somehow those previous two sentences are related.

00:59:46 - The PaleoPOW delivers the goods with a little bit of criticism. We're scientists, we can take a critical beating, just keeps us honest.


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Music for this week's show:

East Coast Anthem – Good Charlotte

Rocketship – Guster

In Search Of – Miike Snow

Nice Guys Finish Last – Green Day

Four Winds – Bright Eyes

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00:00:00 - Ryan drinks his most complicated beer yet so thankfully Patrick and Charlie keep it simple and Ben has something else (as usual!)

00:07:50 - Patrick tells us how to make MORE money by being charitable. Man, that guy is crafty. Also, not so fast believing that study, the group tested may be a bit too... college, if ya know what I mean.

00:27:36 - The Paleopals then attempt to de-obfuscate the trailer for Centurion in this week's Trailer Trash Talk. However, it's possible there was no plot to unravel in the first place...

00:39:20 - If your mom ever told you not to play with your food then she was clearly unaware of how useful it could be as a building material, according to some very old Asians who figured this out long ago. Put some of that sticky rice between some bricks and that wall ain't coming down.

00:45:54 - Korea is planning to start replacing English teachers with Robots. The question now becomes: Will this disaster be linguistic or apocalyptic?

00:54:33 - PaleoPOW!We have a kiwi flavored iTunes review, an oddly friendly offer, a few trifling tweets, and Patrick is surprised by some criticism.


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Music for this week's show:

Turning Japanese - No Use for a Name

Fair - Ben Folds

Rome - Phoenix

Ways to Make it Through the Wall - Los Campesinos!

Robot - The Futureheads

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Show notes are a little less traditional than usual this week seeing as we recorded this episode live at the CalAcademy Nightlife in San Francisco! The show was fun but fraught with distraction. We told what we were drinking, talked about what would happen if the earth stopped spinning, and the trailer for the week was the etymologically indistinct Green Hornet. All this is interspersed with Nightlifers asking questions and just generally being cool. Finally, we bask in the iTunes review left by Cat Eyed Fox.

Forgive the less than stellar audio quality but hopefully, the content makes up for it. Thanks again to everyone who came out to support us and welcome to any new listeners we might have! 

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Music this week:

This is Your Night – Amber

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Ep 44: Science... sort of - Dinosaur Language

00:00:00 - The Paleopals are joined by Ryan North, a computational linguist and creator of Dinosaur Comics (as well as a Canadian).  The Americans have beers and the Canadians have other stuff, some more interesting than beer, and some less so.

00:08:45 - Ryan North talks to us about computers using linguists and helps us sort out articles involving computers (supposedly) cracking indecipherable dead languages and how and why to save languages that are going extinct.

01:11:23 - Northern Ryan joins the usual suspects for Trailer Trash Talk.  We attack Piranha 3D, with surprising results.  We trade more stock than usual, find out if it's long, short, or both.

01:24:23 - We check in with Ryan at The Amazing Meeting in Vegas and plug our live recording at Cal Academy Nightlife on July 15th.  Then, we settle in on what is really important, you (talking about or to us).  Ben reads a classic review which sparks a Roman history duel between Ryan and Ben.




Wavin' Flag - K'Naan

I Fought Piranhas (Album Version) - The White Stripes

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00:00:00 - Ryan is out of character as he demands to keep things moving as the other Paleopals Charlie and Patrick are forced to rush through drinks and a theme.

00:03:50 - Patrick is annoyed by the name of a new mega whale, but at least it has more teeth than stupid Sperm Whales (whom also have a weird name, am I right?).

00:16:39 - But this week the Paleopals are also on the hunt as they dissect the trailer for Predators. Things get a bit literal and heavy handed.

00:27:32 – A new type of scientist finds an old type of spear. Do your part for anthropology by walking around melting glaciers and picking up oddly shaped sticks. You could be the next Indiana Jones!

00:38:40 – PaleoPOW! Patrick has news from Chad on newly discovered brews. Charlie is Dallan’s forgotten favorite in a new iTunes review. And Ryan gets some cow-based blog feedback from Tomica.

Links to these stories and more can be found at

No I in Threesome – Interpol
Whaley – Sentinel
It was a good day – Ice Cube (From the album “The Predator”)
Hunt - Aceyalone

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00:00:00 – Ben has made it to the proper (read: west) coast but is still too far north for Ryan and Patrick who are side by side and sharing a brew.

00:05:03 – Patrick may be looking to get away because he wants to talk about jetpack science. You know this one will lead to digressions.

00:19:44 – The Paleopals are feeling a bit loopy Trailer Trash Talking Knight & Day with Tom Cruise. We’re not sure if he’s crazy off-screen, on-screen, both or neither. Scientology should sue Ben, we’re pretty sure he said the meanest stuff.

00:37:22 – Ben has a real physics story he wants to talk about. He promises not to get distracted. He might succeed but we don’t remember cause we got distracted.

00:48:14 – The PaleoPOW leads to a confused Ben, which is amusing in its own right (blame Formspring). Also Ryan and Patrick each read some sort of listener interaction too. What were the odds?!

Find links to these stories and more at

My United Sates of Whatever – Liam Lynch
Jet Pack – Eve 6
Crazy Eyes – Old Crow Medicine Show
Fall – Something Corporate


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On the advice of a previous guest of the show and in conjunction with the website Brews and Books ( ​Charlie and Ryan take to the streets in what is sure to be an informative and hilarious romp through macro brew science! Not to be missed.

Find more great content at the podcast and blog


Nothing Was Stolen (Love Me Foolishly) - Phosphorescent

Fixed Income - DJ Shadow
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Ep 41: Science... sort of - Jacob Have I Loved

00:00:00 – Introducing a previously teased voice but now for a full episode it’s Jacob! Two other guys showed up to talk too.

00:07:11 – Charlie is a doctor now, and he’s gonna tell you why. Hint: Men are from Mars

00:28:31 – It’s the most literal Trailer Trash Talk ever as the guys breakdown the trailer Winnebago Man.

00:43:32 – If you wanted your Winnebago to make it to space, Jacob is the guy you want strapping on the rockets. He breaks down the current state of rocketry especially this Falcon 9 thing that matters to the engineering types out there.

01:03:21 – PaleoPOW! It’s like a punch from the past! (That should probably be incorporated as a slogan somehow.) This week Jacob reads out an iTunes review, which we love, by the way, Alan Saiz sends a relevant link to Charlie and Ryan spots PaleoPosse member James Comey in the wild.


Need more? Well, there’s a blog! Go read it at


Music for this week’s show:

Billy Brag and Wilco – California Stars

Elton John – Rocket Man (’03 remix)

Lou Reed – Sick of You

M83 – We Own the Sky

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00:00:00 – The Paleopals can’t even get through introductions without Ryan being wrong about something, Charlie correcting him and Patrick presumably knowing all along.

00:04:26 – This week’s guest is Rick Loverd who works for the Science & Entertainment Exchange as well as writing the comic Berserker for Top Cow. He has a lot to say about his own projects as well as how he fights the good fight to get the best science possible into the media you enjoy every day. A conversation not to be missed.

00:43:41 – Trailer Trash Talk this week gets a little punny as the guys chat about Christopher Nolan’s latest offering: Inception. Comparisons are made, digressions are had and finally votes are cast.

00:52:19 – That’s Dr. Paleopal to you. Our very own Patrick becomes a doctor mere moments (1 week in podcast time) before our very own Charlie. So the good doctor takes a moment to tell us about the research that led to the title. How long till Ryan gets his act together and finishes a PhD? (Hint: A very long time, stay tuned.)

01:09:54 – PaleoPOW this week brings a more personal than usual addition to the Brachiolope Gallery, a comment on a self-serving (and list based) post, and Katherine brings the tweet with a callback to a previous show and a previous drink.

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Music for this week’s show:
The Beach – Dr. Dog
Entertain Me – Blur
Jambalaya (On the Bayou) – Hank Williams
Beyond Electric Dreams – Bad Religion
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Ep 39: Science... sort of - Critical Drinking

00:00:00 - This week we're diving right in without a wasted second (... sort of) because we have an awesome guest who's voice you're likely already familiar with, Brian Dunning, host of the podcast Skeptoid, with whom we speak of a many great and numerous things.

00:46:44 - Ryan revisits his more recent childhood while Patrick and Charlie remain lackluster about the latest offering from Pixar, Toy Story 3 in this week's Trailer Trash Talk.

00:56:53 - Whales were once scum-sucking bottom feeders. But they evolved past it and left cool fossils with which we can use against another group of scum-suckers: creationists.

01:10:56 - PaleoPOW! Charlie finds a real Paleopal in Ed, James takes us to task on iTunes and we fire back (all in good fun, cause we're all friends here, right?) and Patrick reads a tweet from Quadell praising the blog.

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Music for this week's show:

  • I Know More – The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
  • When I Grow Up - Garbage
  • Whale Song – Pearl Jam 
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Ep 38: Science... sort of - The Quiz Show

This week was the quiz show so we don't have traditional show notes. We get asked about the usual range of subjects covered in the show. Everything from climate change, personal history, lightsaber battles and  dinosaur acoustics.  And of course zombies.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to make this one of the most fun shows to record in a long time. If you didn't get your question answered feel free to yell at us by e-mailing or going to and leaving a comment.

See ya sooner than usual next week with the big 39.

Since there was only one song that wasn't the theme song here are some of the cocktails we were drinking this week.

Jamie's Champagne Cocktail… sort of:

  • Champagne
  • Chambord
  • Two Raspberries

Charlie's Quiz Cocktail:

  • 1 shot espresso
  • 3 ice cubes
  • 1 shot Disaronno Amaretto


Question (Outro) – Sweatshop Union


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Ep 37: Science... sort of - The High Ground

00:00:00 - You may not describe the Paleopals as rich, dark and smooth, but this week their drinks all were. That's something. Isn't it? It's not? Oh, moving on then.

00:04:51 - Birds like conventional wheat better than organic wheat according to a new study. The Paleopals dance around with this hot potato of a food issue.

00:20:36 - Ryan sounds like a jock during Trailer Trash Talk as he complains about the brainiacs who will out-research him once they finish high school in this week's trailer for the documentary Whiz Kids.

00:30:42 - Get down with Greenland, cause things are moving up. Wow, that made no sense at all but there's no time to fix it. The point is Greenland is rising and it's probably you and your CO2's fault. I hope you're happy. Greenland is soggy, wet, high and dry.

00:38:27 - Getting high can make you sick, and we're not talking about drugs. Altitude leads to adaptation in the people of Tibet, and a new study shows just how deep those changes go. Sir Edmund Hilary eat your heart out.

00:48:29 - PaleoPOW this week brings you a new feature to the website in the form of a Brachiolope Gallery, another reason for being a scientist from Cynthia G. and a place you probably don't want to add to your bucket list from Grainne S.


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Music for this week's show:

Higher Ground – Stevie Wonder

Fields of Gold - Sting

Kids - MGMT

The Snows They Melt the Soonest – Jesse Autumn & Friends

Everest – Ratatat

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Ep 36: Science... sort of - Seen from Space

00:00:00 – Ryan is the only one drinking alcohol this week. That's probably the sign of a dependency issue, but he'd argue the Paleoposse depend on great content and that he's just stepping up.

00:05:44 – There are holes in the Milky Way. Listener Angella Beshara is relying on the Paleopals to get to the bottom of it! Only Ryan stands in the way with his usual nonsensical sidebars.

00:15:41 – Beavers have been industrious up in the great wet north, but we have our eye on them… from space! Then Ben goes off on many tangents about Canadian history, because who would know if he didn't tell us? They certainly don't teach us about it in school.

00:30:11 – T-cubed this week is talking about the “documentary” Cropsey. What if the boogie man was real? Scary! What if he was from Staten Island? Well, none of us grew up there, so significantly less scary. And maybe fake. You decide!

00:44:29 – PaleoPOW is a doozy this week as the Paleopals celebrate a milestone, answer tough question from Charles Kressbach about The Flash without the aid of Tom Katers, and finally get inspired for new topics by Jaqueline F.

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Music for this week's show:

Reasons to Quit - Phosphorescent

Holes to Heaven – Jack Johnson

O Canada – Celine Dion

Drinking at the Dam - Smog

The Kids Don't Stand a Chance – Vampire Weekend

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Ep 35: Science... sort of - Change Over Time

00:00:00 - The Paleopals go through the motions of introductions but they're tired because they were up late and they were up late because they were at the Calacademy Nightlife. Which was pretty cool and they'll tell you why.

00:08:36 - What happens when a species gets divorced? Does that mean they don't love us anymore? Patrick explains the delicate and debated topic of speciation; specifically some cute little lizards on islands.

00:26:20 - The trailer this week involves some irresponsible scientists with a tale as old as time as the Paleopals tackle Splice. The tale of creating a monster you can no longer control. The Paleopals get a little harsh on this B-movie plot that perpetrates the image of the irresponsible scientist.

00:36:13- Another tale from an old time is a dinosaur tale. And they may be back soon if the Canadians are allowed to have their way with Chicken DNA. Everything you just read is true. Moving on.

00:50:10 - PaleoPOW this week brings a scientific inspiration from Hannah Elliot, Patrick's favorite iTunes review, and Ryan pleading to stay ahead of some nude academics on podcast alley.

More  science goodness available at

Music for this week's show:

  • Extreme Ways - Moby
  • Island in the Sun – Weezer
  • Experiment Number Six – Lemon Jelly
  • Things I Don't Remember – Ugly Casanova
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Ep 34: Science... sort of - Brain Freeze

00:00:00 - Yeah, yeah, yeah, Paleopals, drinking, some kind of theme. There's no guest this week, just the usual knuckleheads. It only takes a few minutes to get through, SCIENCE happens soon.

00:08:03 - After hearing that who on earth would feel inspired to become a scientist? Probably no one, but then again the Paleopals haven’t attained pop-culture icon status… yet. Someday in the future people will definitely say “I became a scientist because of Science… sort of!” Those will be grand days indeed.

00:21:55 - Asteroids are full of chemicals, some more interesting than others. Charlie tries to unboring up this story for the guys while Ryan complains about the media… again. Guys really got a hard on for reporters, must be some history there. Best not to ask and just move on to...

00:32:38 - Trailer Trash Talk (T^3) which this week is talking about another brainy guy with issues while reviewing indie movie The Scientist. Opinions are mixed, hearts are broken, little is accomplished.

00:50:12 - Ryan has your weekly CalAcademy Nightlife breakdown; it’s your best chance to see a Paleopal in their natural environment (i.e. drinking around SCIENCE). Like the show, all interactions with live Paleopals will be pre-recorded and highly edited.

00:41:14 - If you’re not bored with the show yet, then you'll love this next bit. If you are bored you've likely yawned, well your brain has tricked you into paying attention! HA! Take that stupid brain. If you feel that you were tricked you should send your complaints to us which may earn you a spot in the...

00:52:39 - PaleoPOW segment! We love the Paleoposse and devote (an increasing) chunk of the show to singing their praises. This week Ryan B. raises a question in the wrong solar direction, James P. P. (actually) and Patrick will not let whole fly penis thing go, and Ryan is pronoun confounded on iTunes. Of course, Ryan also has more to announce such as: 


Music this week provided by:

  • Still Alive – Jonathan Coulton & GLaDOS
  • The Motivation Proclamation – Good Charlotte
  • Rest My Chemistry – Interpol
  • Scientist – The Dandy Warhols
  • I Wanna Be Sedated – The Ramones

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Ep 33: Science... sort of - Sex, Bugs, and Rock'n'Roll

00:00:00 - The Paleopals taste the full spectrum of beer with sweet, bitter and sour. Who had what? Why? How was it? All this and more will be answered!

00:06:11 - Next the Paleopals sit down and jaw with author Mary Roach. She's written all kinds of books you should have already bought and read but it's not too late! The books are Stiff, Spook, and Bonk. The interview should make the evocative titles clearer.

00:54:12 - Bonking can lead to babies, and babies can lead to documentaries, apparently. The Paleopals suffer cuteness overload as they Trailer Trash Talk the movie Babies.

01:07:30 - Fruit flies need love too, but their penises are covered in hooks, barbs, spikes, and TERROR!! Learn what happens when you give these dipterans a Brazilian. And it would be impossible for this topic to stay on the rails, so be prepared.

01:20:09 - Patrick forgets how important the listeners are, but Charlie and Ryan are there to remind him with an internationally flavored PaleoPOW! Thanks to all who contributed, we'd thank you in the show notes if we were more organized.

01:31:55 - This is the end of the podcast, sit quietly and wait one week for Episode 34. If you must do something go here and leave comments everywhere you can.


Music this week provided by:

Sexxlaws – Beck

Open Book – Cake

Baby Hold On – Eddie Money

Learn to Fly – Foo Fighters

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Ep 32: Science... sort of - Gets It Together

Gets It Together" originally referred to one thing, but should really be accredited to Ben Tippett, who kept this show on track by sheer force of Canadian will and charisma. He definitely leveled up with this one.

00:00:00 – Drinks and introductions. The intros technically came first, but the drinks dominate the show later on, so I figured they deserved higher billing.

00:06:07 – Guess who’s coming to Science… sort of?! It’s the return of the effervescent Sr. Nino. The esteemed gentleman of the climate explains why meteorologists aren’t to be trusted and how to save your family from global warming. Not to be missed.

00:26:29 – Saturn has a moon that looks like Pac-Man in infrared. Do you really need more than that to intrigue you? Also, Charlie is in his element and rocks some truly delicious science all up in your ears.

00:43:22 – Some things from Canada are good. Ben is one, Scott Pilgrim is the other. There’s a movie coming out (with a trailer first, hence the segment), but there were comics first. This segment doubles as Odd-Man Out for Charlie.

01:00:33 – We like to keep it positive, and nothing gets us exciting like thinking we may all live in a wormhole generated from a black hole, but Ben has some bad news. I hope no one’s feelings get hurt.

01:23:04 – The Paleoposse says things to us. And we love them for it. The show is off the rails at this point. Charlie and Ryan are borderline incapacitated from booze; Ben keeps things on track and GETS IT TOGETHER!!

You’ve reached a save point. Good job.

Music for this week’s show provided by:
Bottles & Cans – Rehab
Senorita – Los Lonely Boys
Satellite - Guster
Scott Pilgrim - Plumtree
Way down in the hole – Blind Boys of Alabama

For more science lunacy take your browser on a trip to

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Ep 31: Science... sort of - Beer Science

00:00:00 – Intros seem unusually succinct, what's going on? Don't you dare short-change us, Paleopals! Furthermore, how did I, an anonymous fan, wind up doing the show notes? The only way out now is to forge ahead…

00:03:56 – Oh, I get it. You have an interview with Charles Bamforth, the Anheuser-Busch Endowed Professor of Brewing Science at UC Davis. This guy sounds awesome, and it's literally beer science, just like the theme of the show! You guys are the greatest.

00:37:18 – And now Trailer Trash Talk, this one is about In My Sleep. Some kind of sleep-thriller? Yeah, cause nothing is more thrilling than sleep. FAIL! Moving on… More Stars Wars talk? I'm on board, let's just keep in sciencey.

00:58:36 – Sometimes a story just seems tailor-made for you guys, doesn't it? A captured Oriental Yeti is such a softball but as usual y'all do a better job handling this story than 99.99% of actual news media. Well maybe that isn't usual, but when it comes to Yetis the Paleopals can't be beat.

01:08:48 – And now it's the PaleoPOW segment. What does POW stand for anyway? You've always been inconsistent with this acronym; I hope you didn't steal if from some other site. That would be low. Regarldess, I hope I get mentioned! If only I had a real identity and not just this collection of words without so much as name to attribute to it. Mine is the toughest of lots. So now Ryan's writing for some comic-book site ( I'm here having an existential crisis and he's riffing on funny-books. Jerk. Show's over, now I return to nothingness. Enjoy life, everyone else. *sigh*


Music for this week's show provided by:

Broken Record – Sweatshop Union

Charles in Charge – Relient K

As You Sleep – Something Corporate

Snow In His Hair – Johnny Cash


For more whacky times and internet wraiths check out:

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Ep 30: Science... sort of - Another Day, Another Podcast

Coming up with real themes every week is hard.

00:00:00 - The Paleopals bring the excitement this week and we also have a recipe to share.

  • Charlie's Tequila... sort of: In one tumbler glass put 3 ice cubes, 2 squeezed limes, 2 shots of tequila & a pour of soda water. Enjoy!

00:08:06 - If alcohol isn't your thing try a magnet to the brain for impaired judgment. Ryan explains why psychiatrists shouldn't write horror stories.

00:21:22 - If the Paleopals want to wear tights while recording that's a personal choice and frankly none of your business, but Trailer Trash Talk is everyone business and this week we're talking Robin Hood!

00:37:35 - Alligators don't breathe often but when they do they're kind of single-minded about it. Patrick will make that make sense.

00:51:55 - PalePOW brings in a ringer for some added expertise. Welcome to Tom Katers of the awesome podcast Tom vs. The Flash to talk science and comics!


Go listen to Tom:


Go listen to us again (once is never enough):


Music this week provided by:

Another Day - MEST

Another State of Mind - Green Day

The Bare Necessities - Phil Harris and Bruce Reitherman

Breathing - Yellowcard

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Ep 29: Science... sort of - Stranger in a Strange Land

Short and sweet but still full of content... sot of. It's Episode 29: Stanger in a Strange Land! 

  • 00:00:00 - Soul-mates and Paleopals Patrick and Charlie almost share beers both ways. It's confusing, but they seem to get. Ryan drinks something better and has obscure reasons for doing so. We've all been here before, yes? Moving on.
  • 00:03:45 - If you think people aren't paying attention to you, try moving 30 degrees one way or another cause you may be invisible. Patrick explains. It also seems hard to find lively discussion, for it too is invisible.
  • 00:12:32 - However, nothing is more visible than a black child star in China. Trailer Trash Talk this week is talking montages and remakes all centered around the Karate Kid. Guilty pleasures abound.
  • 00:25:44 - Charlie is on assignment, and he may have been the wrong choice to send but he's got gumption and we reward that. If only he could breathe as well underwater as he does on land. But he knows an insect that's up to the challenge.
  • 00:34:05 - As rare as they are wonderful, Ryan brings us a story of gynadromorhpic chickens that are split straight down the middle. P.T. Barnum eat your heart out.
  • 00:48:21 - PaleoPOW time. Patrick is unorthodox and unorganized, but next year will better. Charlie is his usual charming self. Ryan finds a way to bring up Zombies.


That's the show, but if you want more tasty fun go to our website See you there!

Music this week provided by:

  • Friends - Flight of the Conchords
  • Lonely Stranger - Eric Clapton
  • Remember the Name - Fort Minor
  • Butterfly - Mason Jennings
  • Two Birds - Regina Spektor
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Ep 28: Science... sort of - Fantasy Survival Guide


Most of our listeners are human (we think) so chances are you'd be pretty useless in a fantasy realm. We brought in someone who agrees but is there hope? This week's theme is "Fantasy Survival Guide."


00:00:00 - Ben barely had time, and is under contractual obligation, to just have water. The other Paleopals enjoy more high pressured beverages... 

00:02:48 - This week we chat with Matt Sturges, writer of books and comics. He's smart AND talented, so listen up!

00:41:06 - Psychopaths get pleasure at any cost (we would know) but why? Charlie presents a new study that may hold the answer.

00:50:37 - Controversial as always, but no one can deny that this week's Trailer Trash Talk Kicks Ass!

00:58:49 - When physicists see something they don't understand they call if "dark _____" and make the universe that much more complicated for the rest of us. Thanks, jerks.

01:22:43 - PaleoPAL brings the iTunes love this week from 2 countries. Bonus feature: Hilbilly vocabular lessons for Canadians!


Music this week provided by:

Danger of the Water - The Futureheads

Sick Muse - Metric (from the ablum "Fantasies", get it?)

Evil - Interpol

Kick Some Ass - Stroke 9

Parallel Universe - Red Hot chili Peppers


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Ep 27: Science... sort of - Monsters Among Us

The Monsters Among Us -or- 3 Paleopals in Fine Form Indeed 

00:00:00 - Who is who? In which a woman with credentials is presented and the thematic integrity of Ryan's beer is questioned.

00:04:28 - Jeff asks the tough questions, such as: How is a quaking Earth like a spinning figure skater? The answer may surprise you, but you'll have less time to figure it out than you might think. Not even factoring in daylight savings.

00:28:51 - Trailer Trash Talk boths defends and attacks Defendor. It ain't easy being a Superhero.

00:37:39 - Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, we find out there may have been dinosaurs in there too. And not the common misappropriation of aquatic reptiles as dinosaurs. This is the real deal, suckas!

00:48:11 - Ryan is the glue that holds it all together, so what happens if he gets left out? Charlie and Patrick discuss the movie "The Sasquatch Gang" while Ryan tries to keep up.

01:00:22 - Praise be to Ryan (not the usual one), Chris needs some help, and Mark puts Charlie in his place. All this and more in this week's PaleoPOW. (Hint: The more is a voicemail from Pete, so there's that.)


Music this week provided by:

The Monster's Loose - Polaris

Bouncing Off the Walls - Sugarcult

Do Somethin' Crazy - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

You Part the Waters - Cake

Rockin' the Suburbs - Ben Folds


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Ep 26: Science... sort of - Rambling Catharsis

More sort of than science this week, but still fun... sort of.

00:00:00 - The Canadian brings the Yeti! Justin drinks old beer and spews old nonsense to boot. Benjamin goes tropical in an unexpected way (at least to Old Man Yeakel). And Ryan quizzes the guys on mascots.

00:08:03 - Next some very overdue whining concerning the state of R2D2's aerodynamics. Turns out he's as hollow as the plot of the prequels. Bazinga!

00:36:33 - Ryan, being a shameless shill that he is, bring in Jon from the Nerd List for a brief plug and discussion of 2nd tier superheroics. Someone gets mocked.

00:44:17 - Trailer Trash Talk is full of Losers this week. It was a comic but you wouldn't guess it from all the action!! A woman is drooled over, both in and out of the trailer.

00:57:04 - Numbers can get big. We need words to help with all those zeros and someone has proposed "hella" for a 1 with 27 zeros. The Californians are furious, the Canadian is curious, and someone bothers to do some actual research. The controversy ends here!

01:11:28 - PaleoPOW! iTunes (both here and abroad) plus an e-mail! How much more need I say?

01:25:20 - If you haven't been listening after the credits you've been missing out, stay tuned...

Music this week provided by:

Beer - Real Big Fish

Fly Me to the Moon - Frank Sinatra

Superhero - Stephen Lynch

Lost and Found - Feeder

Never Ending Math Equation - Modest Mouse


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Ep 25: Science... sort of - Science Heavyeights

This week we're coming in strong and don't intend to let up with our powerhouse theme: Science Heavyweights

00:00:00 The Paleopals may be crunched for time and resources but the drinking part of the show is important and taken care of. However, for the first time EVER the Paleopals are all drinking the same thing! Tune in to find out what liquid earned the honor.

00:02:51 The titular Science Heavyweight this week is Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson. We talk to him about scientific outreach, what makes science exciting, and of course booze.

00:32:21 The Paleopals needs to unwind after all the excitement of Dr. Tyson. They take a few minutes to reflect before moving on to...

00:35:16 Trailer Trash Talk!! It's your favorite, and if not it should be. It's a short one this week, but strong on content... sort of.

00:43:06 Ryan represses the giggles as Patrick tries to tell him about bent wood on the international space station. Charlie chimes in (Cause he knows about this space stuff) and finally they design some projects of their own involving reality TV and chimps.

00:54:18 Double-wide PaleoPOW this week to make up for last week's absence. Ryan is on top of it but the other dud es can barely remember a week ago (probably their rampant alcholism or the fact that they have real jobs, wives, lives, ect.) but they manage to pull it together enough to get the job done. Voicemail too, it really is a doozy this week.

This week's show was sponsored by Color Storm! for the iPhone & iTouch.


Music this week provided by:

Whiskey & Wine - Matt Costa

Wonderboy - Tenacious D

Another Girl Another Planet - blink-182

Wave on Wave - Pat Green

Bent - Matchbox Twenty


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Ep 24: Science... sort of - Hilarity Ensues

This week's theme: Hilarity Ensues

You never know what you're gonna get with Science... sort of and this week it's no exception. Somehow we lost segments and wound up with a longer than usual show, ain't it whacky!?

00:00:00 Apologies instead of intros, but you get enough info to keep listening.

00:01:36 We talk to science comedian Brian Malow. What more do you need to know? Isn't that enough? It's funny, I promise.

00:31:08 Trailer Trash Talk takes a trip... through time! The Paleopals ponder Hot Tub Time Machine.

00:42:26 Why do we laugh? Sounds philosophical but we try to tackle it from the psychological. Mallow provides most valuable insights.

01:04:02 Turns out a bee could pick your face out of a lineup. Is this an accident of evolution, or an intelligently designed plot to sting you on the nose?


Music this week provided by:

The Final Countdown - Europe

One More Time - Daft Punk

Help, I'm Alive - Metric

Queen Bee - Taj Mahal


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Ep 23: Science... sort of - SHARK WEEK!!

15 February 2010 - We're sticking tight to a theme this week. CHANNEL your DISCOVERY of this week's show with episode 23 - SHARK WEEK!!

00:00:00 - The gang's all here plus one extra-Sharky, but never too snarky, Sora Kim! Beers are both thematic and provided.

00:05:47 - The Paleopals grill Sora on her underwater research. Patrick makes up species, Sora sets us all straight.

00:24:28 - It's insanity in the PaleoCave with this week's Trailer: The Crazies! Can you handle not-so-zombie zombies?

00:35:06 - Would you want to be headbutted by something called a shark but isn't a shark with something called genitalia but isn't actually genitalia? Yeah, us neither. But the science reporting is what it is, so that may be our fate.

00:47:48 - And you thought Great White Sharks were bad? How would you like to get chomped by a Megalodon? Chris from NJ asks the important questions.

01:05:06 - Then we bring it all home with a lengthy PaleoPOW segment. It's finally safe to go back in the mailbox.

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Ep 22: Science... sort of - Robot, all too Robot

00:00:00 – Ryan, Patrick, and Charlie are settling into their roles as the standard Paleopal permutation, recording once again in the same tower (err… empty classroom). NASA scientist Shawn Hart is our special guest this week and he complements the entire show. Ryan struggles with the drink... in a funny way not the 'affecting friends and family' sort of way. Patrick supports earthquake prone Eureka, CA with his brew selection. Charlie gets creeped out by his beer label. Shawn’s not much of a beer drinker but represents with a classic microbrew favorite.

00:06:36 – This week starts off science heavy with Shawn telling us all about the benevolent robot camera HiRISE. HiRISE, onboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, circles Mars 300 km above the surface and takes pictures at submeter per pixel resolution. It makes one wonder what spy satellites can see on Earth. Find out why HiRISE is the people's camera and how you can choose where on Mars it should look next.

00:28:08 – Trailer Trash Talk – Think incessant phone calls from credit card collection agencies are bad? Try missing a payment on your cybernetically enhanced organs. Forest Whitaker and a beefy Jude Law will track you down and kill you. Is Repo Men good Scifi? Is any Scifi good? We hash it all out and more.

00:40:20 – Next we tread deep into the 'Uncanny Valley' – The Uncanny Valley is a pseudo-scientific concept that explains our repulsion to robots that look almost human but not quite. In a 1970 paper in the journal Energy, roboticist Masahiro Mori proposed that a robot that’s too human-like can veer into unsettling territory, tripping the same psychological alarms associated with a dead or unhealthy human. Does it really exist or are we being robot bigots? What is with all this anti-robot propaganda anyway? The Paleopals get over their initial prejudices and greet creepy robots with open arms. Disclaimer: We still do not like zombies.

00:54:15 – Shawn's one of those rare scientists with extensive right brain aptitude. His website, onehundredthmonkey, reveals his eye for aesthetics, art, and culture. In his words, 'this site is an outlet of rad stuff from around the world, and various diatribes and impassioned calls to action (generally not the serious kind). Hope you enjoy it. ...oh and if you're wondering about the name one hundredth monkey, it's some pseudoscience theory about crazy brainwaves communicating ideas across the ether. Ya, don’t even worry about it.' We Paleopals frequent this site and we think the Paleoposse would love it.

01:05:10 – Listener Feedback – We were featured on iTunes! It ruled. We have a ton of new listeners and a ton of new feedback. Charlie fails at reading a bad review; Patrick succeeds. As it turns out, trailer trash is a whole lot like anchovies, Radiolab is a good podcast, and, well, Charlie, Ryan, and Patrick are hicks. Ryan reads off a list of the Paleoposse elite – they have special prizes coming their way.

This weeks music can be found here:

  • House Party – Chomp Chomp < Up and coming indie Band from Bellingham, WA–stay tuned
  • High Roller – The Crystal Method
  • Guns of Brixton – Nouvelle Vague
  • Deceptacon – Le Tigre
  • Where It's At – Beck


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Ep 21: Science... sort of - Red Devils

00:00:00 - The Paleopals are together again for the first time.  We explore the art of podcasting from the same time and space.  Also, we explore what we are drinking.  Finally, Ryan disappoints us… sort of!

00:03:42 - We kick off the science this week with a story of a stranded red (planet) rover.  The spirit has finally left the little robot in a pile of sand.  Spirit still works, she just doesn't get out as much as she used to. 

00:13:30 - Trailer Trash Talk - This week we go down the rabbit hole to discuss the Disney/Tim Burton live-action Alice in Wonderland. Apparently, this is an extension of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass.  Best we can tell Tim Burton just put the band back together.  Is that a good or a bad thing?  The Paleopals will set you straight.

00:21:56 - Dinosaurs were a colorful lot, at least according to this story.  Science finds evidence of coloration on dinosaur feathers.  Naturally, this news makes Ryan want a pet Velociraptor even more than he did.  We discuss melanosomes and whether pet theropods are a good idea or not. 

00:36:34 - Tasmanian devils have cancer, so's their face.  Wait it gets worse, it's contagious (amongst the devils, not to humans).  As if Australia wasn't deadly enough already.  The future doesn't look bright for these guys.  Probably the best thing they can do have lots of sex with partners they aren't likely to encounter in the first place.  That or quit biting each other.  

00:41:33 - PaleoPOW. We give the Paleoposse their props and close out the show with some poll results on the ethical treatment of steak, I mean cows. 

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Ep 20: Science... sort of - Skepticism... sort of Ep. 20 - Skepticism... sort of 00:00:00 - Just in case you don't remember who the Paleopals are they introduce themselves and introduce their drinks too! Patrick claims to have found a hard to find beer, Ryan has over-thought things again, Ben represents the non-alcoholics and Charlie's drink is a surprise! 00:05:28 - Dr. Steve Novella of the Skeptic's Guide to the Universe stops by for a chat. A long chat. But it's all golden as Steve walks the Paleopals down the short road between SCIENCE and skepticism. 00:54:13 - Terribly Happy is a movie not many will likely be able to see or even want to see but it ties in to a later segment of the show and it's all done in foreign talk. Has anyone even been to Dane-land? What's so Great about Danes anyway? Why would you name both a dog and a pastry after them? 01:03:00 - To be prepared for the future you'll need to know how to battle in space, the Paleopals break down the basics and help you decide what to watch to best give you the specifics. Physics ensues. 01:25:48 - The Odd-Man Out segment makes it's glorious return wherein Ben hasn't done his homework, nor was he supposed to. Charlie and Ryan talk lovingly about the trade paperback of Fell, and Ben does his part playing catch-up. Charlie uses the PaleoWOW: Occidental, it may not be scientific, but it's a good one to know. 01:39:41 - The Paleoposse represents in this installment of the PaleoPOW! Reviews are read, questions are answered, goodbyes are said. Music this week provided by: Mr. Jones (live) - Counting Crows Science is Real - They Might Be Giants Whiskey and Lemonade - Sourgrass Battlestar Scralatchtica - Incubus The Fallen Interlude - blink-182
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Ep 19: Science... sort of - Nuclear Giants and Ethical Infants

00:00:00 - Intro: Alcohol is a double-edged sword, but is that a redundant statement? Probably, unless you're in Japan. And our guest, Ryan Lipscomb, keeps up with beer talk, so you know he can be trusted.

00:08:54 What happens if you get shot in the gonads with a high dose of radiation? Should you listen to "Science... sort of" with you laptop on your lap? More serious questions, like the health of children, are also addressed.

00:23:10 More derailment as we find out what happens when you go through the scanners at the airport. Is it better to wear leather chaps or nothing at all? And the age-old question: Are spies more susceptible to radiation? 00:32:30 Darwin creates romance in the upcoming film "Creation." Provocative title, but will it be worth the hype? Look us up on and find out. Or just listen, that works too.

41:20 Planning a trip? Try Chernobyl: Now with 100% more radiotrophic fungus! In all the world this is the closest living thing to the Incredible Hulk.

51:30 A new way of doing listener feedback starts here! Also Ryan explains his hairbrained contest ideas. The prizes are real. Believe in the prizes. Music for the show provided by: The Maldives -- Tequila Sunday Blakroc -- Ain't Nothing Like You Eels -- Your Lucky Day In Hell

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Ep 18: Science... sort of - Comfortable Mammals It's a bit late and it's a bit long but it's all Science... sort of! 00:00:00 Imbibing is part of the show. Charlie has a thing for numbers, Patrick needs a pick-me-up and Ryan over explains things. 00:07:00 Charlie wonders why sea lions follow him up and down the coast. The other Paleopals learn some shocking secrets about his past as a lawbreaker. And a wild theory turns out to have some merit. 00:25:54 Would Cujo have been as scary if you were suspended above the mean dog? The guys try to suss out survival by trailer trash-talking the movie Frozen! 00:40:40 Patrick talks to Dr. Blaine Schubert, he's literally titularly excellent! 01:05:55 Cows have feelings too (for now), but humans eat cows: that's a fact according to Charlie. Patrick may throw him a curve ball. And Ryan tries not to confuse the issue, but it'll probably happen anyway. 01:21:15 Listeners also feed… back! But we think listeners are sacred and therefore should never be eaten. Music this week provided by: I've got your number – Passion Pit The Runaway - Something Corporate In The Cold, Cold Night - White Stripes Tennessee - The Wreckers Pain - Jimmy Eat World
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Ep 17: Sceince... sort of - Lengthening Our Listeners Welcome to the post-Solstice Science… sort of Special: All New for a New Decade… sort of. 00:00:00 – An unusual lineup leads to unusual drinks. Who are these people and just what are they drinking? Here’s a hint but tune in to find out! 00:03:35 – An interview with Dr. Bruce Haupt who lengthens bones for a living. Get your mind out of the gutter and pay attention to the science. 00:25:07 – Tools are fun. Octopi are fun. Why not put them together? A new video shows just that, but only the Paleopals can tell you what this means for humanity and our potentially threatened future. 00:39:38 – Sam Neil keeps screwing things up as the Paleopals discuss this week’s trailer: Daybreakers. Fortunately silly sounding scientists (our favorite!) and Willem Defoe (another favorite!) are there to save us (us being all of humanity). 00:47:00 – Feedback Frenzy! The Paleopals have fallen behind on their email and the iTunes reviews keep rolling. Hold on as they race you through the updates. Bonus feature: LAZORS!! 01:05:48 – The end, in which puppies are discussed. Awwwww. Music provided by: The New Year – Death Cab for Cutie My Bones Are Gonna Rise Again (Rev C) – Old Crow Medicine Show Beyond the Sea – UC Berkley Men’s Octet (8, like an Octopus) Sunny Day – Abandoned Pools As A Fan (Bonus) – Greydon Square (<- Seriously, you know you don’t have this, and you want it, go buy it.)
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